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(Xbox 360/One) Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer DLCs: Legends & Killers, Liars & Cheats - FREE (Were $9.95 Each)


Red Dead Redemption goes backwards compatible on the Xbox One today, so I'm sure this will be useful to many :)



Legends and Killers
Liars and Cheats

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    Myths and mavericks also.

    • Oops I'll add it in, cheers!

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      I think "Myths and Mavericks" was always free, same as "Hunting and Trading Pack" and "Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack".

      I grabbed all 5 anyway :)

      • Haha I just checked again and indeed you are right

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    Thanks, got the game as well.

    • Its a good game. Much longer than average games. I am sure you will like it.

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    Now if only they announce RDR2 :)

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      So the 'Associated' tag next to your name… you know something we don't? (PLEASE SAY YES!!!)

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        Not with Rockstar, no.

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          you're from Xbox/Microsoft then? Any news? (PLEASE SAY YES!!!)

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          Is that you, Mr Marston?

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    omg finally

  • Is 360 and One multiplayer cross-play possible?

    Cheapest way to get some Xbox Live Gold to play from 360?

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      BC is just a 360 emulator, so yes everyone is technically still playing on the 360.

    • The XB1 emulates the X360, so it's still running on the X360.

      • Thanks, I wasn't sure if they had done some kind of change to control which servers it connects to

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    Nice! I bought a used copy of the GOTY edition when I found out it was backwards compatible. I think it comes with these.

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      GOTY also has the Undead Nightmare DLC + these 2, so you're still getting something extra from it :)

    • Having the disc is just an authorisation to download the emulated copy; I imagine that's why the DLC has all been made free now so I don't think your GOTY edition has any benefit on Xbox One.

      • Ah well it was only $16 as compared to $12.50 for the digital version.

  • The game is also on sale. So tempted.

  • I believe that you get RDR and Undead Nightmare both, regardless which one you own. I got undead nightmare in a GoTY box from Target for $5 about a month ago. Fingers crossed!

    • Undead Nightmare is a standalone DLC? Correct me if I'm wrong.

      • RockStar says you get it regardless which copy you own so I'm hoping that the disc I have is actually the standalone Undead Nightmare disc and they just packaged them together for the 360.

        • Edit: Nvm I get what you're saying :)

        • @spaghettiman: you might be right anyhow. I just tried to install, anyone know if this is live yet?

        • @jonathonsunshine: You can install if you have the digital licence, but not playable yet.

        • @spaghettiman: Is this BC release just the vanilla RDR? I can't find an actual answer. If so I wonder if they'll do Undead Nightmare later.

        • @theguyrules: soooooo if I have the gotye then can I play undead or is it just the regular one? Anyone know yet? I'm thinking about purchasing.

        • @Ronniefromdashore: That's what I'm asking lol

        • @theguyrules: found it!

          "According to Rockstar itself, all Xbox 360 versions of Red Dead Redemption will become backwards compatible on Friday July 8. That includes the original release, the Undead Nightmare expansion, and the compiled Game of the Year edition."

        • @Ronniefromdashore: oh hell yeah

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      Undead Nightmare is still listed as a $20 add-on. It's possible that Rockstar simply meant to say you'll be able to play the game (that you own) no matter what version. ie: It's not just the original game that is BC, but all versions. So you probably need to own both versions to play both.

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      I don't think you get both. You get whatever you have according to this.

      "According to Rockstar itself, all Xbox 360 versions of Red Dead Redemption will become backwards compatible on Friday July 8. That includes the original release, the Undead Nightmare expansion, and the compiled Game of the Year edition."

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        Yeah, I have the second disc of GotY edition only, and I was able to download and play Undead Nightmare but not the main game.

  • Sweet, never played RDR so with BC I'll finally give it a go.

  • is there anyway you can continue from your game save on 360 on the XBO with this? I also have the GOY edition with indead on CD

    • Technically still playing from 360 so data should be synced with XB cloud.

    • Like spaghettiman said, if you sync it with the cloud you can continue your game. The default would have been (if you got it in 2010 when it came out) would just be on the hard drive, which you need to change. There should be some guides online to copy over the data to the cloud from your x360 HDD.

      • Thanks for the info! will be great to finally finish that game!

  • I'm still confused about what version(s) of the game we will receive. I have just the standard version, but from what it sounds like we may also receive the Undead DLC free?

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      Everyone gets everything!

