This was posted 6 years 1 month 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Sitewide @ The Good Guys eBay & KG Electronics eBay


20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage), up to a maximum discount of $1,000 per transaction.

The Good Guys & KG Electronics added 10am Saturday 4/6. Original CLICK20 post - all 30 Retailers.

The Good Guys eBay Store
KG Electronics eBay Store

Don't forget Cashrewards for a further 1.25% cashback…

Some notable deals:

Dyson V6 $318/Animal $398, Ninja Slim $32/BL480NZ $134, Chromecast2 $44, Lenovo Yoga 700 $817 thanks lyl
Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick $517.60, Fitbit Charge HR $117.60 (C&C) thanks nocure
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB $878.40 thanks lokesh7
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX $223.20 thanks Beejay
Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable HDD $93.60 thanks O O
Motorola XT1550 Moto G 3rd Gen Dual SIM Phone $255.20 thanks KaptnKaos

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      • I just had a quick look and I don't it's possible to set it up on PayPal. It requires the CCV and it didn't like the card number that I put in :( this is annoying they never have any decent sales in store, I guess I could use it for groceries or something lol

    • +1

      Nope EFTPOS can only be used at an EFTPOS terminal (i.e. in-store)

  • +2

    Was $1395 last 20% now $1495 20% well played tgg

  • Do you think Bing Lee et al will follow suit?

    • Very unlikely. TGG were supposed to be in the sale initially but for whatever reason pulled out, that's the only reason they are featured now.

  • Has anyone got the Miele totalcare vacuum? Tossing up as to whether the extra is worth it or not…between this, cat & dog, and the allergy one…apart from bedrooms being carpet the rest is vinyl and we have long hair which more then likely will get caught up in the turbo brush :s

    • We have the Cat & Dog one. Works quite well although we have nearly all carpet with a few tiled floors.

  • Need a Canopy Ranghood, any recommendations ?

  • What is the best cashback offer for eBay these days? I used Cashrewards for the Jan eBay sale, but the % changed soon after.

    • Cashrewards or Pricepal are both 1.25% so take your pick, these sites are what almost everyone is using.

  • no coffee grinders :-/

    • and they've re-appeared using a different search? Something screwy is going on

  • Just bought a dryer frok the good guys 2 days ago. Any one know if i can purchase thr same model and return the old one

  • +1

    Just grabbed the LG 65UH652T for $2382 less about another $30 from CR. JB are selling this for $3,500, so that's a great deal 😀

    • this is a great price!

  • +3

    Fitbit Charge HR Black Large comes down to $117.60 with click and collect. Best price I have seen in a while.

  • +2

    jsut got an error trying to buy from goodguys

    X-CK20: This merchant isn't participating in this campaign. Please purchase an item from a participating merchant.

    • +2

      Got the same error, refreshed my cart and order went through, discount applied. Might be a good idea for everyone to double check the order total before paying through paypal.

      • yeah I re did everything about 2 hours later and it seemed to work

        but like you said would be worth double checking before payment

  • Anyone recommend a TV around the $900-$1000 mark? Don't care about smart TV and all that as it's for my parents

    • You could get a pretty good SONY for around that price. Smart software on them is crap but that won't be an issue for them

  • Same here
    X-CK20: This merchant isn't participating in this campaign. Please purchase an item from a participating merchant.

  • 2nd time lucky, it is working again.

  • SodaStream Play makes it $64.

  • Are there any decent Microwave deals as part of this - or elsewhere, online, that anyone is aware of? Doesn't have to be too fans. Just good bang for buck.

  • Does the discount work with delivered items? If I get something delivered, does it come with the original invoice without any discount applied or mention of ebay?

  • Electrolux 510L Bottom Mount Fridge Refrigerator is a great price at $1040

  • Thinking of buying the LG GS-B679PL fridge for $1,359. Anyone able to recommend a better competitor to this fridge?

    I currently have an old F&P fridge that has served us well, but need an upright freezer. I know the side-by-sides typically don't rate as well (not sure why), but looking for really easy access to the freezer. I think our old dodgy chest freezer might have dinosaur remains down the bottom! Was considering a pigeon pair – a bit more versatile, but there isn't many around.

    Not sure if it was reviewed by Choice, but can't see many complaints about it online (

    • I was looking at the same fridge, but ended up getting the Westinghouse WSE6100SF for $1,327

      Better reviews and the model has been a round for a long time.

      • Not so sure about the better reviews:

        WSE6100SF - 2.3 stars -

        Couldn't find one for the LG, but may be no better! Mind you, I don't know how much respect I give to online reviews…

        The LG has a pretty good warranty, and is slightly bigger, so suits my needs a little better. Probably both fridges will be fine I'd reckon.

    • Did you end up buy it?

      I'm looking at the same fridge. Other places are selling for $1500-$1600, even Harvey Norman is only $1649.
      The last sale few weeks ago, TGG had it for only $1639, not sure why they jacked up the price this time.

      • Yep bought it. Pretty good price. AppliancesOnline couldn't match it.

