[Price Error] Culture Kings - 3 for $50 Sale - Free Express Shipping

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This store is generally really overpriced in my opinion, but I apparently made $470 in savings.

These clothes are generally for the hip and young. So if you're old (Like JV) consider buying some swag for your great grandkids.

Here's a picture of what I bought: http://i.imgur.com/VL900ml.png.

I think it's pretty good for $50. 2 pairs of shoes, 2 shirts, a bag (probably never use it), jeans and some shorts with express shipping.

Not sure if the express shipping will work for everyone. I'm in Tasmania, and we generally get shafted so it should be fine.

Also not sure of the end date sorry.


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  • Interesting - if you get 3 of the packs you can get 3 shirts, three pairs of pants and 3 pairs of shoes for 50 bucks total… might have to do it

    Ah yes didn't read all of the post where this was already suggested - I had bargaintunnel vision

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      Either they're on to this or the site has been Ozbargained… getting time outs in the checkout

  • Yeah that's crazy

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    got to be a pricing error on some of these….shoes (that you can never even get for half price) with pants and top for $16.66. Nike techfleece joggers (that are almost never less than rrp) nearly 90% off

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    Thats the deal of a century. Juvanates for $50? Let alone the other 5 articles of clothing i got.

  • Surely no way they'll honour this (I'd feel bad if they did ?!?!), we'll give it a crack though, thanks!

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    Got to be in it to win it. Saving of $1500 for my order…

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    haha yea mine was saving of $500 im pretty sure there will be a refund , someone has stuffed up!

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    EDIT: Nope, thought they pulled the plug. Seems they haven't.
    EDIT2: Oh snap, they're actually adding stuff. I'm seeing stuff that wasn't there before.

  • I just managed to lock in my order!

  • Pulled just as I was checking out :( Probably would've been refunded due to pricing error anyway.
    Edit: actually, seems to have gone through after all… Probably still get refunded though

  • my orders gone through, got email confirmation too! hope they honor it haha

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    Might win gf of the year award, thanks op

  • LOL this is rubbish.

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    Good deal. But am I the only one that hates this trend where t shirts need to be so long that they could pass off as dresses?

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      I feel like tying the bottom of their t shirt to a pole when they're not watching

    • Not sure how to feel about it. On the one hand I think androgynous fashion is the future, and also it looks a bit like a kurta, which is cool.
      And on the other hand it just… looks like a dress.

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      You know it's a trend you don't have to follow, right?

    • Better than dresses so short they could pass as t-shirts.

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        Better than dresses so short

        Problem? ¬_¬

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  • Hi, just order 3 pairs of shoes for $50 , must be a deal of century..

  • We sending Culture Kings bankrupt if they honour this…

  • fingers crossed indeed - just submitted order too - girlfriend will be pretty happy if this goes through ;)

  • My order went through, here's hoping they honour :P

  • It says in the URL, 3 for $50 is back. They would need to be losing their mind if they passed this though and it ended up being an error.

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    if this deal is honoured i will do nothing but good deeds for the rest of my life

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      if this deal is honoured im gonna help old ladies across the road for a full month

  • I'm not seeing the price drop to $50.. Either patched or do I need a coupon code of some form?

    EDIT: Looks like it's been pulled according to other comments.

  • Been patched already

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    it just got fixed :(((

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    Funny that my first search and order didn't have the same products as my current search for a second order?

    Edit: Now page can't be found =(

  • I had my cart on 3 and it worked but went back to have a final look. It's fixed now. I'll be crushed if it is honoured!

  • Page just got 404'd

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    It had dropped to $50 at the checkout, but then when i got to paypal full price came up. Guaranteed pricing error. Good luck to those if the order gets through.

  • did anyone else not get the bag?

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      needs to be $500+

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      I'm sick of Culture Kings short changing customers.

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    I can now use the jb washing machine I got last night to wash the clothes I get from culture kings tonight!

  • Discount now not showing in cart.

  • Removed! :(

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    Same - had got it at checkout but then stuffed up and page gone. All the best.

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    Damn, I just missed as I was putting the third package into the cart!

