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Buro Metro Task Chair with Adjustable Arms Black $259 Delivered @ Staples


in case people didn't know it was available, the Buro Metro Arms can be got for $259 delivered. (save an extra $10~ through CashRewards)

Use coupon code FY40 before 30/06/2016 to get $40 off.

credits to tonester* for posting the Buro Metro Task Chair No Arms*.

Extra 4% CashBack at CashRewards save an extra $10 +

Chair Type: Task
Colour: Black
Seat Material: Upholstered Fabric
Indicative weight usage 150kg
Suitable for up to 8 hours usage
Ecospecifier Global Green Tag Level C

A stylish mesh back chair suitable for a task/office application. The metro provides a modern look with multiple seat and back position adjustments. Features a polished aluminium base and adjustable arms.
- Indicative weight usage 150kg
- Suitable for up to 8 hours usage
- Ecospecifier Global Green Tag Level C
- Seat dimensions: 520(w)x490(d)mm
- 10 Year Warranty

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  • -3

    this isnt good for your backs.

  • Mine turned up with a faulty back that wont click into place. Contacted them and they asked for a photo of the chair. Sent that back and havent heard anything yet… so hopefully it goes well. Your backrest is faulty if it doesnt click into 5 different heights - mine just drops.

    Despite that, it is quite a comfy chair.

    • You need to manually lock it into place

      read this:

    • You need to pull up the back rest, when you have pulled it high enough to your desirable height, slowly release it and you should hear a "click" which means it has locked into place.

      • Yeah except mine falls all the way to the bottom regardless of height. I can hear faint clicks as it's going up - but it doesn't matter how high, it goes all the way down.

  • +4

    Suitable for up to 8 hours usage. That's not very good, my current chair has lasted many hundreds of hours..

    • -6

      Eight hours of continuous usage, not overal!, as the gas lifter can fail.

      I hope you haven't been living in your seat if you've sat in it for hundreds of hours. :)

    • +3

      Cheers JV

  • Is there anywhere we can actually go to try this?

    • Try officeworks.

      • Thanks - but not even listed on their website. Or do you know it's not listed?

        • I bought mine from officeworks a while ago. They had it instore to try.

          Not sure if they are still stocking it, best to call your local store and find out.

      • It's discontinued at officeworks sadly.

      • Last I checked it was only available special order in office works - not sure they ever had stock in store.

  • -1

    I'm in the market for a chair, i had a double spinal fusion and need a good chair.
    I don't care the cost but i'm an Ozbargainer so I'm not gping to spend 1k on some shit that claims to give me a BJ everytime i sit down.
    If anyone knows of a good chair, supporting shit backs like mine, please reply or post a deal and PM me!

    Your help is appreciated.

    And thanks OP but too many mixed reviews on this chair to buy it

    • +1

      this has helped my back so much. I'm so happy with it, I've purchased many chairs and nothing compares

    • There is no such thing as a good chair.

      If you truly want to fix your back, you need to work on your muscle imbalances and tightnesses.

      If you want to prevent back problems in the future after fixing them, try squatting instead of sitting; which is the natural human resting position.

      • My imbalances and tightnesses are not an issue 1 year on.
        What I need is a comfy chair that will support me while i sit,
        My fitball is great for core while sitting but not good for support over a longer period.

        Squatting is hard as I have one crappy knee, but I agree with you.

  • Did anyone find where to put the offer code, Do i need to be a registered user to add the code?

    • Need to register and log in cuz

      • +1

        Yes, just found that, thanks

  • Bought one, thanks OP

  • Can anyone please comment on the ease to lean and tilt back of this chair (so that I can put my feet up)?


    • this probably wouldn't be the best chair for you. this is more solid comfort but I would go for the $100-150 range at Officeworks for a nice ease to lean and tilt back

  • Thanks OP.
    Been putting this off for a while now and finally ordered one today.
    Let's hope I don't regret this purchase.

    • you absolut won't it's very comfortable to sit for hours, you'll see

      • They say you can't put a price on your health!
        I just noticed there is a sale on the updated version too.

        tempting to refund and buy the updated version…. should i?

        • I've never tried the II series. But that one seems it has no arms, I wouldn't get it personally because of the arms.

        • +1

          Thanks again for posting this mate. Going to stick to my guns and enjoy my purchase.
          How long did it take to get delivered?

  • +1

    Ordered on the 22/06/2016
    Delivered on the 24/06/2016

    Customer service was amazing too. Will give feedback on product next week
    Thanks again OP

    • Hi - would you be able to post your feedback? Keen to get some more views. Thanks

      • +2

        10/10 for how quickly the item was delivered and how fantastic the customer service was when I asked them to call me when the parcel was nearby.

        Putting the chair together wasn't as clear as it could be, think Ikea instructions - 30 minutes max
        Put the arm wrests on the wrong way due to both arm wrest saying L….. Very easy to remove and fix. - no biggie

        I've only been in the chair for a maximum of 4 hours at a time and i'm more then happy with it. It's one of those situations where you do not understand how bad your previous chair was until you get a new one. I really like the build quality and how I can adjust the chair to sort my needs.

        For what i paid i'm more then happy and my girlfriend will no doubt be buying a second one for her study.

        If you have any further questions please let me know.

        • Thanks for your feedback. I've ordered mine now so will get to try it soon!

        • Thanks for the great positive review, I'm really glad you liked it. I also agree that you don't really know how bad your previous chair was until I got this one :)

  • +1

    Use code TAXTIME20 to bring price to $239.20. (20% off over $100 spend, today only).

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