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[Unlocked AU Stock] Samsung Galaxy Note7 64GB (Pre-Order ETA 19/08 - Bonus 256GB MicroSD) $1211.22 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Notice (3/9/16): The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone has been recalled due to concerns with batteries exploding or catching fire.

Mobileciti has done it again

100% AU Stock with 2 Years Local Warranty

TRS Eligible, GST invoice included

This is the cheapest Local Stock Galaxy Note 7 preorder available with Bonus 256GB MicroSD from Samsung.

Given the free SD Card, the effective price of the phone is $950, which is very good.

Enjoy :)




Plus 1.25% Cashback from Cashrewards will be bring it down to $1,194.40

Original eBay 10% off deal post

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    • Don't worry about the votes here. 31 votes and 300+ views but only 2 buyers.

      • +1

        Where do you see only 2 buyers

        • Oh wait, could be less?

        • I see zero? It's just too much $. Seriously. Period. No but.

        • +1

          @eisniwre: I can confirm altogether 21 has been sold by now.

        • @eisniwre:

          It's like someone said they bought 10 units, but they can't show us their invoices. You know SP is existed in here. Many bad deals had high votes.

        • @OzSikhs:

          I can confirm altogether 21 has been sold by now.

          How can you be so sure, are you associated with the Store?

        • +2

          @PW: check on their ebay link. I'm not associated. I just counted by visiting all the links.

        • +2

          Just checked and you were right. Quite a few rich buyers here.

    • +2

      Because everybody is different. I may feel iPhones are way too expensive but this wouldn't stop people from liking, loving or buying it. Same here.

      We all have different opinions, at the same time we should learn to respect other's views

      • -1

        Any mobile phones are over 1K are way too expensive.

        • +1

          Please buy a feature phone mate which Samsung sells

        • +1

          that is your personal opinion, not everybody else's.

    • +3

      Expensive for a phone, but cheaper than the rest. It's still a deal.

  • +2

    I am not sure why people say its expensive. IPhones are expensive and Android has far more features than IOS and Samsung is the king of Android. That's the reason why Android has far more market share than iPhone worldwide.

    • Exactly! Not expensive if you compare it to buying an iPhone outright!

  • +2

    Ordered one, thanks

    • Hi nadan

      Thank you for your support!

  • -2

    I think we have way too many iPhone fan boys here upset because of this device as they see no chance of iPhone 7 to succeed. Samsung is the new innovator

    • lol

      I think you're right. Samsung has hit their nerve this time.

    • Both are garbage.

      • +1


        • Complete shi, well, its alright I guess to some people cough cough Savas cough cough

        • +1

          Nexus are the only Android phones truly worth it. Moto has been great but is turning shit. HTC is fine if you dont mind shit cameras. LG is good but reliability issues plague them.

          Samsungs have nice hardware but their insitence on ugly touch wiz skinning and infinite unremovable bloatware make them garbage for mine.

        • @thescarecrow84: I completely agree with everything you've said yet I'm buying the note 7. Sometimes you just want what you want :)

        • @thescarecrow84:

          Have you really got to worry about 'bloatware' when you have 300gb on your phone? It ain't a thing anymore.

  • Hey Rep, any chance of adding more stock for the black one? had one in my cart went to payment & Oz Bargained!! :(

    • Hi robzta

      I just restock the Black colour, can't do anymore after this, don't want over committed. make sure you order quick.

      • Hi Rep it is not showing yet, same link?

        • please refresh again!

        • +2

          @mobileciti: Thanks Rep you made my night, managed to order it this time!! :)

        • +1


          Welcome, Thanks again!!

  • It's all about the matter how 1k means to a normal worker or millionaire. So does the marketing think. Beginning time is for rich guys and later will be for normal guys. That is the simple rule for gaining money from buyer (profit max).

  • +1

    Hi Rep, well done. All black are ozbargained.

    Do you know if AU stock is dual sim supported by chance?

    • AU stock only single sim.

      Thanks again for all your support!

  • Still too little difference between the S7E and Note 7.

  • Rep will you be listing any more black this evening while the 10% off sale is on?

    • few more to order, press order now otherwise you will miss again.

  • +1

    First month of note 3 i bought from jb for $790, was going to upgrade to this but woah 1.3k :O

  • I would suggest to wait..it is coming out the 6/128gb model for an extra $50 on RRP…

    • +1

      It is China exclusive version.

      Do not looks like Australia will have the same.

      • Yeah you look quite right according the internet informations,but i still suggest to wait and i think it is important the people know that there is another powerful model.;) cheers

        • +1

          Might as well just keep waiting and never buy a phone.

        • @ronnknee: For that money i can wait…

        • @Ciccillo: There's something called price protection which you essentially can buy now at a future price.

  • +1

    Black bought, I was the first buyer. Thanks Mobi

    • Thanks anismistry, big big credit to you ;)!!!

  • -2

    How can I cancel my order.
    I paid via paypal.
    I accidently press the wrong button

    • +1

      Just tell yourself you need it ;)

  • I bought 2 pones instead of one

    • +4

      You can use the second one as a backup!

  • Hi Mobileciti.

    I bought one and will collect it at Macquarie Centre Big W, when is the exact time for me to collect? On 19 Aug? or like it says 15 Aug?

    Thanks for your reply.

