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Nintendo 2DS (Red / White) - $99 (Target in-store)


Hi all,

Was at Target Greensborough today and they have Nintendo 2DS units in Red/White only for just $99. There were many units left at 10am this morning.

Enjoy! :-)

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Target Australia

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  • Not bad

  • +3

    Hasn't it been this price for ages at Target?

    • I would estimate at least 2 months. I'm waiting for it to actually come on sale as this seems to be the norm.

  • +1

    I bought one with $80 from the good guys clearance one year ago. Sold it and got $85 back.

    • I bought the original 3DS for $84 2 years ago and sold it for $90 after a year sitting in the drawer without used for more than 2 hours in total.

      • Easy to root old firmware

        • Already have all my favorite games on the shelf so couldn't be bothered rooting it. But ouch spending hundreds of dollars just on 3DS games.

        • I picked up an xl with 4.4.10 fw and spent ages but can't get it to work no idea what I am doing wrong.

        • @ausbob71: using the github guide on r/3dshacks? Follow it exactly

        • @tomkun01:
          I have been following Plailect's guide but am now stuck on the Luma3ds bit:(

        • @ausbob71: go back steps until you find the problem. Only took me about half a day all up

        • @tomkun01: seems to be a case of one step forward two steps back.

        • @ausbob71: start from the beginning? use a different sd card? the old guide didn't have the luma3ds bit, so perhaps you could skip or replace that part

        • @tomkun01:I have come too far to start again latest problem is decrypt9 won't dump my emunand's h&s says sd card is not formatted. Thanks for your encouragement tomkun01.

        • @ausbob71: save everything off ur sd, format ur sd,then place files back on.

        • @tomkun01:I got it up and running thanks:)

        • @ausbob71: grats

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    Price has been the same since october last year…


  • any store in stock in NSW?

  • Target did it for me for 95 Feb last year, price matched someone, didn't know they even did matches, supposedly don't. Anyways, 3 months later I sold it for a hundred and got a New 3DS XL.

    As much as I enjoy the 2DS, a word of caution, don't buy it if you hate spongey buttons.

  • Gotta say, I lived through the 90's but this is still the ugliest Gameboy/Nintendo handheld that I've seen to date.

  • Is this the one with the c stick or nah?

    • Nah. No 3D either in case if you wonder why it is called 2DS.

    • just look at the picture mate

  • anyone looking for this is probably better off getting a new 3ds xl on sale. yea, it's double the price, but the bigger size, as well as 3D (which is hella cool) makes it worth it

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