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Lincraft - 50% off Storewide


This deal is sew good.

It's not a stitch up.

I have so much haberdashery comedy material.

I'll stop yarning.

just picked up this flyer at Lincraft.

50% off storewide - no exclusions (except gift cards)

floor stock only (no ordering in)

No lay by

No other discounts apply.

Not applicable to Townsville, Mackay or Griffith.


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  • +19

    +1 for the details!
    No zig zagging around those one liners!

    Time to button up my hole

  • +18

    Y'all need to get some new material tee hee.

  • +10

    Guess it is curtains for you

    • Jokes, but no votes?

  • +9

    Thanks OP - this 50% deal is a cut above the rest.

    • +2

      assuming this deal is not fabricated of course :)

  • +4

    Only gonna like this cos of the puns :)

  • +4

    Sew darn easy!

  • +8

    Cheers, I just let the wife know and she seems excited…

    As for a pun? Sorry I'm just knit good at them.

    • +8

      *she seams excited.

  • +2

    This has got me in stitches! On a serious note though, if you steal any of this stuff, the Police will be able to follow your pattern..boom tish. I better stop otherwise I'll run out of material…

  • +3

    Perfect timing. I just used the last of my good yarn.

  • +1

    I'll be darned! Shear genius OP!

    • +7

      Sorry. I needle little more time to come up with a decent pun….

  • Looks like this deal is all sewn up.

  • +3

    Q: How long is the sale on for?
    A: How long is a piece of string?

    I know, I know…. zip it

    • Twice as long as half of its length

  • +7

    This is definitely one of the funniest threads I've seen on OzBargain. (Pun intended)

  • See if I can find some shoe laces then.

  • +4

    …and to think I nearly overlockered this thread.

  • Like to drop the shenanigans by 50%

  • A stitch in time saves…50%!!!

  • Better get your walking feet on then!

  • 50% !! Wow..I get pins and needles thinking about that. You sure no ones being crafty and pulling the wool over our eyes ?

  • What a purl of a deal.

  • +1

    comment edited as it wasnt following the trend of puns - sorry!

  • All puns aside, is this nation wide?

    • +1

      pretty much - just the 3 stores mentioned in the body of the deal are excluded

  • Never mind the quality, feel the width of those puns!

  • +1

    Needle-less to say, I'm hooked.

  • +1

    Still worth a + but looks to be a sales tactic - there is NO catalogue out for 12th May onwards https://cdn.lincraft.com.au/media/wysiwyg/Catalog/LNC00242_1... = this one finishes tonight 11:59pm. Would be awesome if you could combine with catalogue specials but it seems they aren't doing 'specials', just a flat 50% off all stock.

    If you can't get to a physical store, start picking what you like, saving it on your bookmarks and grab tomorrow Using TAKE50 code.

    Lincraft will use Australia Post to deliver your goods. A delivery and handling fee of *$8.95 per order will be charged.

    • +1

      Yeah, I noticed that as well. Brother NS25 sewing machine was on sale for $349 reduced from $499. Coupled with this code it would be a good buy for less than $200 but it is not even on the online shop.

  • -1

    I'm surprised no one has asked - so let me be the first - ANY bargains? :-)

  • good deal for jv

  • How come Townsville and Mackay get shafted? :(

    • -1

      <insert hilarious fabric pun> LOL

      • +2

        i dyed laughing

        • +1

          Sew sad…

        • Bad darts

  • Need halp for a queen quilt & topper combo please.

    These 2 Tontines for $80 ($120-$40): topper + quilt

    Or these 2 from Lincraft for $75 (after 50%): topper + quilt

    • As you can see, Lincraft have removed all promotions (ie this was available at 11:59pm # $59.99 https://www.lincraft.com.au/washable-electric-blanket-with-l...) and have made a flat 50% discount storewide.

      • Okay are you saying the links I posted are already with the 50% off then?

        • +1

          No, but the comparison discount between a lot of products sold yesterday would be:


          Scissors - Yesterday sale price $10
          Scissors - today $15, then -50% = $7.50

          So a decent offering, but not really a true 50% for a lot of items.

        • @rawm:

          I see. I commented after midnight so those prices are current I would assume.

      • +1

        Sounds like a cover up to me.

  • +1

    I can't believe this sheet. 50% off sew good!

  • +1

    They might have removed promotions online but I was in a store today in VIC and they were honouring 50% off things already on sale - bought some party supply type stuff which was already red tagged as being on sale and it was a further 50%. Thanks!

  • No exceptions! !!.. except gift cards. …

  • Blockout curtains bought!

  • I got the brother scan n cut machine for $299.50! Great savings… I went a bit crazy the last few days…

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