Is OzBargain an Addiction for Anyone ?

Hello Ozbargainers,

I love Ozbargain website and the Ozbargain community. It has helped me a lot on buying various things which were mostly Useful and some unnecessary "Can't resist" things.

Love the forum too which has a lot of useful discussions.

My question to you all are:

  1. Is Ozbargain website an addiction for anyone?
    For example for me, I am not sure why but I tend to go to Ozabargain website a lot, sometimes intentionally and sometimes as if its a habit. I wanted to know if it is just me or is anyone else out there too..

  2. What other deal websites you visit often and how does it compare with Ozbargain?

  3. Are you here mostly for deals or you visit forums too?

Thanks for your inputs in advance. Have a good one!

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  • 4
    I Visit Ozbargain once a week
  • 30
    I Visit Ozbargain once a day
  • 106
    I Visit Ozbargain twice a day
  • 339
    I am an Ozbargain fan and visit every hour roughly
  • 180
    I am crazy! I have a tab open all the time and I keep refreshing it


  • +20
    1. Non-stop visiting Ozbargain. It's my new tab page.

    2. Hotukdeals, Dealslab, Slickdeals - only really good for international purchases and freebies.

    3. PLenty of entertainment in the forums.

  • +25

    The first and hardest step is admitting it

    • +2

      Damn right :D

    • +6

      Hi my name is xoom and i have a problem. Its been seconds since i last hit F5 on the ozbargain deals page.

    • +12

      I can quit anytime I want.

    • +6

      I'm a functional bargaholic.

    • +3

      I realised I was addicted a few days ago.

      Luckily, I found out how to block websites in my router. I've added, and quit cold turkey.

      I haven't been back since.

  • +18

    Price and vendor in title please. Oh! Sorry … um … no, of course I am not addicted.

  • +17

    The main unwritten rule of ozbargain is that you don't save money on ozbargain.

    • Yes and No :)

    • +2

      I save plenty of money.

      I just waste a lot more hours than those savings are worth…

  • +4

    Just be thankful you're not an OzBargain and competition addict!

    • Good to know..I am not into Competitions at all..

      • +1

        … Yet!

    • +3

      damn… I'm both :/

  • +9

    It always makes me laugh because women typically are branded "shoppers" but my impression is that those most addicted to Ozbargain are actually men (based on the type of deals posted and the comments made).

    • Didnt think of it that way!! Haha


      Actually men and women have different shopping habits. From the infographic, it says 70 percent of top amazon reviews are written by males. I think this might also be true of Ozbargain — I'd reckon the top most prolific bargain posters would most likely be 99% male.

      • +1

        Hmm, "women more likely to use coupons than men…", Anyone experience a woman mentioning coupons after a dinner date? :)

        • +9

          Your wallet is their coupon.

    • +18

      I am not a "shopper". I am a <thumps chest>….BARGAIN HUNTER!!!

      It's completely different and extremely MANLY.

      • +2

        In my head this sounded 200% better in an Arnie voice

      • +1

        Good one!! :)

      • +1

        Bet your significant other still calls you "cheap"?
        Don't worry, in our minds, you're in the hunting party.

    • everyone online is a 28yr old white male until proven otherwise according to reddit.

      • +1

        A few years ago I feel like that was true of Reddit, now it's flooded with teenagers. I still enjoy it but the maturity level is at an all time low.

  • +18

    I'm seriously considering therapy to cure my addiction.

    However I'm waiting for a special deal on shrink fees.

    • +1

      Haha.. Good one..

      But, I know it has to be one hell of a therapy to get you out :)

    • +3

      Keep refreshing the new deals page, there'll be one soon… :P

  • +1

    I told my boss that I order a Wooly Mobile $30 starter pack for only $1, from Ozbargain. His face was like -_- not because of the price but because I have been offering him a lot of deals that he couldn't resist. Neither could I. Everyday I want to buy something, that's too bad. I have to find a way to cure the addiction too.

    • I was so tempted to buy the Woolies sim too.. You are right though, some deals you just cant resist!

  • +16

    Grateful that ozbargain has cured my Facebook/Youtube addiction :)

    • +4

      Ozbargain is way better/useful than Facebook :)

      • +4

        Not for cat videos though

    • Facebook is so 2000. Does anyone below 50 still use it?

      • Damn right !

      • +1

        Sadly they do, it should just die already.

  • +9

    It's not an addiction, I can quit anytime I want…
    I just don't want to.

    • +3

      That's addiction lol.

      • +10

        Subtlety is wasted on this one.

    • Addiction is basically a compulsion to use a certain substance or participate in certain behaviour in order to feel good (or sometimes to avoid feeling bad).

      Psychological addiction is when a person’s craving for a substance or behaviour come from an emotional or psychological desire, rather than a physical dependence. The mind is such a powerful thing that it can produce physical symptoms like those of withdrawal including cravings, irritability and insomnia…..

      You are addicted (busted)

      • I felt realy good and thought I was the smartest person in the office after scoring 10x Woolie Sim Card starter kit $30 for $10. Do you think I have an addiction problem?

