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Calendars 5 for iOS $0 (Was $6.99) @ iTunes


Calendars 5 is complete re-imagining of what the best mobile calendar experience should be.
Calendars 5 is smart, excels in both tasks and events and runs on any iOS device you might have. It's the calendar app you have been looking for.

Good review at Macworld

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  • +2

    Great app.
    10/10 recommended.

  • +8

    Tried this app for 2 weeks - still don't see the benefit over the stock calendar app. Can anyone enlighten me?

    No harm in trying for free though

    • Better Google Calendar support and Month view.

    • I didn't get it either, I stopped using after a week or so and now use either Googles Calendar or the one in Outlook.

    • +1

      The main advantage is that I can see a month view with text description of each activity. The standard IOS calendar has dots instead of task descriptions. This isn't very helpful.

      I've found 2 issues with this calendar,
      1. I don't get reminders for events from other people
      2. I can't set multiple reminders for an event (eg. 1 day before and 1 hour before).

      Pocket Informant is most probably the best calendar I've used, but this is a close second.

      • You can see the calendar and a list of events under the calendar in the stock iOS app too. You can toggle between and and just the calendar view by tapping the icon that looks like a red rectangle with two horizontal lines underneath it.
        I thought it was crap too, that you had to tap the event date to see what the dots meant, until I had a play around and found this function.

        • +2

          I think the issue is, even with that view toggled, you can only see the list of events for one day at a time. Personally I like to view the whole month at a glance with text descriptions of each day visible - and Calendars was one of the only apps I found which had that option.

        • @Giraffe: There also is an app in the app store called tiny calendar which has this exact same feature. I never even heard of this app til I saw it on here. But i completely agree with you, being able to look at entire months events without pressing anything is great. its actually how the google calendar app on android is portrayed as well.

        • @kelvach: Yep I think I tried that one back when it was called CalenMob. Can't remember why, but I did prefer Calendars, and now will take advantage of the free upgrade to Calendars 5.

          Very annoying that Google Calendar for iOS doesn't have the same views as Android.

  • +1

    This calendar app was pretty good but I switched to CCal because it has way more customisation and a better Month view.

    Still, can't beat free.

  • Thanks Op!

  • The greatest calendar app I've used.

  • Support for office365?

  • Thanks OP.

    Does anyone know if this (or any other) calendar app allows recurring reminders of events/tasks? By "recurring" I mean reminders that constantly nag you (either at set intervals or at user-specified intervals) until you dismiss or tick as completed?

    • It is not a calendar app but Errands is a good app for nagging reminders.

  • I've been usin calendars 5 for years and it's still my favourite calendar app. Works seamlessly. Highly recommended you give it a try since it's free but it's just awesome.

  • I'm looking for an iOS calendar app that supports Office 365 and colour coding of appointments like Windows Outlook does. The iOS version of outlook is balls.

  • Just got this app for free, thanks OP. Everything works as expected and nice layout but when adding an event with location it can't seem to find anything (unlike default iOS app) and always offers custom location. Any suggestions as this is a major function for me.

    • You may need to go into Settings, View Options & select the Map App that you would like it to use. Perhaps nothing has been automatically selected.

  • Just installed it, and i'm impressed! As i've been looking for an app which supports local calenders (synced from outlook from MS Exchange) and also Google shared calenders.
    Most of the other calender apps support one or the other.
    iOS calender - no Google shared
    Sunrise - no local calender
    Outlook - no local or google shared
    Google calender - no local calender.

    After playing around for 10 mins it does the trick!

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