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Original Xiaomi Mi4 FDD LTE 5-inch 1080p US $136.98 (~ AU $177) @NextBuying


Original Xiaomi Mi4 default installed Global MIUI 7 ROM (en.miui.com) , with Google play store or install Windows 10 system

  • Snapdragon 801 Quad-core 2.5GHz CPU
  • Qualcomm® Adreno™ 330 GPU
  • 5-inch 1080p IPS display Screen
  • 13MP rear camera, f1.8, real-time HDR, 4K video recording (Sony IMX214)
  • 3000 mAh lithium internal battery

Band support :

4G FDD-LTE 1/3 ( 1800/2100MHz )

4G TDD-LTE 2600MHz

3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Windows 10 Flashing Steps and FAQs http://en.miui.com/thread-189574-1-1.html

Xiaomi mi4 support update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow MIUI System

MIUI Global Beta ROM 6.3.17 Based on Android M for Mi 3/4 http://en.miui.com/thread-252379-1-1.html

Ozbargain Coupon Code: "xiaomi2off" save US$2

Free Air Mail with tracking number shipping or +$14.98 for DHL Express Australia Shipping only 3-5 Day.

More xiaomi smartphones on Nextbuying http://www.nextbuying.com/xiaomi-c066/ ( Xiaomi Mi 5 32GB / 64GB In Stock )

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  • Never seen the point in getting a Chinese phone that doesn't even have a MicroSD slot.

    16GB? Enjoy your eternal 10GB remaining storage. A few games and a picture gallery if you're lucky.

    • Today's technology, you can put on Cloud Storage

      • +3

        On mobile data? Movies and videos?

        • +2

          You watch movies on a 5" screen?

        • +3

          You smuggle your 60" UHD Smart TV onto the plane when travelling?

        • @joeflacco: I do, yeah.

          It's not about the size, but how close it is being held to your eyes. TVs you normally watch from meters away, mitigating it's large size, while mobile phones, surprise surprise are held only a few inches from your face.

    • +1

      16gb is much better when in a non-Chinese phone?

      • +1

        The idea of buying a Chinese smart phone is to save money without skimping on specs. Having no MicroSD slot and having to shell out a small fortune of extra money to buy a model with more memory (a model that doesn't seem to be easy to come by for a decent price)? This is how Chinese smart phone manufacturers are failing consumers. I personally expect all Chinese smart phones to have MicroSD slots - they are not iPhones and they need as many features as possible to compete with bigger brands. Price isn't the only selling point for a phone for you need to be able to use it as well. 16GB is a joke.

        • You can buy a dual USB stick that plugs into a type B USB port (i.e. the ones used in most phones) and store your movies on that.

          $23 can get you a 64GB Sandisk stick on ebay.

        • @lostn:
          Sorry but I just cannot see the practicality in that at all. A USB? Sticking out of your phone? While watching movies? wat

        • @gwenty: They're very small. They don't stick out much.

        • @lostn:

          …And a MicroSD doesn't stick out at all. Hello? Anyone home?

        • @gwenty: If you want to pay significantly more for a phone that supports SD, there are options available to you.

          It's all about how much you're willing to compromise on price and features.

          A 1080p 5" phone with microSD slot, nice build quality, and a decent SoC is going to be hard to find at $177 however. A Galaxy S5 is the nearest analog and those sell for about twice this or more, though that does come with a plastic back cover.

  • For a bit more and can buy a LG G3 with similar specs for 220 on Alixpress, without the worry if something goes wrong can never repair it.

    • Well.

      Firstly Xiaomi sells more phones than LG thus has a bigger market share, meaning more parts availability.
      Secondly you are always on your own to seek solutions to repair your phone of any grey imports.

      So, why do you think a grey imported LG G3 is more repairable than Xiaomi Mi4?

      • +1

        Much more likly to repair, more common phone. Also when you want upgrade some schmuck will buy your g3 s4 or Nexus 4 on gumtree or ebay. whilst if you put your xiaomi, meizu, or lenovo etc on gumtree sit back and listen to the crickets…

        I have a meizu m2 note and the OS bugs me abit so id like to upgrade but realistically I'll get nothing for the handset so I may as well use it till it breaks or gets dropped.

  • The listing says 3Gb RAM but your post here says 2Gb. please confirm

    • 2GB RAM

      • 2GB is still decent to run latest Android 6 and Win 10

  • Can anyone please confirm that XiaoMi RedMi Note 2 is the only XiaoMi phone that fulfill these features:

    • Removable battery
    • Micro SD expansion slot
    • 1080p screen or more

    Want a XiaoMi phone that has at least 3 of these features and it appears only Redmi Note 2 has it, but the Note 2 seems a little outdated. Thanks.

