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HP 8630 All-in-One Printer MFC $128 (after $70 Cashback) @ Harvey Norman Online ($348 Instore)


Good printer for small office, may have too big a footprint for some. Two paper trays hold total of 500 pages. A bonus with this printer is that it comes with two sets of colour inks.

List price $599 on HP website. Price in store at my local Harvey Norman is $348.

Cash back offer from HP: https://h41201.www4.hp.com/WMCF.Web/au/en/static/1/16305/Pro...

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    are HP printers sill considered good?
    HP as a company has been going down and down and down over the past 15 years

    • HP stuff is still really good, besides the home user / entry level crap they sell.

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      My experience they are absolute rubbish

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        The higher end HP printers are good. I have a HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M177fw printer here and it's really good. It's of course not home user/entry level rubbish.

        The one in the topic is one of the Pro series inkjet printers so it should be fairly good when it comes to inkjet printers. Just don't buy the really cheap entry level printers that's when printers are rubbish.

      • HP8620/8630 are a great printers. My experience they are pretty good.

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        I'm not a fan of HP printers anymore, we have a couple of M476DWs in our offices…lucky we have two, because at least one goes down every other week…lucky we have a service contract, but it's a PITA when you want resources printed & both are out.

        Conversely, the offices that have Brother 98xx series printers don't have the same reliability problems…just sayin' ;)

    • HP is actually a PC company to beat now. It is lead by a Melbourne guy that use to work at Lenovo. HP Printer division is very good right now, i have seen some great innovations in their enterprise grade printers that will slowly trickle down to the consumer level.

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    how is the photo print quality? I've got a cheap HP MFD and the photo quality sucks compared with the old old Canon inkjet I had.

    • Most household lasers will not beat inkjet quality this is due to the application style. Inkjet quiet literally prints ink on paper whereas laser just uses powdered ink which is made to stick to paper using static charges.

      • The OfficeJet Pro 8630 is an inkjet printer

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      This is a officejet series, so the photo print quality is not awesome, you should go with canon(5ink or 6ink) or Epson(6ink) for photos.

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    Can anyone advise if these are prone to drying up if not used regularly, say once a month?

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      well my other cheapo HP MFD inkjet definitely has that problem. The print head is built into the cartridge though so the quality is probably lower than this one. End up having to do at least two clean cycles (wasting loads of $$$$ ink) to get it unblocked.

    • +5

      I'm an international student and i have owned the 8600 model since 2012 and every year i go back home from late November until early February. I have never experienced any issue with leaving the ink and the printer for extended period with 0 use. I normally replace my ink once a year or year and half with original XL ink from ebay or officework. Seems like i will be buying this printer just because my ink is finishing soon and the cost of replacing gejuine ink is around $120+- so new printer with free normal ink for $128 sounds a good deal to me :)

      • Have you ever tried printing photos on photo paper? If so, what's the quality like? Does it do borderless printing?

        • I have the 8600plus which I love too. I never tried photos on photo paper but this is not a photo printer. Its a document printer.

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          Not sure about borderless printing. Printing photos on photo paper seems to be low/average quality with small dots and sometimes tiny missing details. Im not professional in those kind of things but i wouldn't recommend it for printing photos.

        • @Bnjam3: Cool thanks mate - I think I'll pass then, really just wanted it to print photos at home

      • As a uni student myself I can validate this. I run it hard during semester and it sits there lonely for the rest of the year. Never had a problem with inks drying up. I have had 2 8600 models and they have never missed a beat (for me). I use 1-2 ink sets a year.

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      I've got the 8620 model, which is very similar to this (bought it 4 months ago).

      We rarely use it and in fact this was one of my concerns.

      We recently printed the Hungry Jack's vouchers posted in another deal, before that the printer hadn't been used for about 6 weeks.

      The voucher printout came out fine.

      Just ran a printer status report, it's still showing the ink levels at the level they should be (whether or not that means the ink is usable or not is another question).

      I would assume this model would operate almost, if not exactly the same and as such you should be right if rarely used too. Just remember to always shut down the printer correctly by pressing the power button before turning off at the wall.

      In saying this, only had it 4 months, so it's not exactly a "long time". But still on the printer cartridges that came with the printer (which aren't full like the replacement cartridges you buy).

      Hope that helps somewhat mate.

