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Asahi Super Dry Cans 500ml - $16 for a 6 Pack - Members Only @ Dan Murphy's


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Size 500mL
Alcohol Volume 5.0%
Bottled In Japan
Country Japan
Standard Drinks 2.0

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  • +32

    That's dinner sorted.

    • and lunch tomorrow

    • +2

      breakfast of champions

      • I think that's something-else.

        AKA: Dinner for two.

    • +1

      Asahi = 0.0053 per drop (ml)

      Compared to corona when it's on special at $42 a case would be 0.0051 per drop.

      And to many people, who recons asahi is a way superior to Other beers, this is a great buy.

      Even at Dans normal $69 price, it's still a good buy when you compare the price by per ml.

      • -1

        Except it's in cans. Yuck!

        • +3

          Pour it into a glass and it's the same.

        • @callumds: Yeah. Might have to invest in some nice beer glasses

        • Yeh, I heard this beer is to be drink from glass. So extra washing after the happy time. Prob not worth the extra effort and water cost if you are becomes lazy after a few drinks. I know I am.

        • +3

          You mean YUM… the cans are imported from Japan. Pretty sure the stubbies are from China.

        • @OneMoreTune: Yeah I know the beer inside is nicer but there is something I don't like about drinking beer from a can

        • +1

          @antt: I love drinking beer from between a pair of cans

        • @jason07: Saw something similar on Shock Mansion yesterday

        • @jason07:

          That doesn't look very hygienic

    • Add a pie and you've got a 4 course meal!

  • Can't redeem the price. I've logged in as member too

    ** sorted. 3 packs to pickup yeah!

  • Thanks, ordered 2 pack[s] :)

  • +3

    Don't forget cash rewards and discounted wish gift cards

  • hungover for 10 days the last time I drank wine. No more liqueur except tonight & tomorrow and other nights !!!! :)))

    • -3
    • +1

      I like that you've excluded liqueur, but other forms of liquor are ok.

  • +2

    Also listed here for additional comments.

  • Is this click and collect only or available in store?

    • +1

      C&C for cashrewards, otherwise 3.5% more in store

      • I love OzB for that. 3.5% is like a universe to the average OzBargainer!

        • +1

          I don't even understand cashrewards, have some things that I bought back in March still pending.

        • @stublu: I sometimes get the feeling I am missing out on something but to be honest, I like the chase of a bargain more than the actual saving…!

  • How come it says bottled in Japan when it's a can.. Shouldn't it be canned in Japan ? Or is that going to give the wrong impression…

    Anyway thanks OP asashi is a great tasting beer I going to get some!

    • +15

      Yeah, I've already called the ACCC.

  • I enjoyed six of these last week, perfect can size and tastes so much better than the Toohey's 'version.'
    5/5 would drink again.

    • i didn't know of a 'Tooheys' version, only the Chinese version generally available and the UK (Aldi) version (and the oversize can Jap versions)

      • Fair call, I meant the Asahi bottled version.

    • +1

      Check expiry dates, I had an issue with Springwood. BB 31/07/16 but it's flat and tastes foul, they offered me replacement of 31/08/16… Just don't buy old stock, it's gross

      Asahi (Japanese Asahi, not the Chinese rubbish) is my favourite beer. It was off enough for me to check the date, something ive never factored for beer in the past.

      It's a shame, people will try for the first time and think the beer tastes like this.

      • +1

        Drank 2 years out of date Asashi, perfect if not better. 2L can once, better than no beer

        • Weird, the stuff I had was beyond flat haha

  • +1

    I checked these out at my local store on the weekend and the best before date is July 16.

    • +15

      That's not going to be an issue.

    • +1

      Can confirm.

      Just polishing off my last can now. July exp date.

      • +2

        Can confirmed 🛢

    • You should only have to worry if they're already expired.

  • +1

    any free shipping codes? My local Dan doesn't have any stock of this Asahi

  • theyre 210Y a can here in Nagasaki, about $2.70AUD a can. Great deal, especially if theyre made in Japan and not SE Asia.

    • +1

      Not 'if'.

      Asahi cans are brewed in Japan. Asahi bottles are not.

  • Forgot to purchase via cashrewards there goes $2.24 :(

  • +1

    Will definately get some of these. Not worth bothering about cashrewards for 3.5%, rather use my ING and get 2% back instantly than wait 60+ days.

    • But worth using discounted wish cards AND cash rewards. Guaranteed 5% discount (or more if you've found a deal) and the chance of 3.5% cash back.

  • when is the deals ends?

    • +1

      Should run until the end of the month. I just hope my local doesn't run out as they have in the past.

  • +1

  • If you can't find these, then Suntory Magnum Dry is a good alternative for cheap, good Japanese beer. Used to be on sale at $10 at BWS for a 4-pack (500 mL cans) pretty often, but I'm not sure if they do that special anymore.

    • They probably taste great but made in China would put me off.

      • Suntory Magnum Dry 500mL
        Product Details
        Liquor Style: Lager Varietal: International Beer
        Suntory continue a long and distinguished tradition of producing Japan's finest beverages with Suntory Magnum Dry. Shinjiro Torii pioneers Japan's first whisky distillery and his son, Keizo, continued to innovate with Suntory's Tokyo Brewery. By blending the tradition of quality craftsmanship with state of the art brewing technology Suntory create Magnum Dry, a beer with a smooth body and balanced malt character. With the use of mild hops the finish is clean, crisp and delicate.