  • i got one order through, as i was checking out on the second order it got fixed. probly get refunded but worth a shot.

  • Got 3 jackets worth 150 each for 50 bucks-will wait and see if this comes good!!

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    Jesus I love Ozbargain! Im actually addicted!

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      haha don't get too excited mate 100% this is an error

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        Haha, I know, I know, fully expecting to get a NOPE email, but just to find out about this stuff is class, the possibility! I seriously check ozbargain 10+ times a day, not including the RSS feed to Outlook. I need help!

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          Only 10 times a day?!

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          @sjp1808: Maybe I missed a zero…

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          Yeah i recently registered to get the email updates and it is pretty awesome! Although i hope the emails are sent in real time when the deal is posted. I used to refresh the page all the time lol

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          The Rss is to my work outlook so it looks like I'm dealing with email, all the whilst I'm secretly scoping out deals!

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    Doesn't work for me, total still not $50 :(

    • Same here

  • Thanks op.

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    I'm guessing it was 3 X $20 reduced singlets for $50 or the reduced caps / hats

  • Lol what my order is like $400+. Good thing I got a screen shot of the $50 price.

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      Good thing I took a screen shot of the checkout before hand.

  • Nearly charged me a grand and then removed everything from cart

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    Yeah ordered Presto, Air Max and Air Force 1 and a free bag for $50…. Let's see if they will honour it.

  • yep …all the hallmarks of a pricing error! Like everyone else I got to the paypal page and the price reverted to full price!

  • Site down. Didn't get anything yet :( SO MUCH HYPE. Don't they get it this just alienates potential customers and isn't very smart marketing? Can't help but feel they pulled it intentionally.

  • Webpage is now down :(
    I was at the very last step and clicked Place Order, page refreshed then said its $489… nope :(
    ALMOST made it through :(
    Thanks for the heads up though OP!

  • too late .. missed the ozbargained boat :(

  • Items were added total was discounted but didn't go through every single time I added my card details. Hope they don't charge me full and twice!

  • Thanks OP, Bought 1k worth of clothes. For 100 bucks

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      well, you'll have to wait and see if you actually bought 1K worth of clothes. Fingers crossed for you tho…!

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        I have 2 receipts with $49.99

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          FYI - it's common for sites to give refunds on obvious stuff-ups like this.

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          doesn't always mean they will deliver…

        • @resubaehtgnolhcs: Please Give Hope.

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          @Claves: i have my fingers crossed for all those that got through the order process!

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    was at checkout page with 3 nike fleece pants (mind you rrp 150 each) in cart when it reverted back to original pricing, dannnggg

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    Missed it :(

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    need to know if people end up getting their products - i was seconds away :(

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      will update you when I get my refund email haha

  • No mention of site down due to traffic or other codes, they definitely just burned a lot of customers. Happy for the ones that made it but pure hype for half an hour - hour.

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    I got through, charged my PayPal…
    Let's wait and see.

    Thanks OP.

  • thanks OP. Bought $500 worth of clothing (y)

    • You can reply to the invoice they send you and cancel.

      • Why would i mate ? Just paid $50 bucks 😂

        • Sorry, thought you meant it came to $500. Mine said $50 as well, but then the email I got said almost $500.

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    lol at the jv cheap shot nice one

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    What can we buy with a $10 culture king voucher?

  • Got greedy and started putting in more shit than I needed.

    Went back for more and it reverted back to normal RRP.


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    Hopefully it goes through for whoever ordered.

    But like the washing machine deal, once the OP posted this deal on ozbargain, he drastically reduced his chances of them honouring this deal.

    Props to the OP, but unfortunely he is unlikely he did himself any favours!

  • Thank Op,
    I wonder if they will offer a gift card

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    This is the washer fiasco all over again

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    First the washing machine now this? The online staff are getting sloppier by the minute.

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      Or they do this to watch the ensuing drama unfold on OzBargain. :D

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        So tempted to post this thread link onto their facebook page.

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        • @bargin193232222: Geeze settle down with the negs. I was just being humours. They've already pulled it. Wasn't going to do it. Eeek tough crowd.

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    Noooo, missed it