      Imo, great price. Just be aware that genuine replacement cartridges won't be cheap.

    • If you are using once a month, then why bother buying a printer? use officeworks, or library.
      Or if you really want to invest some money, buy laser printer.

      • My workplace has the 8620 as well, so I get free toner cartridges (approved by management).

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    FYI for my 8600plus, stats say 5867 pages printed, 434 pages scanned. That's since Dec 2012. I've had to get at least 2 extra sets of ink, maybe 3, with prices having increased from $130 to $150 a pop. So I'd estimate I spent 8c a page on this printer with real world usage, not including the cost of the printer.

    FYI I basically buy cartridges once a year for fairly heavy usage (for a home user).

    • I switched from HP OJ pro 8500 (use it only as a scanner) to Samsung laser & it now cost me 1.59c/page with long lasting quality. *Samsung mlt-D103L cartridge with 2500pp.
      My old HP 5MP was using refillable toners with $70/5000 pages.
      Not with new HP & protection against compatibles. That's why their cartridges are the most expensive.
      I'm sure Brother would be the best value.

  • Is there a way to minimize running costs like buy refilling or using aftermarket cartridges ?

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      Yes, there is. But I only ever tried genuine.

      I buy all my ink from inkstation.com.au (http://www.inkstation.com.au/advanced_search_result.php?sear...) and they do sell compatible inks that I've never tried. However, inkstation has raised the prices of their genuine inks by about $20 in just 1.5 years so I'm looking for somewhere cheaper.

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      You should check beforehand. Can't remember which hp printer my brother has owned, it looks similar to this one, and does not take non HP ink. Tried a few from eBay and couldn't get it to work.

      The printer also remember the amount of ink in a particular cartrige. So refilling doesn't work unless you refill before it runs low.

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      You can install CISS ink system.

  • Hmmm.This one or Epson WF3640 for a home office?

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    This is a really excellent deal. I think I paid about $300 for my similar model(8600).

    Good things:

    Double sided printing
    Basic double sided scanner
    Prints ok quality (average for photos but fast)
    Is fast

    Bad things:

    Big desk footprint - it's huge and heavy
    Ink is very expensive

    Been using mine for almost 3 years now and it's great. I don't print very much or very often (I'll print like 50 pages once every 2 months for work/uni but in between not much). The ink has last relatively well. I've only had to replace the ink cartridges once. So as others have said, leaving it dormant for a long period of time doesn't hurt it too much.

    I would definitely recommend it and this is a steal at this price.

    • HP8600 was a great printer. I personally like 8600 pro version.

  • 8600 got me through uni too and still running today well

  • Do any of the generic inks of ebay work?

    eg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4x-Ink-Cartridge-for-HP-950XL-951...

    • It should do. Just make sure it is has the new chips that way you should be covered. Example

    • I have HP OJ pro 8500 & only accepts genuine - very expensive. Checked with reputable supplier.
      Never had problems with compatible/cheap Epson (inkjet), Samsung laser & very old HP ~5P laser.

  • +1

    Was in the market for a new All-in-One for Uni work. This fits the bill perfectly, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just picked one up for the home office. Great price for the features and the cashback and extra ink make it good value - hopefully the generic eBay inks are okay to keep it economical in the long-term.

  • +3

    Thanks. Just picked one up from Domayne. The guy tried to sell me all the extras:

    1. For $100 I can give you 3 years warranty (Me: No thank you, the cost of the printer is $128.)
    2. You want extra set of inks for 20% off? (Me: No thank you, there's already a 2nd set of coloured ink inside.)

    He tried his best but I stood my ground.

      1. I'd have said thanks but I'd consider their 'pro' small office range to last more than 12 months under that ACL definition of durability, so I don't need to buy cover I already have.
      2. Again, 'yes please, if they will be $27 a SET same as from eBay'?

      You've got to give them credit for trying, but maybe we need a badge made saying OB so they know they don't stand a chance!

  • Thanks OP, my printer literally just kicked it yesterday (drum died, would've cost $300 for a new one on a $150 printer).

    • +1

      Just picked it up, pretty cool features for a 120 dollar printer. Touch screen, actual wireless capability, apps (google drive), front USB port, duplex functionality, double sided printing, expandable paper tray and more things that I haven't really played with yet.