    • Redmi Note 2 and Redmi 2

      • Redmi 2 screen is 720p.

  • Any deals for the Mi 4S?

  • Is there a similar phone but with microsd slot?

    • By similar, you mean another model of Mi4? No.

      But other Xiaomi phones do have SD slots.

  • Any deal for the xiaomi 4c 3gb?

  • Not a bad phone for such a price. However, there are a few downsides: the 4G support is poor, and no MicroSD card lot, and you have to get used to the MIUI OS.

  • The deal in link on same phone is very popular yet this one above in slightly cheaper, is it the seller?

    • Yes .. Same phone

  • The Mi 5 also starts at $470 for the 32gig, although an extra $77 just for black in colour!!

    second cheapest price ive seen on Ozbargain so far, second to one on Aliexpress so not sure which is the better company to buy from….

  • If you are on Optus why not buy the OPPO F1
    Optus locked $199
    (unlocked $299)
    has sd card as well 3GB Ram
    and have Aus warranty


    • A good phone. A few of my friends have it. The only downside is the display is only 720p, but at this price you can't really expect full HD.

    • +1

      yeap, OPPO F1 is better if you just going for Android, 3G ram beats 2 any day given Android N will officially support split screen / Dual App real time.

      But Xiaomi's biggest fun advantage to those want to mark around is the ROM support and Official! Windows 10 support. The next phone can do this, is likely the Mi5! That would cost three times the price at this stage

  • might be a good idea to pay the extra money and ship with DHL if you decide to buy from this seller, I bought the Redmi note 3 pro on 1st of April and I am still waiting for phone still to be delivered.

    • I've just order one 2 days ago, still hasn't receive the dispatch email from them…..

        • what is the point writing to sales if they don't answer? its been now 27 days since I ordered and I have yet to receive the phone.
          Avoid this seller like a plague, buy at your own perils.

  • +2

    I got one at 200 level…
    just got it yesterday and in fact it is pretty good for a phone, borrowed lots of design idea from iPhone 4 so looked just as nice sitting next to my old iPhone 4 8GB (last free with my contract iPhone ever). The biggest draw back is indeed the 16GB ram limit but fear not, one can copy the phone data out easily if it is photo and video.
    This phone is great for parents and relatives who doesn't go over the limit of 16GB. Still very speedy given it was last gen flagship.

    The reason why 'cheap' Mi4 was because xiaomi once set itself a target for tens of million unit sales in the last two financial years in china, they paired up with chinese major providers (their Hellstra Vodafail and Ops!tus equivalent) offer no fee contract phones to customers taking up new 4G/3G etc.
    The target was missed as xiaomi was up against wave of Huawei and Lenovo and secondary line brand phones. Hence there are a lot of left overs such as these 2GB models which are off China Unicom's batch, they got excessive stock of them, also Xiaomi did not stop production of Mi4 until they hammer on the Mi5 design and specs at late 2015!

    Personally, as a phone evaluator, I found the Mi4 does have a premium feel, it works fine after I managed to load the Win 10 OS in there, I have not ran in to reboots even before the latest preview update. So as a windows 10 device, it is excellent. My experience with android came with it was a different matter, 1GB ram is always eaten up by the 4.4.4 based rom, I have yet to test the thing with 5.x and 6.x based ROMs, but given you can root it, it should do well by limiting unwanted crap apps showing up. The ROM itself feels all right, Camera optimisation is not very good compare to others brands on my unit, the camera is only acceptable in WN10 as well but that's for comparing it to latest S6/7 IPhone 6x. Again, I don't play games, nor I put video in it to watch, I just use it as IM and camera tool and occasional Youtube watcher. on that front, 10GB free space is enough!

    As the cheapest dual OS capable device and a fun toy to test various well supported Android Roms, I highly recommend it. If the 10GB free space is the deal breaker than wait for 128GB version of Mi5 in 2018 to be at this price.. and hopefully world wide financial meltdown don't occure…

    PS. tested Aldimobile Sim and it manage 4G speed in parra area.

  • Xiaomi mi4 support update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow MIUI System

    MI4 does not have Marshmallow. It's still on Kitkat.

  • I'm after a Mi 4 and a Redmi 3.
    Does anyone know where the best online price for these might be?
    I've only ever had friends bring phones back from China, rather than buying online.

  • Will the Mi4 S or C [assuming 4G versions] support a flash to windows 10 or is it just mi4 4G only?