  • +33

    Just a tip for those with the addiction whilst working.
    Use the RSS feed via outlook so that you can stay up to date whilst everybody thinks you're checking emails.

    • +1

      Great tip!

    • WHOA!!

      YOU, sir… YOU.

    • +2

      I wish I thought of this before I got my own office. Always had to ninja minimise in the cubicles.

    • +1, been doing this for a while! The single best way of getting yourself set up in work without it looking like you're deal sniping when the boss does a fly by!

    • Great tip for those who haven't had system admin disable RSS feeds on Outlook.

  • question;
    to get access to most/all deals, is the live page best?
    I have deals and forums checked

    • I always check the home/live page, unless I am looking for something in particular.

      It has been working so far.

      • yep, thanks. that is what I do, just wondered if I might be missing out somewhere?

        • Good thing is, if it makes it to the home page it is worth buying.

          if not, it probably not that good a deal

        • @everypenny:

          Some deals don't make it to the front page because they're state-specific. I still remember posting one a year or 2 ago, subscribe to the paper and get a double pass to Wicked. Pass was worth like $200, newspaper cost about $20 maybe for the weekend one.
          Deal didn't hit front page lol, was a good deal :)

    • I always check the New Deals page first and scroll til I am reading old posts. Then sidebar surf.

  • +55

    I'm going to check back on this comment a few times today and again tomorrow to see if it's got any upvotes.

    • +1

      17 pos as of 9:24 AEST

    • +3

      nek minnit,

      Post of the month!

    • +1

      This is another form of Ozbargain

      • +1

        Good lord that felt good

  • +2

    The real question should be:

    "why Isn't OzBargain an Addiction for Everyone ?"

    • Then Australia will be in a recession!

      • +2

        Or the opposite.

        • +2

          Nope, at that point Eneloops will be the new currency.

        • why do i have an image of mad max paying for water/cars/slaves in exchange for eneloops :S

    • +1

      It might be inconceivable but some people actually like to pay full price. Unbelievable isn't it?!

      • +2

        Paying full price ?! how VULGAR!

      • Say it isnt so.

      • Blasphemy!

  • It's a way of life.

    • +11

      I didn't choose the thug life Ozbargain life, Ozbargain chose me.

      [Flexes arm with Ozbargain tattoo]

      • Preach!!

  • Thank you, now I know why I can't sleep at night…

  • +1

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    • I am beginning to wonder, he keeps acting all empathetic and charitable.

  • +1

    You snooze, you lose. Too bad I miss out on deals even when its running in the background =/

  • +1

    I think I'm addicted to not just the deals but also response to my comments to those deals and peoples opinions on certain deals. Reading thoughts on others for a particular goods or services is rather interesting.

    Especially with tech stuff can see a lot of experts out there. Haha, and of course how people save money like Professionals indeed

    • 100 % true.. It helps you gain all that knowledge you need for sure..

    • Even when I post a deal, I usually never buy until the ozbargainers have weighed in - unless I have been stalking it awhile, then I buy before I post incase it gets hugged to death.

    • +2

      A true Ozbargainer is never lazy to share it with the community!

  • +5

    I sometimes bring it up in casual conversation in work, like "did you see Masters/Culture Kings/New Balance had a price error last night? Oh, errrr….no, you didnt, why would you!? I wish I worked with at least one person who shared the addiction! The struggle is real!

    • If only there were OzBargain referral links for RL.

      You: "Get 5 free upvotes for you and a friend when you join here."

      Friend: "What do you do with upvotes?"

      You: :[

    • +13

      Mate, I met a new female colleague today. Did some smallchat before end of work. 5 minutes out of work we are both at Masters checkout, I'm waiting for a click and collect on the heavy duty containers, she has 2 of another type of container. I mention that I'm buying something very similar, and she mentions she just missed out on that deal. It was at that moment we both knew of each other's addiction.

      • +14

        Mate, I think you just met your future wife!

        • +4

          sounds like the beginning of a love story

        • +2

          Or the beginning of a Peter Griffin versus chicken fight scene.

        • @lkp: It'll work for a while perhaps.

          But when they start checking their RSS feeds 'in the middle of business', it'll be over as fast as an online pricing error.

  • +1

    I practise and recommend a month off periodically - usually after going mad subsequent to buying something at a slightly higher price yesterday than available today.

    • I do this Ozbargain abstinence when I go away on holiday for a week or two but then as soon as I get home I scroll backwards through the 20 pages of deals I missed. But I'm not addicted.

  • +1

    Im pretty sure I visit OB 20 times an hour, and even then I miss out on 1 or 2 great deals. Have setup custom email alerts now to prevent that :)

    • Haha.. You are damn crazy!! I probably need to add another option in Poll!

      • Damn right! :)

  • Its an addictive high and release of endorphins when you bag a bargain.

    But its a depressing low when you miss out. Only way out of a low is finding another bargain or wait till shop small comes around.

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