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Dyson V6 Handstick $319.20 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Just noticed that the Dyson V6 has gone back in stock at Myer ebay…Get it delivered for only $319.2. Already 166 300+ units sold in the past few days so not sure how much longer this will last.

Also 1.25% Cashback from Cashrewards

Original Myer eBay 20% off deal post

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  • What's the difference between this one, the Animal & the Absolute? I thought there's only one Dyson V6 handstick vacuum cleaner, until I've just seen the other two listed under this one on eBay, with big different prices.

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      I had an Animal before. I think the main difference is the accessories, like motor-drived head or something. But the core is all V6. Correct me if I am wrong.
      updated: see this -> https://www.dyson.com/transitions/v6_range_chart.aspx

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        So the one here in this deal is the first one in the link you posted, is it? For the extra accessories, I think at least the Animal would be the one to get.

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          I personally don't think it's worth it since we don't have carpets or animals. The main head and everything else is exactly the same, the only thing you are getting extra is this:


          Which can be bought for $55

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          Yes, just the "pure" V6. If you take a look at the link by @Matt89, it actually shows the crevice tool and the combination tool involved. The only difference should be the mini motorised head.

        • @Hunga:

          I got this and it does not fit the V6 from this deal in Myer.

          I will contact Dyson to for a return. I think they changed the connections.

        • @rocklinsuv:

          I got this and it does not fit the V6 from this deal in Myer.

          I will contact Dyson to for a return. I think they changed the connections.

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      This PDF (obtained from in store) gives a decent run down of the differences:

      • Ta. It looks like the one on the deal doesn't have the extra mini motorised tool then. Kinda sucks if you wanna use it for hard-to-reach spots & the car etc I guess. But for the price it's still a good deal for anyone in the market for these vacuum cleaners.

        • The item name in the deal is "NEW 209468-01 V6 Handstick Vacuum Cleaner with Motorised Head: Silver/Purple" (NVM, I see that the mini motorised head is extra).

        • @bio: Got it. Ta

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        I have been using this PDF as a reference before I purchased my Dyson V6, but now it seems the range has been updated on the Dyson website as posted by @rocklinsuv above

        Differences are (apart from colours):

        Absolute - new soft dusting brush included.
        Fluffy - no change
        Animal - gets the better direct drive motor head (previously it had the motorised cleaner head from the regular V6), addition of mini soft dusting brush.
        Motorhead - no longer has the mini motorised tool.
        V6 - no longer has a crevice tool.

        This seems to be a recent change, so I suspect that retailers will probably still have the existing stock as per the PDF. But something to be mindful of anyway.

        • Thanks.
          Few changes there to be aware of.

        • This model that Myer are selling, the V6, comes with just a standard motorised head and from the animal model up they are sold withthe direct drive head with 75% more brush power, is that correct?

        • And Absolute, Fluffy and Animal you can get a car kit by promotion. http://discoverdyson.com.au/promotion/ but not this one.

        • @boomramada:

          Offer available via redemption and is valid on eligible purchases made from April 18th to May 16th 2016 or while stocks last.


        • @androidant:

          This model that Myer are selling, the V6, comes with just a standard motorised head

          That's correct, just not sure if it includes the crevice tool, as it seems new stock no longer has this.

          and from the animal model up they are sold withthe direct drive head with 75% more brush power, is that correct?

          Yes, but depends which product line-up you are looking at. Previously the Motorhead was positioned above the Animal, now it is other way round, which means it is "Motorhead model and up"

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          Disregard, it seems the link @rocklinsun provided was for the US site.

    • Thanks, rocklinsuv & Matt89, for the links. Checking them right now.

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        Actually I'm thinking getting this too :D. Bought the brand new Animal for my Dad as a birthday present last time when Master had 20% off. Cost me around $410. This V6 is a great price.

    • Different heads, animal has a different head to motorhead, absolute has the fluffy head, motorhead and the extra filter that the other ones don't have. I have the absolute and a dc44 animal stick, the v6 absolute shits all over it :)

    • The absolute is slightly different. It is the only one with the HEPA filter. All the other models differs only in the accessories.

  • Great price

  • Just get the basic one. Not worth it spending extra just for a different coloured stick.

    • Lot more to it than that.

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    awesome price, thanks!

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    wow this one beats the good guys given free shipping. excellent value.

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    Purchased. Thanks lyl!

  • so why don't dyson include a soft dusting brush with this? I would imagine it's more useful than the stubborn dirt brush that comes with it.

    • They just don't, no cordless has them packaged. Only the top tier models of barrels have it.

      • will the accessories from my dyson DC23 standard vacuum fit a V6 handheld?

        • Not without an adapter, but they come in accessories you buy separately so if you are interested in the soft dusting brush, the adapter you need comes in the box.

        • @cortex21:

          I guess I'll just have to buy a Dyson Carbon Fibre Soft Dusting Brush then. It comes with an adaptor to fit the V6 handheld right…

          Edit: according to the Good Guys "Fits all models DC19 onwards, not suitable for cordless models"


          A cordless model is where a duster shines Dyson!!!

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          @nautic: Yes it is weird it says that on the box. However, it does fit into a V6 without the need of an adaptor.

  • Just got one, been looking into getting a handheld vacuum for awhile. Great price thanks op! Any accessories you guys recommend i should get with it?