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      No, you will receive the copy you own. If.you have normal rdr then you'll get normal version. You can download these small expansions for free. However, undead is a large standalone expansion that you will NOT get for free unless you own it currently.

  • Is this live yet? I'll assume Friday is US time and we won't get till tomorrow. Any chance we OzBargained Microsoft lol? Can't get to the store on my Xbox and it says it's a problem on their end

    • It went live 2-3 hours ago, and is playable! (both disc and digital copies)

      • Cool, I'm at work right now, if any one has the game of the year edition, please do me a solid and try to install using the undead nightmare disc and report back 😃

        • First disc: RDR: Single player - 7.48GB
          Second disc: RDR: Undead Nightmare and Multiplayer - 7.45GB

          Both installs have GOTY game art as cover, not vanilla.

        • @spaghettiman: so my GoTY disc 2 is pretty much useless by itself?

        • @jonathonsunshine: According to comments on reddit, you can play it on its own but it isn't the base game of RDR, just the Undead Nightmare storyline + multiplayer.

          For those who have the normal undead nightmare disc, it will start a DL for the base game like this but still, you cannot play it without a licence.

  • Doh! I have RDR on PS3 …

  • RDR has been down to about $7, is this the second best price?

    • They were selling RDR for $3.60 at Dick Smith a year or two ago, although I don't think we will see those prices again for awhile.

    • $15 at ebgames for xbox or $9 for ps3

    • I would just pick it up for the cheapest you can get it now. Particularly if you're intending to play it anytime soon. Backwards compatibility only drives up demand for the game and often it can means an increase in the average price. Perhaps not by much but it's becoming a common trend and even more applicable if they're favorites. This was the third most wanted backwards compatible game that was voted on the Xbox uservoice website.


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    You need to enter your CC details to grab it.

    Hate this process..

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      I used a Coles Reloadable Prepaid Card with $0 on it which I got for free from a previous deal, great little burner card.

  • Thanks OP. Checked these when sale went live on the dashboard a few days ago and had no intention to buy them at that price. Not sure if I would've bothered to check again if I didn't see this. Previously bought the Undead Nightmare standalone DLC and now with all the multiplayer DLC addons free, am almost tempted to spend the extra $3 for the skins packs to have a complete copy of the game.

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    My weekends gone

  • +1

    I purchased one from the Cash Converters webshop earlier this week for $4. It appears the price has already been raised slightly but still cheap! https://webshop.cashconverters.com.au/items/?searchFor=red+d...

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    Thanks OP. Looking forward to playing this as I've bought it but never played on 360.

    FYI, If you already have The Undead Nightmare Collection, you already have the 2 DLCs

    "The Undead Nightmare Collection combines the Undead Nightmare Pack, Liars and Cheats Pack & Legends and Killers Pack"


    However, the 2 DLCs appear as available and when trying to download it, it will generate an error with no useful details.

    • Thanks for this. I had forgotten I downloaded the Undead Nightmare pack ages ago when it was on sale, and was getting error messages when trying to download the dlc. Might actually play it now :D

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    Red Dead now playable guys! (i'm a bit late to the party)

  • Urhg. I see they have faithfully ported the game so well that it even has the headless NPC glitch…

    • because its emulated bruh

      • It's not a pure emulation, otherwise we wouldn't have to download the games when we have it on disc. They've done some work on it since they released it 5 months ago.

        • only to fix up glitches tho

  • Hmm, it looks like RDR is gonna be among the August GwG titles!!! :D

    • Source?

      • http://www.vinereport.com/article/xbox-games-with-gold-free-...


        Nothing set in stone of course, but these guys are usually pretty close to the mark with most predictions…IIRC they were 4/4 on July's lineup! ;)

        • +1

          Eh highly doubt it to be honest.

          1. RDR was put on sale during sales when made BC - doubt XB would make it free just weeks after massive numbers of people purchase from XB store and the likes.
          2. It's Rockstar. They love money. Just look at GTAV - barely discounted after all these years. They'd be stupid to make it free right after making it BC.

          Also, for June and July, the titles were already leaked by an insider dubbed ekim (check him out on twitter for leaks).

        • @spaghettiman: I don't really care one way or the other, I have grave concerns I'll ever get through the library I currently have, let alone future selections… :/

        • @StewBalls: hahahahaha me too

  • Does the War Horse, Deadly Assassin and Golden Gun DLC come with any of the packs? They were all available to me when I booted up the game (and I haven't purchased them separately - I have all the other DLC though including Undead Nightmare).

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