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Adesso Electric Knife $8 (Originally $20) @ Woolworths


Sighted this at local Woolworth @ Cumberland park SA. It's on clearance $8. Original price of $20. Don't know if this is store specified and how good they are.

Open for comments. Hope it's useful to someone.


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    Thanks BronzeWok,

    I bought mine there a while ago. It works fine but it's the only one I've owned so I can't compare. I'd like it to work a little better on bread as its slow to break through the top crust. According to my searching, that's common to many electric knives.

    Easy to clean, bulky to store. Effective on roasts.

    • Nice feedback DeWalt. I never had one, so by looking at your notes I might go get one.


  • Good deal, but i've seen way to many horror movies to keep this around!

    • Once Skynet gets into this sucker we're all done for…

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        I'll be back…

  • These were popular in the 80s, what they need for a revival is to make them cordless

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      What they need is to make them useful.

      • I agree, but apparently some on here think they are, what we need to know is have those people ever used a decent knife? There might be an argument that a decent knife can't be had for $8

        • The Kiwi brand knives I get from the Asian grocers for about a buck fiddy are actually pretty awesome.

        • @StewBalls: i can also vouch for the Santoku knives from Aldi sold in a 2 pack for about 10 bucks, sharpened on my Aldi sharpening stone they come up well, but there are a lot of snobs on here when it comes to knives

        • @Jackson: Yep, I'm hearing you…I've got a couple of Global knives, they were great for the first few years, now they won't hold an edge for anything.

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    You don't realise how useful these are until you try to slice 30kg of spit roasted meat without one.
    We ordered meat for a party and the company forgot to slice it. I pulled out my large knife and started cutting (very slowly). A neighbor ran home, grabbed their electric knife and sliced the other 3 roasts before I finished my 1! :)
    Granted it was a 60th, but many were shocked I didn't own an electric knife. Haha

    • Thanks m8. I'm thinking the same here - we sometimes need to cut frozen meat which was a pretty hard task to do. I hope this could help a bit.


    • Electric knives are the best for spit roasts! Only reason why I got one

  • Is cutting roast the sole task an electric knife excels at?

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      Fresh baked bread is the other usual victim here…

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      When I was a kid, my mum used to use cheap electric knives to cut up foam mattresses! After a few mattresses, they'd be worn out, she'd chuck the electric knife out and wait for next time someone was discounting electric knives!

    • the box seems to suggest so.
      "carving" specifically mentioned

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