    • Sorry, the earliest we can dispatch will the 19th depend on if stock arrive to us on time.

  • -1

    @Rep - Where is this Note 7 phone made, Korea, China or Vietnam?

    I need to know before I order it in a few months time.

    • +3

      Hi PW5

      I don't know where the phone made, there is no phsycial stock arrive yet, will same when people order from JB/HN/binglee or netowrk provider.

      • Thanks for your response! Will PM you after August 19 and hopefully I see some great prices on your site.

  • Store Rep,
    Please provide assistance.

    • Hi marcell123

      PM me your order number, I will cancel 1 for you.

  • +2

    Good to see this kind of deals on day 1 :)

  • Many thanks

    • +1

      If you can't get to grips with the fact that others can decide for themselves whether the price is too high or not, and make decisions to spend their money as they like, you're certifiably [insert your own choice of adjective]

  • damn it no black left

  • I need a black too.

  • Oh ffs! I see this, decide to go buy one and they've run out of black!!

    Thats three opportunities I had and LOST due to timing. this world doesn't want me to buy a note 7 I'm telling you!

  • +1

    Here is my note history…

    Note 1: interested….

    Note 2: got one, almost everything is epic, but screen can be better. Pen is fun to use but stay in the phone permanently after a month or two.

    Note 3: got one,finally the screen is as good as a flagship should be at that time. Though….it feels so cheaply made….

    Note 4: got one, wo… premium Metal feel! Are you kidding me?? Why so freaken laggy and sluggish! And what? It gets worse after the lollipop update??

    Note 5: got one for dad, yummmy….finally almost everything feel right again…but where is the trendy curve on the edge?

    Note 7: probably not gonna get it… coz the deal breaker => the spec is about 6 month old and its priced like any other notes which traditionally has better spec than any of other galaxy phone release the same year..

    • So which phone is worth buying, Iphone 7?


      • iPhone 7? Meh…it will be the best iPhone in terms of the spec. That's all I have to comment about it. Everything else, meh….

    • +4

      At the end of the day every smart phone has tiny flaws. We've come to a point where phones are so good we judge them on what is wrong not what is great.

      LG G5, the build quality is suspect, the modular design is a gimmick more than anything and so many software problems it's insane. Is it worth the ability to swap out a battery in a work of power banks and car chargers and all the rest? Low light camera performance has also been criticized.

      HTC 10, on the more expensive side, battery life isn't amazing and camera quality can't compare to the best shooters available at the moment.

      Note 7/S7 Edge, amazing phones but people complain about price.

      iPhones, tons of things to circlejerk about.

      At the end of the day, there's not perfect phone yet.

  • Can you stock some more black pls?

  • Do people actually pay this much for a phone? A mate of mine did pay around the same for an iPhone new I'm not sure what model. But then he won't upgrade he's computer.wasted to much on the phone. My last 3 phones combined are worth about the same. But every one has there own niche.

  • Just looked at the specs, its virtually the same as the s7 edge…

    Glad I didn't wait and got the edge instead…. considering the size upgrade of the galaxy line now didn't imagine the note getting much bigger

  • +1

    Giving it a good vote, even though I pre-ordered with TGG the other day!

  • Do I get the micro sd card with the phone or do I claim it through Samsung?

    • +3

      Don't be lazy. Please read one of the first comments.

  • +1

    Think I may have got the last black one, cant wait!

  • +1

    1 more black please!! :(

  • +1

    wth, you added 5 more?!? when did that happen?

    • +1

      Yes, Rep did add five more and they've all gone while I updated my credit card :-( . At the end, I "had to" order Gold instead.
      Thanks Mobiliciti for a great deal and thanks OzSikhs for saving me $134.5 from Samsung shop pre-order :-)

      • +1

        my pleasure, Sharing is caring !!

        • So are you associated with Mobileciti?

        • @ronnknee: I'm not associated with them, my friend. I was in touch with Mobileciti reps to offer the Note 7 on eBay during 10% off promotion and they agreed. As I want one for myself, when I got a confirmation that they can sell via eBay, I just posted a deal here for everyone, who were in the market for Note 7 and to enjoy the best price…. :)

        • @OzSikhs: Ah right, I saw "Thanks Mobiliciti for a great deal" and then saw your reply (without reading the rest of the comment) so I thought you were associated with them. My bad.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, got one!

  • +1

    This is a lot of money for a phone but I paid similar for the note 5 on release day and now a year later I have no itch to upgrade, no phone envy at all. For once I bought early and if you can afford it it's worth it. Previously I always bought flagships a year later when they had halved in price, but then after having them for a year they were two years old and already support was dropping and the device was feeling a bit dated (I love tech).

  • Was about to say that the price for a phone is too much but then remembered that I recently paid +$1250 for 128gig iPhone 6s+ from Mobileciti.

    But I'd like to say that if you are on a budget a Galaxy Note 4 is a great phone as well in todays market. And IMHO id go with Note 4 rather than Note 5.

  • It's a deal.

    But gee, for this price, you would expect more power. It's too much.

  • they've added more black but the CTENOFF deal has expired :-(

    • Just wait for the next 20% ebay code and buy it for less.

  • My G4 died was gonna buy this but expired

  • +2

    Can the rep from MobileCiti confirm if the orders will ship on the 19th or one or two days before the 19th ?

    • Also interested in this.

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