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Tronsmart QC 2.0 5-Port Charger $18.89 US (~$25AU) MicroUSB 3 Pack $3.99 US (~$5.32AU) Both $22.49 US (~$29.96AU) @ Geekbuying


As requested the Tronsmart charger is back and cheaper than before. Also included in the deal is a pack of 3x 3ft Micro USB cables.

Free shipping is included with discounted TNT Express available.

While most chargers claim to be 40W - this Tronsmart charger is 54W and can provide greater amps across all USB ports simultaneously. It's also one of the few chargers to be properly Qualcomm Certified.

What is Quick Charge 2.0 and VoltIQ?

Tests have shown that a 3500mAh battery can be charged from 0% to 60% in only 30 minutes for any compatible device using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

The charger also utilises a technology called VoltIQ that is able to detect the charging protocol used in the device to provide the fastest possible charge (up to 2.4a) without the risk overheating, overcharging and short circuiting etc. This is useful for any device that does not support Quick Charge 2.0. More info on VoltIQ can be found here

Full list of Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices can be found here

  • Other devices not listed (iPhone, iPad, Nexus etc.) will benefit from the VoltIQ technology.

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  • Clear~!! you came through with a coupon! Thanks for following through :)

  • Cheers. Shame it's only the 3ft cables, but thanks.

  • Thought it was JV for a second

  • Can I neg this deal? Ordered one of these from last deal 19th May, still waiting on delivery, online tracking shows it arriving in Oz 5 weeks ago & hasn't moved since. After contacting them about the delay, get a link on where to track delivery!!!!
    Hello that's when I got the tracking info from to bring up the issue

    • +1 vote

      What's your order number? I'll speak to someone about it.

    • Sounds bad, quite a lot of us have had problems with geekbuying lately.

      1. Speak to your credit card company (hopefully 28 degrees) to hurry things along, and your credit card want to help you because you give them business.

      2. Tell your credit card company all the transactions numbers, dates, and information you were told by Geekbuying and the OzB post.

      3. Then open a paypal dispute and copy the same history trail.

      There's a need to be vigilant because paypal are hopeless with their continuity. Remember they are the service used and are bound by consumer laws under the ACCC to take legal action.

      I know someone who has a horror story with geekbuying. I'll ask her to upload what she did, and what both her credit card company, and paypal did for her.

  • Same here. Ordered on 28 May and still waiting. My tracking link returns a 404. I wrote them and got the following reply last week. Will report back if I do get the delivery.

    RK362668447CN 5.30
    Hi dear ,
    Thanks for your email .please be at ease ,As the china post sometimes may a bit slow ,even takes more than a month .
    and the status of your parcel not has been updated timely . it is very normal .
    please wait patiently .it just on the way .would you mind waiting for a few days ?
    if still have nothing ,please contact us .Hope you can receive it soon .
    if you have any question,please feel free to contact us
    Have a nice day
    Best regards

  • I ordered from the last deal on 8th June and haven't recieved my order yet either.
    Keep this in mind if you are looking to purchase from this seller as it seems others are experiencing the same delay.

    • +3 votes

      So far all are within the 30 business day range. Very typical for purchases from China with free shipping. That's why I recommend paying for the discounted TNT Express.

  • Can we get a deal on a bundle of:

    1. A 5 port charger (all of which are QC3 or QC2 if available)
    2. USB cable pack &
    3. wireless quick charger


  • Are you ever going to do a deal on the Tronsmart TITAN?

  • I bought these in the past. Works GREAT, but holding off until Quick Charge 3 (QC.3) is out. Any idea when its out and any chance for doing a deal on the QC3 version?

    • Wonder what the price will be like

    • This deal is not that great because for $25 and risky seller it's only QC2.0….

      Maybe go through cashrewards to ebay and buy a 5-port 54W QC3.0 version by negotiating at offer. $20-25 sounds like you will get the price.

      ebay have much safer system than geekbuying.


        Still comes from Tronsmart though ;)

        • Different middle people makes the difference.

          For paying the same money, better to get a QC3.0


          @lovepeoplenotmoney: I should have been clearer - there is no middle man involved.

          Besides lacking an AU figure 8 cable, that's a good deal if you can negotiate it to $20.

        • @Clear: There is a manufacturer, and the distributor (Tronsmart in this case), and us consumers.

          The people in between the distributor and us consumers are the middle people. By changing the middle people to someone on eBay + eBay itself, the middle people are changed.

          The charger is only worth $20 because the the delivered power will suffer on the 5th port

  • +7 votes

    Bought the cables from previous deals. I've found the Transmart micro-USB cables to be a very poor fit and almost completely unusable as the connectors make poor contact when plugged in. Other cables work fine in those same devices.

    • Yep don't bother. You can however ask for a replacement. I tried and they offered to send me a free replacement but wanted me to make a new order. But the only way for me to make a new order is to actually pay for it. I told them this twice (communication fail due to poor English) so they offered a refund instead which I'm happier with tbh. Connectors are very poor quality (cable itself is quick to charge though, even the 6ft ones).

      To anyone considering the cable pack as a bargain, it is not. They will inevitably fail to hold properly.

      • I've been reading about these problems but strangely enough I have never had any problems with them.
        I have bought 2 different sets and never had any problems. Now I have cables and chargers in the car, at work and different rooms in the house.
        Still never any problems. I have recommended them to friends and they have not reported problems either.

        The family plays Ingress and Pokemon Go so we use the cables a lot!

        • Oh gawd, I know! RES agent here, & I always laugh when people whinge about the increased data costs… little do they know, the true expenditure comes from constantly requiring new cables! LOL I've got it easy though, compared to my partner - he's an iPhone 5 user, & lightning cables are insanely expensive in comparison to micro USBs, even OzBargained.


      I've been told that they're now better. Tronsmart or Geekbuying will replace them.

  • Are tronsmart coming up with a TITAN 2? 5x qc3.0 ports that is.

  • Hi, Clear, are you able to do a deal on any powered USB 2.0 or 3.0 hubs as well please?

  • Can the xiaomi powerbanks be charged via quickcharge?


    How do these sit with reference to tear downs showing poor quality Chinese chargers and some cases of electrocution?

    • +1 vote

      Obviously it's not Australian approved, but it does have UL certification and the usual CE and RoHS.

      For the charger to be Qualcomm Certified it needs to meet UL's requirements including their safety tests. The power controller for QC 2.0 also requires this certification. Many poor quality chargers will not have any certifications especially UL.

  • sorry probably n00b question but whats the difference between the titan and this one?

  • Just purchased one of these for the first time!! Keen to see if it charges my LG G4 any faster!

  • Clear, anymore? Was too slow on the uptake…

  • coupon code not working now.

  • Hopefully if any of you place any orders with Geekbuying, your orders arrive.
    Placed an order for this deal in May, been lost by Aust Post & Dora @ Geekbuying refuses to assist with tracking it down or supply refund/replacement

  • Ordered, and got 5day TNT shipping. Lets hope the cables arn't dogsh*t

  • Hey any upcoming deals on Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 2-Port or 4 port?

    The missus borrowed my car the other day, and has realized how much better these chargers are compared to her rubbish ones and now won't give me the charger back so I need a new one lol.


  • Anyone received theirs yet?

  • I just received mine today~!

    Plugged in and charging my 4 devices at the moment. Happy customer so far.

    TL;DR… ordered 08/07/16 - received in hand 03/08/16


  • Has anyone else had an issue with their tronsmart charger where the screen becomes unusable while the device is plugged in and charging? It happens on both android and iphone devices.