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Sony Xperia Z5 32GB $796 (Was $996) @ JB Hi-Fi


Price drop on this phone :)
Sony Xperia Z5 32GB $796 (Was $996)

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  • That was quick!

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      Yep. No love for this phone. To close to the Z3.

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    Would jump on it to replace my Z3 but reports are that it's not faring too well under usage.

    • Go for the premium instead. Typing on one right now. Snappy and fast. I went from my Z1 though, so the difference is noticeable to me.

    • LOL, can't be as bad as (my) Z3, the lag on that when I tried to unlock the phone or when I use some apps is unbearable. I use the pattern unlock and the funny thing is… due to the lag, multiple lines come out of the same dot which is not suppose to happen XD

      • What are you running on your Z3? I'm quite a heavy user and on Android 5.1.1, my Z2 still runs really smoothly. Might be time for a factory reset…

        • Funny thing is, I just got it back from the shop, so it's still relatively fresh. I'm running 5.1.1 as well. Not too sure why there is a lag when unlocking, seems to happen randomly.

  • Has been sitting around $700 from multiple other places online for a while now (for this model, not the Compact), on top of this, the price will drop more as the new X series becomes available.

    • links? samples

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        definitely interested at around the $700 (assuming it is local stock like JB is selling)

        • X series is lower grade than Z series

      • Because it's hard to search "Sony Xperia Z5" and click the "Shopping" tab:

        Price is dropping due to it now being "old".
        Note, I haven't purchased one, nor have I dealt with any of these places before. Just simply stating what's openly available with minimal effort searching. I have however, kept a close eye on the price of this device series since release.

        (Edit: Compact link thrown in for reference, JB price is still stupidly high, I have a friend who purchased a Z1 Compact from Telstra outright at $600 within 2 weeks of their release)

        • Grey imports, if you don't care about warranty or service if you have a problem then those are the sorts of places you shop

        • @TRENT86: Yup. Does the same job though. Just don't be an idiot and treat your phone like crud and you'll be fine ;)

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          @promethbastard: Yeah i'm one of those that hell looks after my electronics so they last

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    Hard to justify given you can get a GS7 grey import for only $23 more. Better camera, better processor, more RAM. Unless you really want the local warranty I probably wouldn't grab this.

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      Samsung phone is very hard to port AOSP rom now while Sony and HTC are easier to get stock like AOSP rom.

      The most critical part of Samsung is touchwiz. In general, Samsung flagship is the SLOWEST android flagship in its release year just because of touchwiz, no matter how well the hardware Samsung has put in.

      But sure, Samsung has the best screen, generally packed most hardware features (wireless charging, ir blaster(not in s7), nfc, camera, water resistance, microsd, mhl hdmi output(not in s7), swap-able battery(used to) etc.)

      So it is really at individuals' choice on which one to pick depending on their need.

      My advise: stay away from Snapdragon 810 at ALL COST!

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        I'm too old/busy for custom ROMs nowadays, the inevitable battery drain bugs are too much of a headache. Not to mention they significantly reduce camera performance. Root and Xposed is enough (if I get around to that, I'm super happy with my S7E at stock with only a DPI change).

        Realistically the shoddy performance of the SD810 means any slowness of Touchwiz is irrelevant (and I actaully think it's great with Nova Launcher and some bloatware disabled). Yet to notice any lag, very happy with it. Time will tell, of course, but it's a million miles ahead of my old Z1.

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          I find Sony's stock rom is almost a perfect balance.
          I initially had a few customs running when I first got my Z2 but eventually went back to stock and have stuck with it since.
          Their stock software is quite minimal and less intrusive than what I've experienced with Samsung phones.

        • s7 has 820
        • touchwiz has improved, a lot. this is coming from a guy who didn't buy s5 cause of touchwiz back in the day. it performs really well, looks really nice, minimal bloat crap features one guy cared about unlike the s4/s5 tw.
        • We get the Exynos S7 which performs better than the 820 S7. Only countries that get the 820 in their S7s are America, China and Japan IIRC.

    • That's the beauty of taste (it's subjective). I don't like Samsung's take on android at all and found myself flashing custom ROMS (even the newer iterations leave much to be desired for me). While I accept it's hard for you, it's extremely easy for me to justify this offer over a grey import of a phone I don't even like that I would need to pay $23 more for. ;)

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    Yep got rid of the z5 after 2 months and now using the s7. My z5 got intensly hot at the back from casual use and caused the phone to slow down. S7 never had that problems. Night shooting of the z5 camera was atrocious.