        Product Detail

        Varietal International Beer Brand Name Suntory Liquor Style Lager Size 500mL Alcohol Volume 5.0% Bottled In China Country Japan

        • +1

          Yesss I read that .. and?

          "Bottled In China Country Japan"

          I'm sure it's good but it feels better drinking Japanese beer that is 'bottled in japan'.

        • @matt-ozb: Could be a tax/duties dodge.

        • +1

          More likely cheaper to produce/distribute

        • @matt-ozb: oops didn't see that. Odd.

        • @matt-ozb:

          Not unless you like drinking radioactive beer. I'm actually going to jump on it only because its NOT bottled in Japan lol

        • +1

          @clubhonda: Unless the brewery is syphoning cooling water from the fukushima reactor you'll be fine. Independantly sourced radiation data is available about Japan. Not to mention that any significant radiation source would have been picked up during shipping.

          The bottled Asahi is produced in CHina.. I'd be more worried about anything edible produced in China after the thousands of pig carcasses found in a river that provides drinking water, the human feces found in Chinese frozen berries in Australian supermarkets, the poisonous baby formula, the toy beads that are metabolized into GBH etc.. etc.. You can watch Chinese tourists themselves are buying up all the powdered milk they can in Australia/NZ and shipping it home because they don't trust their own producers.

        • @simulacrum:

          Food from Japan is still not safe for consumption depending on source. The FDA in the US has a comprehensive list of items that are still banned even today due to radiation. And many other countries have also banned the import of food items from Japan due to elevated levels of radiation. You'll find that its not a groundless threat. Why do you think flights to Japan are so cheap nowadays?



        • +1

          The first link has credible information re: bans and allowing products to be sold again.
          However the second link doesn't seem to have credible information. It looks more like a anti nuclear site to me

        • @clubhonda: There's a slight elevation in radioactive iodine in meat and dairy. Food regulators are risk averse by nature and so tend to err on the side of over reaction. You also have to remember that this slight increase is expected in livestock from the area, it doesn't affect beer inputs in the same way. ALso keep in mind the general principle that we are exposed to poisons every day, and just like with other toxins with radiation the does makes the poison.

          Part of the reason for extreme risk aversion in food safety regulation is due to safety, another part is public confidence. The word "radiation is one that induces fear, and lots of people aren't capable of thinking rationally about it. To take a different example - hijiki seaweed was banned from importation to Australia for a while, due to natural arsenic levels, but the product has been consumed in japan for centuries without incident.

          To be honest I'm still more comfortable eating meat from Japan than from China, where the food-safety regulation is a big black hole.

          In terms of cheap flights.. the reason is that Jetstar entered the market. Having spoken to people that worked in that company, prior to fukushima I'm pretty certain they anticipated current market conditions. Further, you'll notice many of the cheaper flights (the famous jetstar $350 return fares) happen just after peak seasons when there are lots of planes here. Sure there's been a bit of public panic that probably still has some effect on demand, but in reality if you spend a month in Tokyo (which has higher background radiation levels than other parts of Japan) you will get a higher exposure to radiation from spending 16 hours in the air on the way there and back , than you will on the ground.

    • +1

      Bought 4 cans 3 months ago, still 2 left.
      No where near Asashi

      • Might depend on batch. I've had flat ones before. Some go down like the blood of a unicorn

  • +1

    Asahi cans are great.

    Orion is my other Japanese favourite …

    • Went to the brewery years ago, had a great time. Orion is to Okinawans what XXXX is to Queenslanders (except it's actually drinkable)

    • aha i lived in okinawa for a bit. orion is basically okinawan beer. It's the xxxx/vb of beer there - very cheap, low quality beer that can only be stomached while the beer AND glass have been chilled. Not sure about their export stuff, though. Anyway, if you're in okinawa, awamori is just too good not to drink all the time there.

    • Try a Suntory Premium Malts if you see it on a menu somewhere. Hard to find at bottleshops and stupidly expensive. But its a nice clean, malty brew.

    • have you used this website before to order beer?

      • Have had Orion beer previously and found them for sale on that website.

        I tried to order but, at that time, they didn't ship to my state.

        Received quick & friendly emails and everything looks legit with the business.

  • Love Asahi and only drink from the 500ml cans. The bottles are brewed in China and taste terrible.

    Great deal and bought a couple of six packs for the weekend.

  • Ha ha, saw this on the weekend browsing Dan Murphy's website, I hardly buy alcohol so didn't even realise it was a deal. The 500ml can gave me pause as I struggle to finish a 330ml bottle at home.

    Must. Try. Harder.

    Having said that, Asahi Super Dry is my favourite beer since trying it a few months ago. Hope there's some left at my local.

  • thanks, ordered mine, I did 2 separate orders of 3x pack(s) and went through at $16 per pack both times, so see how it goes :)

  • +1

    Did some sums:

    $16 3000mls (6x500ml cans) = 5.33 per litre

    $10 1980mls (6x330ml bottles = 5.05 per litre.

    $10 six packs are still better value (if you can find anything worthwhile) - but the Asahi from Japan is definitely worth the extra 28 cents a litre IMO.

    • +1

      Can't compare apples with fake apples ;)

      • What about melons with fake melons?

  • So this promo last till 30 June?

  • Any free delivery codes?

  • End July expiry date on the pack

  • This beer is pretty nice for a low carb, I would recommend it at this low price. Basically you are getting an 8 pack if they were 375ml cans for $16. So it is $48 a case if it were 24 cans worth. Hahn Super Dry cans are $44.95 for 24 cans. They are both very close flavour wise.

  • I log in , but the price is expensive , not $16 fer pack

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