WARNING Ubisoft Store took 5 months to deliver an item.

Around Christmas last year I noticed this deal for Far Cry 4 Limited Edition on PS4, it was only $7.49 + shipping which at the time was a great deal, So I bought it, after a month I tried to chase them up to enquire about my order / to cancel, I had no response from their support email, And now, 5 months later, I got an email saying this:
Dear ||||||||| |||||||

Thank you for ordering from Ubisoft on 23 December 2015. The following product(s) have shipped. If you paid by credit card, your credit card has now been charged.

Product Name: Far Cry® 4 – Limited Edition
Qty Ordered: 1
Qty Shipped: 1

Long story short, 5 months without contact and then delivery is disappointing to say the least, Don't order from here unless you want to wait 5 months for your game too.

Link from original deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/227069

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  • I too would be disappointed if my delivery took 5 months, but also would've been more persistent if i never got a reply or updates on my order.

    I ordered the Xbox one version via the same deal and got mine delivered in the first or second week of January. Wouldn't hesitate using them again based on my experience but can understand why you wouldn't.

  • Very peculiar. Maybe they lost your order in the system and happened to stumble upon it recently? The least they could do is explain what happened.

  • Don't try it with Primal, then. By the time it arrives the next one will be out.