    • All depends on what you want to vacuum. No need to buy accessories you are not going to use.

  • Can this.be.used for cars, dirts in lounge seats gap, Window/doors surroundings? Or do I need to buy any additional accessories?

    • It comes with a combination tool(not sure how hard or soft the bristles are) and a crevice tool, although you might need an additional flexibe hose accessory for your car.

      • I assume you can take the longer part of the vacuum off and this would act as a smallish hand held vacuum for a quick clean in the car?

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        • you might have trouble reaching under the seat though.

      • Update: Dyson Australia just informed me that the combination tool has soft bristles that can be used for dusting.

  • It's a good vacuum cleaner at a great price - I have one myself.

    However, there are a few minor faults that are corrected by the new V8 model which will be released soon (hence the discount).

    With these improvements, I'd consider the V8 nearly perfect.
    There won't be any good discounts on them for a while after release though.

    • Unless the V8 is priced around $300, it's not an alternative option to this.

    • I agree, the improvements look very good. I'm totally on the fence V6 vs V8. But as others have said, the price will be very high to begin with. The annoying part is we don't know when it's going to come out here.

      • It won't come out this year most likely based on recent trends but hey could be proven wrong.

        Business wise for sales they should release it just before xmas the V8 but in terms of business wise to minimise customer outrage it won't come out until April 2017.

        • I'd be surprised if it doesn't come out before Christmas. V6 is about two years old. It's already out in UK, Canada and some others.

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          @rexstar: Actually the V6 is only a year old here in Oz hence why I stated the potential outrage. Dyson likes to release and not release different models or ranges in different countries based on previous sales and overall demand. E.g. The big ball Animal upright that was released early last year in North America, yet to be seen here and in the UK the purifier is out there but not here. They can be funny sometimes.

        • @cortex21: Okay. Thanks for the information.

    • Seriously, the V8 costs around $1,000 AUD in the UK currently.

      • $750 AUD if converted from the Dyson Canada website. Going to wait for a 20% discount promo code and I'll cop it - if I use it daily it should be a worthy investment :)

  • 55 sold in hour. Damn! OzB is doing its magic already. lol


    • 138 sold between 9pm-1am LOL

      In 4 hours Myer has doubled the amount it sold in the last 4 days.

      • They should bloody pay you a commission or something, mate. You deserve it as this post contributed to the huge sales. :)

  • Can anyone confirm if it only lasts 20mins after a full charge? I always want a cordless vacuum cleaner but 20mins is just isn't enough. Thanks

    • Yes please do tell, also how frequently does the filter need to be changed and how much does that cost

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        Filter rarely needs cleaning if you just do household cleaning (not construction dust etc). Filter is washable, doesn't need replacing under normal use.

    • Not much more than 20 mins if at all on non-max mode. The new V8 coming out will have a much better battery and will cost significantly more accordingly.

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      to be honest 20 minutes is a lot, i do 75%+ of my entire house with it. put it back on charge for half hour, finish the rest.

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        But I don't want to put it to charge when I am only half way done. Might suit a small house or apartment with 1 or 2 bedrooms but not a 4 bedroom house.

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          I assure you unless you are cleaning a house that hasn't been cleaned in a while, it can do a 4 bedroom house as I use it at a such sized house.

  • Can you pay using Myer gift cards on the Myer ebay site?

  • Is this same as DC58 animal but with longer head?

  • Just bought one Thanks OP!

    Now to figure out a use for it…………………………………..

  • Thanks for the push,I had been sitting on the fence for a while.

  • Ugh lame.. They pulled down the listing just as I was about to purchase one.

    • Damn it, missed out as well :(

  • phew, just got one in time!! thanks op

  • -2

    I missed out. If anyone of you want to sell it, i am interested. Let me know thanks.

  • Damn, I missed it as well. Can somebody who got this deal please PM me their receipt, I want to try get Harvey Norman to do price guarantee as I got one last week at $399. Thanks.

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      Mate. I doubt Hardly normal will price match or Good guys for that matter. Good guys don't even price match their own eBay store at the physical store. When I missed out on the previous good guys 20% and wanted to buy a 2nd v6 as a gift, I brought my receipt in to good guys and hardly normal and they flat out refused. Their T&C states they do not price match eBay sites. Better luck next time mate

      • How about Masters? Will they price match this?
        updated: found this ->

        Masters Home Improvement price promise, find a better price and we’ll beat it by 10% even up to 30 days after purchase. For appliances we'll match the price. Products for price promise must be identical items and in stock, excludes trade quotes, commercial quantities and stock liquidations. Excludes non-Australian-based competitors and their websites. Price promise applies to online purchases from Australian-based competitor websites on an identical stocked item and on a delivery fee inclusive basis. Masters Home Improvement Support Office, 3 City View Rd, Pennant Hills, NSW 2120. ABN 21 066 891 307.

        • Would love to have a copy of receipt to try my luck in price match too if anyone can help. Thanks in advance

  • got one last night, good price,tku!

  • +1

    Dyson now has a 60 day money back guarantee

    • And also 2 year warranty!! Excellent product.

  • I must have just got in. Anyone else get a 'your order has been delayed' email?

    • Yes, my order is also delayed.

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