  • +1

    Breville BPR700BSS The Breville Fast Slow Pro Multicooker for approx $223 looks a good buy

    • The Phillips Viva All-In-One Cooker is currently on special at the Good Guys (BnM and Ebay sotres) at $179.
      Add the 20% off and it is definitely worth a look.

      • Mixed reviews regarding the Phillips cooker, some saying the coating started to peel off after a few months. The Breville cooker has several very positive reviews and a ceramic coating so went with that model instead.

        • Bought this the other weekend, paid $37 more :-( but used it 3 times already and it's amazing. Did a pork shoulder, pulled pork shoulder and soup tonight all on pressure cooker mode. you'll live it!

  • $150.4 for Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT, possibly best pick for car gps below $200

  • Any cheap TVs that are decent for gaming on a PS4?

  • +2

    Went to pick up something at TGG and man their service is slow.

    There was a super long queue and only one person at checkout. There was another lady next to her, but she wasn't serving anyone. She had a phone next to her ear the whole time while she worked on her computer, but I could tell she was not actually on a call. She never spoke into the phone. She only had it between her shoulder and ear so that no customer would approach her to be served.

    Somewhere in this queue (which you can't actually tell where it begins and where it ends because there's no dedicated space for queuing), were a few salesman who had to wait with customers to get served, most likely because that customer asked for a price match or haggled down the price and the salesman would have to tell the cashier about it. The system was so bad that not only did customers have to wait long, the salesmen had to waste their time in queue with them, not being able to assist any other customers who might want to chat with them.

    What they should have done is train everyone on registers, and when a situation like this happens, that salesman who had to wait in queue with their customer should have opened up a register just to sort that customer out, and then go back to wait they were doing.

    They looked very understaffed. The customer to employee ratio was abysmal. Especially on a busy day like Saturday. I've seen this at HN also (getting a salesman to serve you or just get something from the cabinet for you takes ages), but the checkout queues there were not as bad because they always had 2 people.

    You can clearly see the effect of the downsizing of staff trend that big businesses are going through. I've seen it at banks also. It's a real shame that while every company wants to tell you the customer is always first, the reality is the shareholders and profits paid out to them via dividends are the real #1 priority. Operate on a skeleton crew, and give customers the slowest service possible to save money and generate bigger profits. Great job, I think I'll shop online and avoid bricks and mortar from now on.

    • +1

      Harvey Norman is 10x worse…you have to go find a sales person to get your pickup order from out the back as the check out people cant leave their checkout.

      It can take 10+ minutes just to find a free sales person as they have been been trying to sell $100 HDMI cables to some elderly couple for the last 30 mins.

  • Wife been sniffing for an Emile Henry Casserole dish. Was disappointed that TGG werent in the original 20% grouping but delighted that theyre now there
    Thanks TGG, And thanks OP.

  • Just bought Electrolux Super Cyclone 2100W Barrel Vacuum Cleaner 2100W ZSC6930 for $159.20.

  • This is back…

    eBay Bing Lee: Miele - Complete C3 Family All-Rounder: $319.20 C&C

    eBay The Good Guys: Miele - Complete C3 Allergy : $319.20 C&C

  • Prices and freight charges don't seem to be jumping around as much as the last recent 20% eBay sale.
    Been monitoring a TV, fridge and a couple small appliances…..
    Fridge was $27.20 slightly higher when I bought today, than the continuous and rapid price fluctuations and random freight charges in the last eBay 20% sale.

  • now i'm getting an error

    These items are not available. They may have been purchased already, or the listings have expired.

    have tried twice so far

    • +1

      This means you shouldnt be shopping at 3am….

      • lol ebay saving me from myself

  • Anyone know how long it takes for click and collect orders to be processed? If I order this morning, can I collect today (knowing the item is in stock)?

    • No, you need to wait for confirmation

      • Thanks - any idea how long that takes?

        • TGG are usually fast, but i'm not sure on weekends.

        • not to discourage you. But there was a back-log of orders and my store didn't get mine for 26 hours from point of order.

          I now have my product today, but was hoping to get it yesterday. Which didn't happen, and I did talk to the store.

  • Can anyone recommend a decent robot vacuum cleaner for $200~ or so?

  • What's a good waffle maker? The price seem to vary so much.. Cheers.

  • When does this discount end anyone know?

  • Anyone had problem of using this code? I have experienced a problem when I entered the code when on Ebay site, and showed the discounted price, but then when paying with paypal, it show the price before the discount.

  • Electrolux or FP dryer?

  • If I buy a fridge from Good Guys eBay and pay for shipping do they all come from the NSW location specified on eBay or do they come from a local store?

    • I'm wondering the same.
      The little nutri ninja I bought came from nearest store, 400km away. Posted.
      The fridge I bought, I haven't yet had any indication of it being dispatched yet….closest store or from over east or others

  • Does anyone know if the Good Guys eBay delivery for washing machine includes unbox, installation and remove of old washing machine? Thank you ~

  • paid for a dryer last night and got a call this morning saying its ready for pickup

    saved $100 (Electrolux EDV6051 came to $397)

  • Does anyone know if TGG contacts you to organise a time for delivery? I just bought a fridge and want to make sure I'm around when they come.

    • They will call u to arrange a time… Stay tune!

      • Cool thanks!

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