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MSI Radeon RX 470 $304 AUD Shipped @Newegg


Looks like they've just started offering shipping to Australia for this guy. For one of the better coolers and just over $300 shipped it seems like a good deal.

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    Still waiting for the 480 sapphire nitro…

    • Good luck with that,hopefully OCUK delivers soon.

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    Why is the standard shipping on this so much from Newegg i mean it's $41.82. They must be using DHL or some other courier.

    • even with $40 shipping still cheaper than any local options, has 8 pin power , dual fan , thks will get one.

      oops thought it was 480, not the 470 ……..dohhhh now to cancel order.

      • Yeah but you can buy a XFX Radeon RX 470 for $299 from PCCG. Although not in stock ETA 18/08/16.

        p.s. Always pays to read the product title and description before ordering!.

    • It's DHL,i've just gotten a shipping update.

  • is newegg charging gst on this item?

    Newegg accounts for Australian goods and services tax (GST) on certain sales to customers located in Australia. GST is applied when appropriate and depends on where the physical goods are being shipped from and total value of purchase. If the 10% GST is charged on your order, this will be shown on your invoice.

    does that mean that they will issue a tax invoice?

    is this their abn http://abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?abn=63510908402?

    they claim to be shipping from oz. does that mean that acl will now apply?


    • it come to $304 inc shipping I placed on order till I realised it was a 470 and not a 480 …so now need to cancel order…. so don't know if its gst or not …… it's $304.

      • is it still that price now?

    • No GST charged on my invoice.

  • This is the slower of the 2 otherwise identical 470's kicking about.

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    It's $45 cheaper than this same card local at the cheapest price in Australia (according to Staticice) which is $349 here (plus delivery if not in Melbourne).


  • what u rekon this or the gtx970?

  • On Dx 12 470=970

    Get it you wanna freesync

  • Couldnt u use new egg premier, you pay 60 and u get free shipping isnt?

  • Just ordered one.

    Seems a good deal as hollykryten said.

    8pin connector, decent fans, ok speed (1254 MHz).
    With it being 4Gb, i'll proabably have to urn some settings down at 1440p but other than that looks very good for my budget mini-gaming build, thanks OP!

  • This shows up as AUD $349 for me. Am I doing something wrong?

    • looks like the price has gone up. I'm seeing $319 now.

  • OK so deal must be over. Is showing as $349 AUD + delivery.

    • kinda new to posting,how do I mark the deal as expired/no long valid

      • There should be a mark as expired button or some thing. But never mind i've made a report to the mods that this deal has expired so shouldn't take too long before it's fixed up.

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