This was posted 11 years 7 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DLink Ethernet over power bundle under half wholesale cost $61.94 for a starter kit of 2


I actually bought one from Aspley this morning but they are also available online, ideal for young houses (under 20 years) where you want to extend access to a computer/internet without wiring. I work for a distributor and these are well under half my normal buy price!

Ring the Officeworks customer service number and they will tell you what stores in the state you live in have stock if any!

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  • do it support IPTV?

    • Don't see why not? AFAIK it acts as a normal networking switch (or more likely hub) so should work with any internet applications.

  • can it be used with my TV?

  • Surprise surprise, not available in SA online..

    Model is DHP-301 claimed to be up to 200mbps by DLink

  • How does this 1 works? Plug and connect the RJ 45 and it's ready for use?

    • that's my understanding of EoP

      • How does this 1 got access to internet if it's not connected to any modem?

        • One point will be connected to the modem in order to access internet. I suggest you read up about Networking and EoP

  • pffffft can't get this… QLD

    • Don't know what you are talking about.
      I rang up an 2 hours ago and they had 2 @Oxley, and at least 1 @Ipswich and Rockhampton.
      Went to Oxley an hour later, and they found 2 at the back of the store unopened and still shrinkwrapped.

  • Just called OW not available VIC

  • SOLD OUT :(

  • Can't get it in WA … bugger … would have liked to give it a go at this price.

    Has ANYONE managed to get one?

    • +1

      sounds like a typical officeworks bargain - total stock level: 1 (probably a display model somewhere)

      • Dude don't go knocking Officeworks bargains man I've gotten loads of clearance stock from them. Maybe most of ozbargain just doesn't live in the crappy enough suburbs (:

        • Ring the Office works customer service number and they will tell you which stores have stock, as I mentioned I saw it in the store and they had two units on the shelf, OW dont demo networking equipment so its not a demo clearance.

      • I agree with wang.

        Also it's clearance stock, which means they are getting rid of whatever is left at a discounted price as incentive for consumer to purchase.

        I managed to get 2 =)

  • Wonder if you would get much packet loss using these..

    • Seeing as it's made to transfer over this medium, I'm guessing they minimized this as much as they could. If they can get 10Gbps over copper with Ethernet then it probably isn't much of a stretch to get 200Mbps over other copper wires with a single constant sine wave of noise.

  • What's the difference between using this and a wireless modem? Is it faster?

  • not sure it's "ideal for young houses (under 20 years)"
    perhaps the wiring would be a little better, but the basic issue is whether you can make holes in your walls or not — even worst case, in an old house with lath&plaster walls, it would be well worth the effort to lay a little cat6 ethernet cable around, rather than make do with these devices, which are really only suited for people in rented premises.

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