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    Thanks OP, was seriously considering the brother colour laser mfc for $350 from futu ebay, but for $128 (eofy tax deductible) :) with two sets of colour ink, this will do nicely! Even though I hate our disposable culture and avoid it wherever possible, printers seem to be one of this things that just don't stand the test of time well. New inks for my old printer would have been $99!

  • Any chance local HN store will match the price with their online price?

    • Just buy it online, then choose the "click and collect" option from your local store

  • Can this one scan to USB?

  • Nice one just bought it from HN north Ryde.
    Sales lady seemed surprised I didn't want extra warrantee and 20% off inks :-)

  • Anyone know if HP are all good with their cash-back refunds? Thanks.

  • I've had a printer from the same series for over 18 months now, and it has been fantastic! I can't remember which model it is, either the 8610 or 8620 I believe, but it has worked perfectly from day one. I don't do much photo printing, so I'm not sure how it goes on that front, but we do do a lot of regular printing (both black and colour), plus scanning and copying. To date it hasn't skipped a beat.

  • Same price in store too. Labeled at 399 scanned at 198.

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    Just want to remind people who've purchased this model to upgrade the printer firmware. If the printer is on the network (wired or wireless), enter the IP address of the printer into a web browser. Go to Web Services > Product Update and click "Check Now".

    Hope this helps.

  • For running costs, it's hard to beat the Epson Ecotank printers…they can be expensive upfront though.

    • +1

      and troublesome later…I have a 4530 with blocked nozzles..

      • HI, I am sorry to hear that the printer's nozzles is blocked.

        Do the following:

        Check if the blocked cartridge is properly vented and follow Step 4 of this link:

        If it is not helping, you can pull out the cartridge and let the blocked cartridge rest with the nozzles facing up for several hours or overnight, reinstall it and see if it helps.

        I am an HP employee. If the information hasn't solve your question, you can continue to post further questions or visit HP technical support website ( www.hp.com/au ) or visit HP Support Forum( www.hp.com/supportforum ) for further help. Thank you for your support.

        • Not sure if you picked the conversation properly, but the 4530 I am talking about is Epson WP-4530 as twister292 was referring to Epson. HP printers are fine. Thanks for you input.

  • Anyone else having trouble with the 'click and collect' process? I can't even get a call back from the Maribyrnong store to check on whether or not I can collect it yet - which I understand is a failure on the part of the store, not the online website necessarily. Can't help but think that the store is dragging ass because they don't make any money from online sales.

    Can anyone give an indication of how long it generally takes between ordering and getting the collection notification? I ordered mid-yesterday and have only gotten the original acknowledgement of purchase so far.

    • Placed my order midday on Sunday, got a ready for pick up notice at 5pm, picked up the printer the next day, invoice emailed to me 1 hour after I left the store.

      • Wow, that's more like what I expected. Sucks for me. I guess I'll just have to wait until next weekend to collect now.

  • Bought mine, set up and configured in about 10 minutes. If my previous Officejet Pro 6110 and 7410 are any indication then this should last another 6-8 years. The only negative is this thing doesn't do 5GHz wireless only 2.4.

    • The only negative is this thing doesn't do 5GHz wireless only 2.4.

      2.4 Ghz radio is cheap. 5.0 Ghz, however, ain't. This is why a lot of vendors won't stick 5.0 Ghz radio.

      • Wasn't aware of this till it only picked up my 2.4 not the 5. Not a show stopper.

  • Sold out :(

  • It is back on… Just grabbed one!

    • Not sure if the out stock is just for online portal only, better to check store levels too. Clearly still active and not expired.

      • There wasn't suppose to be any stock at my local but it let me back order. Next day got the email saying it was in store!! Grabbed it tonight. Got the usual HN sales pitch "for only 60 dollars extra 4 years warrenty and 20% of ink". Poor sales guy seem dumbfounded I refused to see sense!

  • No luck. Showing $278 after cashback.

    • Yep deals off!! 8-/

  • Price is back to $198 ($128 with cashback).

    Just ordered for pickup from my local, and all stores in the area were showing as having stock.

  • I picked up 4 the other day.

  • its…its back guys.

  • man this deal just keeps reviving…. it is back on again… not sure for how long!

    I got mine and love it.

  • Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me if the 2nd set comes with the black ink cartridge?
    Or is it just the three colour cartridges?


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