ANZ Platinum Credit Card - Travel Insurance - Do we need to use multiple cards for multiple people?

Hi guys,

I'm travelling with my siblings and we all have ANZ platinum credit card.

We have 1 airfare booking for 3 of us. Does it mean we need to pay using 3 cards to be eligible for the travel insurance? Or can we pay using 1 card as long as we pay $250 on the card for each person?

Did anyone every have this experience?


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    From ANZ PDS

    Eligibility criteria:

    To meet the eligibility criteria you are:
    a current participating card holder; or
    the spouse or child of a participating card holder who is
    on the trip with that participating card holder; and
    an Australian citizen or resident of Australia or the holder
    of a visa (including a 457) which:
    authorises you to live and work in Australia; and
    requires you to maintain a minimum level of health
    insurance coverage as required by the Department of
    Immigration and Citizenship; and
    has more than three months validity beyond the
    scheduled return date to Australia for any trip; and
    you have spent at least 75% of your time in Australia:
    in the 12 months before you went on your trip; or
    if you have been in Australia less than 12 months
    before going on your trip, since you became a
    permanent resident or visa holder; and
    eighty (80) years of age or under on the day you activated
    cover; and
    you have
    a ticket to return you to Australia; and
    used a participating card account before you went on
    your trip to purchase at least AUD$250* in total (inclusive
    of taxes and other charges) of:
    transport costs (airfares and/or cruise); and/or
    land content costs (tours, hire cars or other hired
    transport and accommodation);
    for you and for your spouse and child who are on that
    trip with you.

  • Hmm yeah, it's just not clear if I have to use 3 cards or 1 card is ok as long as it's $250 times 3 people.

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    It says it covers spouse or child.

    Given that your siblings are not your spouse nor child, then they would need to spend at least $250 each on their respective cards.

    It should be easily done, $250 for a hotel stay here, another $250 for a hotel stay there. Done.

    • I know we need to spend 750 which is okay, but I'm just wondering if it works if I pay all $750 in 1 card. That's for 3 people anyway. The difference is just it's not transacted into 3 cards. All 3 cards are all linked anyway.

      I'll just call them and ask. I just thought maybe someone else has done it this way.

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        From the T&Cs, it doesn't seem like you can use your own card to cover all of them, as the T&Cs state that only "Spouse or child" of the card holder are covered.

        You did state that you're travelling with your siblings, so they don't appear to fall into the "spouse or child" category.

        So, let's say, if you were travelling with your spouse or child, then you would only have to spend $250 in total, it doesn't have to be $250 per person.

        However, because your siblings are NOT your spouse or child, then it doesn't seem like they can be covered under YOUR card.

        HOWEVER, since you stated that they have their own cards, then they can use their own cards to pay for $250 EACH, and the $250 can be either accommodation, or car hire, or tours.

        Anyway, that's how I interpret their T&Cs. I personally activate this insurance too whenever I travel.

        It would be good to see what the ANZ consultant says once you contact them though.

        • Will let you know after I call them :)

        • Called them up and they say, if all of us have ANZ credit cards and they are all linked into same account anyway, we can charge the number of people x $250 into 1 card.

          So I can do $750 into 1 card as 3 of us have cards and linked into 1 account :)

        • @purplelady:

          That's great news!

          Now what you should do is send them an email via SecureEmail from your online banking, and ask the same question again, so that they will give you their answer in writing.

          That way, you will have yourself covered should you need to make a claim.

        • @mishmish: great idea! we'll see if they can have that in writing or just push me to call QBE directly :/

  • If all 3 cards are linked there is only one account holder and two additional cards for the same account. It would be interesting to know the outcome

    • Also it would be interesting to hear from anyone that had to claim on this ANZ travel insurance to know if it is good enough or if it would be better to pay for a proper travel insurance.

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        I made a claim with ANZ last year when I missed my flight (have a black ANZ QFF card). Got paid. Pretty straightforward process too.

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