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NetGear ARLO Smart Home Security - 3x HD Camera Security System - $596 (+ $50 Store Credit) @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys selling the NetGear Arlo 3x Camera System at $596 and you can get a $50 store credit as part of their Stocktake Sale.

Original Good Guys - Spend to Receive Store Credit Post

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Good price. Pls bear in mind the ongoing cost of:

    1. Batteries
    2. Cloud storage (1GB / week is free but just isn't enough, so might need to upgrade to 10GB/week)
    3. Mounting bracket (if required)
      1. So expensive that it might be stolen if left outdoor.
      • ….and thief brings ladder to take camera, probably providing a great mugshot as he reaches up for it.

    • +1

      Pretty sure the 1GB limit has been removed and it's just a straight 7 days free regardless of size.
      I no longer have the size limit shown on my profile.

      • You're correct.

    • +2

      I thought about these factors and still pulled the trigger. Haven't regretted it at all.

      I'm absolutely delighted with my ARLO setup. I'm getting ~10 weeks out of a set of batteries (night vision + detection + 30sec recording per event trigger). That's ~$120/year for my three cameras for batteries. With a 110yr old solid brick terrace house, running a cable and power for just one camera would EASILY cost that - plus I can easily move/remove them as needed.

      The whole ecosystem just works, including the smartphone apps. I've mucked around with various monitoring "solutions" in the past (incl the Logitech Alert system and various FOSCAM units) and nothing comes close to this for ease of setup, use and reliability.

      No storage cost for one week of storage from first five cameras. Clips can be easily archived locally to a smartphone or desktop.

      I'm using the supplied mounting points for all three of mine. Yet to find a use case for the drop-down style mount. That said, there are now third party accessories such as mounting brackets, silicone covers, covert/spy mounts (eg alarm clock housing) etc from companies like Wasserstein.

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    Battery operated obviously has its drawbacks, but we've been very happy with it. Just changed battery for the first time, lasted just over 6 months. Keep an eye out during the eBay sales as well if you are interested as there has been many good deals for the 2 camera bundle.

  • +1

    I'd probably prefer to buy from eBay with 20% off -http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/262066833168

    Store credit has only limited usefulness.

    • This, exactly… It isn't $502… It's $602 for a camera setup + gift card/voucher. If I can't use it in that transaction, it isn't $100 off, it's retail price and NEXT time I get a discount, assuming that I will need something before the voucher expires…

  • Crap!

    Review: Unable to use rechargeable batteries. High cost of replaceable batteries. Unable to connect to NAS for constant recording.

    • I think they are crap to but there is no alternative to them,

      • Why do you have to buy them?

    • Whoever told you that you can't use rechargeable batteries has misled you.

      I currently have 4 cameras running on Nitecore RCR123 rechargeable and they work just fine. Rechargeables don't give you as long between charges as the single use batteries (about 2½ months vs 6 months - depending on usage), but they work just fine.

      The only things to be careful of with rechargeables is that some of protected batteries (a must have IMO) are a bit long at around 36mm, and the length limit to fit in the camera is about 35mm. The cheap GTL etc batteries from China that claim to be 2300mAh are not protected, and the capacity is vastly over-rated as even the best 16340 batteries are around 650-700mAh.

      There is a 43 page thread on the Netgear Arlo forum that discusses rechargeble batteries at length.

      If you want constant recording then a battery powered device may not be the best choice anyway. The idea with these is that you don't have to record continuous video that not many will watch anyway - it only records when something is going on.

      • Whoever told you that you can't use rechargeable batteries has misled you

        The guy posted the review on TGG website. Check their first review.


        • -1

          PW wouldn't be the same person as the Peter who posted the identical (and incorrect) statement as you posted above would it :-)

          Don't take everything that some person posts on a review, forum or OzBargain as gospel without checking it first

        • @Andy01:

          He was a verified buyer and a lot more trustworthy then some Ozbargain members AFAIK.

      • Can u tell me where to buy nitecore batteries? I cant find anywhere in australia and have to use cheap chinese GTL which mean i need to charge more often :(

        • I bought mine at Gearbest a few months ago, but they have been out of stock since then. Probably the best option now is some Olights off eBay. Saw a South Australia seller had 6 for about $48 + $4 postage. I think the link was in the Netgear forum thread I posted above.

          There has been at least one report of a camera catching fire with a cheap Chinese lithium battery, so I would advise against any unprotected battery in a Arlo camera.

        • I use Olight rechargable batteries with mine, they've been highly rated on the Arlo community forums along with the Nitecore batteries.

          As mentioned they don't last as long because they're 650mah but I don't mind charging every 2-3 months compared to 6-8 months with non-rechargables.

  • +3

    Bought the 4-camera kit a couple of months ago. Quite impressive what's now possible without wires, but I find the Arlo very hit and miss at doing the job it's supposed to, largely because of the way it records. This thread outlines the problem (a fix is finally pending implementation, though whether it functions well remains to be seen). There can also be quite a bit of trial and error involved to place the cameras in a way that reliably triggers the motion detector when someone walks in front of the camera, but avoids battery-draining nuisance detections (e.g. the one I have watching over my car was a particular hassle because reflections off my car's windows from passing vehicles were often triggering the camera).

    Another problem is it's super easy to nab these cameras from their magnetic mounts, making them vulnerable in outdoor use (the PIR motion detection doesn't work through windows, so you lose that if you place it inside facing out). There's a more coventional mount available but it's only marginally better as you can screw the camera off it without any tools. And the less accessible you make the cameras, the harder it is to change the batteries…

    …or troubleshoot. Which can be a real pain in the arse, because when something goes wrong with the wireless connection and/or base station, the standard procedure is to reset the cameras by opening the battery door, and if that doesn't work, to bring each camera back near the base station for re-pairing, or reset the base station (which also requires re-pairing). It's a hassle because the Arlo just isn't that dependable - it might work well for weeks, then suddenly one or all of the cameras will inexplicably go AWOL. Sometimes firmware updates, which Netgear automatically pushes out with no notification and no option to reject, can also stuff things up.

    So I can only half-heartedly recommend it. Personally, it has me very much looking forward to getting a wired system (we're expecting to move within a year, so couldn't justify getting cameras wired in at the moment, hence the Arlo).

    • +1

      No problem after 3-4 months of use. Pairing to base need only be done once. So far has only been battery change. I am using nitcore rechargeable battery. I brought the external mount ($12) which can easily mount anywhere I wish. Suggest to check signal strength for the camera and place base station centrally. Go for your life.

      • My experience is based on four cameras that do have the highest signal strength on the indicators, and an extra one that's missing a 'bar'.

        Pairing is supposed to be only required once. But if a camera inexplicably goes offline (as has happened to me several times) and the "reset camera by opening the battery door" trick doesn't fix it, then you have to remove the camera and bring it to the base station to re-pair. If it's the base station that gets screwy and needs a reset, then every camera has to be re-paired - a real hassle when you have five cameras and need to use a ladder/stepladder to access some of them. They should, as in your case, be set-and-forget for 3-6 months until a battery change is required.

  • +1

    I bought and returned a set of [Netgear Arlo] home security cameras. Forgot to delete my account and I can now watch the new owner.

    From this Reddit story.

    • Thanks for the link. Helped me decide whether to buy these units or not.

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