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Logitech MX Master Mouse for $76 [SOLD OUT] & Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse $68 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


Good buying for these quality Logitech mouses.

MX Master is $3.20 cheaper than most recent eBay deal

Link for MX Master Mouse SOLD OUT
Link for Anywhere 2 Mouse

Don't forget cashback on eBay through Pricepal 1.25%

Original eBay 20% off selected stores deal post

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  • Sweet, been waiting for another sale on the MX Anywhere 2!

  • what is the difference?

    • The Anywhere is a mouse to use with a laptop. It's small. The Master is a large mouse, and has a bunch of extra buttons, and a hyperscroll wheel. The size of the master can take some getting used to, but it's he best general mouse I've ever used (previously the MX Revo).

      • is it better than mx revo?

        more buttons?

        the wheel is same as mx revo?

        • The Hyperscroll wheel works better than my MX Revo (maybe just because my Revo is 7 years old).

          Button layout is a bit better I think. The thumb scroll is actually a scroll now. Charging by USB is much better.

          It feels bigger than the revo though (not sure if that' s a good thing).

          Also, the new logitech software isn't as good as setpoint (easier, but not as many options).

        • @macrocephalic:

          what new software?
          i thought they still use setpoint?

          what u mean thumb scroll is now a scroll?

          is this the old mx mouse u have?

          What have u done with it now?

        • @Hodor: Yes that is the mx revo mouse I have. On the Master, the thumb scroll wheel is oriented so it scrolls up/down, and it actually scrolls all the way instead of being a rocker button.

          Setpoint is deprecated now. The new products [including the mx master] use Logitech Options instead.

  • +1

    I have both these mice, here's my thoughts as a reasonably heavy user. Neither are perfect to me, but I would still recommend both.

    MX Master is good, but it's a little big. I find the "hump" a bit awkward as the day goes on. The scroll wheel also bugs me, it has two modes - Free spin (always smooth) and rachet mode, which starts as a standard scroll wheel but goes smooth when spun fast. I'm not really a fan, I'd prefer it to never go free spinning.

    The Anywhere 2 mouse is great, a little small at first but I've got used to that. Scroll wheel is much more the standard scroll wheel that I expect and prefer. Key issue with the Anywhere 2 is the middle mouse button is dedicated to alternating between free spinning and standard mode, and cannot be reassigned. This is pretty annoying, you can work around it (assigning other buttons to middle click) but it's not ideal.
    I prefer the forward/back buttons on the Anywhere 2, if this is important to you.

    One of the best bits about both of these mice is that you can charge them with a micro usb cable while you use them - best of both worlds (wireless/wired). They're also really easy to switch between hardware.

    • +1

      You know you can turn off the free spin right? (Although I don't know why you would, the hyperscroll wheel is the best thing to happen to mouses since they switched out the ball).

      • yeap i like hyperscroll wheel of logitech mouse

        Great for surfing internet.

        I do not like the ratchet mode.

        Does hyperscroll exist also on other brands of mouse?

    • you can change spin mode in setpoint

      i prefer free spin.
      easier to use internet browser

      • You could buy both. I have them.
        Both give wrist-pain issues for me after heavy use, but I am not typical.
        The Anywhere 2 is more portable and has a good button configuration.
        More people would prefer this size, as other family members, (children and female-sized hands) would like this one.
        I think the MX Master Mouse is definitely on the plus size like a XL to XXL size.

        I have also bought the recent Trackball through the recent US amazon-site sale, but prefer the mice.
        The Trackball is very precise for specialised needs.
        It may reduce wrist-pain issues.

  • I'm trying to purchase this, but I don't seem to have an option to enter the CLICKMORE code. If you click buy now, you go straight to the 'commit to purchase' page. Can anyone help plz?

    • +1

      You need to commit to buy first, then you get a chance to enter the promo code on the actual checkout page.

    • +1

      Yeah its after the commit to purchase

    • Did anyone do the transaction from a smart phone? Or the eBay app? After the commit to buy there is nowhere to put the code. Wireless1's only (lack of) help is to say 'you haven't paid yet and not sure if it works from mobiles'.
      Showed them the group buy T&C next, but looking like I could be stuck with paying $85 :(

      • I managed to do that on computer. don't know about ebay app..sorry

  • +2

    Bought another MX Master, can leave my current one at work. Best mouse I've ever used!

  • been looking at a few reviews:
    does this actually lag that bad on 2.4ghz wifi on Macs with bluetooth?
    can anyone comfirm?

    • I haven't used on a Mac, but I can't perceive any lag on Windows 7.

    • i had one and used it on an imac through the bluetooth. Bit of a pain in the arse to get working (didn't want to use wifi dongle thing) but never had any issues with it. the wifi however worked fine, no problems

  • Sucks.. I pulled the trigger last week for $74 on the MX Anywhere 2.. oh well.

  • +1

    Picked up both, thanks OP!

  • Was after a decent work mouse. Ordered the Mater, reviews seem very good on this one and is highly recommended for pepole who uses computer a lot. The only negative point in the reviews was the fact that it is above the $100 mark. At this price, i think it is a very good deal. Thanks OP.

  • MX Master is an awesome mouse. I prefer the free spin.. love the smoothness.. I remember pulling apart a mouse years ago to take the ratchet mechanism out.. free spinning all the way baby!

  • The MX Master is a great mouse. I have one at home that I use between my main PC, my tablet and my laptop. The 3 setting button on the bottom to switch between 3 different devices is brilliant.

    I ended up buying one for my work computer too.

    Oh … and being able to use it while charging is awesome. looks at Apple mouse

  • I purchased both mice. Just wondering if I should expect a GST invoice as the Paypal transaction doesn't include the GST component?

  • Thanks for sharing OP! I ordered for Logitech MX Anywhere 2 on Wednesday and received it today. By tracking info, I was expected to receive the order on Monday.

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