    This was me looking forward from the z3.

    I believe the new x series are what the z5s should have been.

    • let me take 1 guess that the Z5 runs the snapdragon 810 … i'm a HTC M9 user.. sounds familiar (well the heat stuff anyway) the camera on htc is crap any time of day lolll

      Edit - i gotta mention though that HTC have updated the crap out of this phone software wise and its a billion times better than when it first came out, they just cant do much about the issue's that are inherent to the snapdragon 810.

      • yes it runs the room-heater aka the snapdragon 810

        my friend is an open HTC fanboy and he straight avoided the M9 and kept his M8 because 'it throttles quicker than an AMD CPU with no heatsink'

        The HTC10 is good however. Read the ars review.

      • Yep 810, sony claim they have found ways to contain the heat, but clearly not. And ita boggling why dx0 even rated the camera as one of the best theyve seen on a mobile device…

        Yep the m10 looks the goods, positive outset. Sounds like your new phone there.

    • I whole heartedly agree with you. I went from the Z5 to the S7 Edge. There's a massive difference in the phones. No longer do I have a little molten ball in my hands after 10 minutes of gaming on the loo. :P. The camera to me is leagues above in night shoots. The S7 is a bloody good phone.

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    Can get the z5 premium for $699 delivered


    Good reviews in the comments here. Was considering upgrading to a Z5 premium from my z3 but had been hearing about problems relating to the 810.
    Good to hear peoples personal experiences.

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      If you must go sony, just wait for the model of this year.

      Do not trust any people claiming that their s810 phone normally stays cool. Yes, if you do not USE it, it is definitely COOL.

      • This year's equivalent will be the xperia x performance. Smaller screen. No 4k. Smaller battery.
        Better front camera but I barely ever use that one.
        May have to jump ship and go Samsung this time.

        • Replied wrong person. Sorry.

        • Xperia X Premium rumours have surfaced…… Looks like a IFA 2016 announcement phone.

      • Are you referring to Xperia X? I see that it will use snapdragon 650?

        • There is also xperia x performance coming with s820 inside.

        • @claud0902:

          X Premium rumours on the web this morning. Sounds like it will replace the Z5P.

        • Not rumours. It's on Sony's site.


          The improvements don't compensate for a half inch smaller screen to me.

        • The original x was their budget phone in the xperia series. The ones this year will replace the z as the flagship.
          Xa replaces z compact
          X replaces z
          X performance replaces z premium

        • @d1s34s3d:

          X performance is to replace z
          there is no replacement for z premium yet but I am positive a flagship with larger screen should come.

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          I hope that's true. Was very disappointed with the specs on the x performance. From how I read it though, the x replaces the z with the performance being their top of the line. I'll hold out for a bit and see if there is a comparable one to the premium coming. Being a Sony fan boy, it's a bit hard for me to switch brands quickly.

  • For a "premium" phone, it suffers from a lot of problems. The reviews are not so favorable.

    Major Cons:
    * The camera isn’t as good as Sony would like us to believe
    * Neither is the battery life – power users need to carry a power pack or have a charger on hand
    * Inexcusable pauses and slowdowns, despite updates in the interim
    * Rear lip is a turn-off on the standard and Premium units

    Ausdroid took more than 6 months to review the Z5 and that's because they received more than half a dozen units with severe issues.

    I wouldn't be spending any money on a phone that has so many issues.

    • I'm a power user and I've yet to come across a high end phone that lets me get more than 3hrs SOT

      Currently using a 6P

      • You should try the s7 edge. Gets 3 hrs screen on time all day every day without having to disable a thing.

        Get on whirlpool - it's not just me - this phone has resurrected my faith in Android.

    • A lot of positive votes for a very bad phone. These reviews don't lie - everybody who has used this phone > 1 week in reviews has pretty big negatives

      Let's hope it's lots of votes but no buys

  • I got one of these on a new contract the other day from Telstra, worked fine for about a week (about how long it took me to copy my shit across from old phone) then the phone started to overheat and have dots all over the screen. Telstra say they need my phone for 2 weeks but refuse to give a temp phone..


    • One week? Shouldn't they straight up replace with a new phone after such a short period of time? I reckon you should fight harder for a new replacement after receiving a lemon like that!