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Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse $115 Delivered ($77.30 after $40 AmEx Cashback) @ Mwave


Slightly cheaper than recent eBay deals, $77.30 delivered (after $40 amex cashback plus $2.30 CC fee).

You need to pay with registered amex card to get $40 cashback:

If you haven't registered your amex: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSit...

As per the original amex deal

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  • Add $2.30 CC fees :)

  • Are these mice really that good? I'm tempted to grab one for work every time I see them here but really, I'm perfectly content with my cheapo $20 Officeworks mouse.

    • Well, one thing about Logitech, they have this scroll wheel that allows you surf through pages of documents very fast…instead of those clicky scroll by pages. That's the only thing that allow me to work faster at work…Not only that, you can switch between two modes!

      • +1

        Actually, the scroll wheel is driving me crazy. It spins a little when I move mouse, eg. over a web page, and it auto scrolls and is annoying as [email protected]#…wish there was a button to lock this scrolling like on mk710!

        • I had the same issue, I bought an MX Master and after two months switched to a G502, not to mention that the bluetooth would often not working correctly with my MacBook (because of the Mac, but still). It's a very nice and comfy mouse though.

        • Don't own this mouse but I do own the Logitech G502 and I can imagine that would be the case: the "infinite" (freewheeling) scroll wheel can be both awesome and annoying as **** depending on the situation it's being used in.

          Of course the G502 has a button to switch from "infinite" to "click" mode which gives the best of both worlds but I would seriously try the mouse out if possible before buying after finding that out: it can be very annoying whilst also being amazingly nice depending.

        • That's actually a fault, that Logitech won't actually admit as being one. Wheel isn't balanced properly and is righting itself when you move it. My MX Master does it as well, while my G700s and G900 both of which have free scrolling don't.

          You can set it to only go into free scroll only after a certain speed in Logitech Options. I think you can set a button to change the behaviour as well, but I'm not sure on that one.

        • You can see the button that will switch it to 'click' scroll on the photo below the scroll wheel. effectively locks it unless you put force on the wheel.

        • @TheContact: >That's actually a fault, that Logitech won't actually admit as being one. Wheel isn't balanced properly and is righting itself when you move it.

          Not sure if we're talking about the same thing but I noticed the way to avoid the annoying up/down jerk is lift your finger off it carefully. When it's in "infinite" mode the slightest force will move it so you need to lift your finger off it carefully. I'm not sure how you can call it a fault because if it had any force preventing this it wouldn't be a free-wheeling scroll wheel any more.

          One thing that is terrible on the G502 at least for me is middle-clicking without activating mouse-wheel left/right buttons - really hard to do properly which makes disabling either middle button or middle button left/right almost mandatory.

        • @Diji1: I guess we must be talking about different things then, as mine is definitely a balance issue. I actually have 5 mice with infinite hyper-scroll, and 2 of them have the same balance issue, the MX Master and a G700s. Easily tested by lifting my finger off carefully like you said, then moving the mouse. The ones with issues scroll a little then stop, and then won't move with further movement of the mouse. The ones that don't, don't move at all.

          Nothing wrong with the MX Master per se, just shoddy Logitech QC overall.

        • @TheContact: Heh - I've never noticed this before but if I jerk the mouse the scroll wheel does move and if I do a rapid back and forward motion (that I doubt is anything like reality) I can actually sustain the movement for a few seconds.

          But only after I move the scroll wheel and it seems to only move once meaning I have to move the scroll wheel with a finger again in order to do the effect from movement again.

          It does appear to be a balance problem and now I'm not so sure about my previous thoughts on this issue.

          Edit: google a little and found this vid about a guy that balanced the wheel on a g502


    • I hate mine. Thumb button is too small and it's is placed too far back. Wireless performance is not what i expect from a $100 mouse. YMMV.

  • Good deal, now i can get rid of my Asus ROG GX1000 and replace it with LG900 for my gaming purposes. I have been using that gaming mouse for work too longggg!

  • Highly recommend this mouse. I got it for less than $70 last time but $75 is still a very good price. Battery lasts forever and i'm a heavy user, more than 8hrs per day.

  • Im seeking to return mine. Really jerky, laggy at times. Other times fine. Win 7. Tried uninstalling and downgrading drivers - no luck. Bummer it's a great peice of hardware it feels like somethings wrong with the software.

    • Looks very bulky to me. Most people will probably just need a good simple mouse with 2 button and a scroll wheel.

      • All I know this mouse was popular a short while ago, judging from the upvotes:


      • yeah, they are slightly bulky for those wanting portability.
        don't forget these higher end logitech mice have laser tracking that allows them to be tracked on almost any surface (i've tried glass, metal & chrome plated tables and it works flawlessly, can't say that for the $20 mices)! cheers

  • thanks op, just placed an order! was just looking at this exact mouse @ HN today. They have a 30% off logitech sale going on atm. Current price on HN website is $102.00 which is cheaper than Mwave, but the $40 Amex credit made my decision easy. cheers

  • Bluetooth is really flaky on Mac. Doesn't wake the Mac from sleep like the Magic Mouse does. Sometimes disconnects after sleep and needs a re-pair to work. USB works fine but wastes a precious USB port on my MBA which only has 2 ports. Ended up returning it and it really was a shame because I quite liked the ergonomics of the mouse

    • +1

      the new software fixes this, however it does sometimes bug out.

      awesome mouse otherwise, I have one at work and home.

  • These mice are currently $98 at the GoodGuys. If you signed up for the $25 store credit, you can get them for $72 (if the voucher arrive before the sale ends)

    • $1 more mate

    • would rather use the Amex credit with Mwave & save the TGG vouchers for something else! doubt the TGG vouchers will arrive anytime soon, since I only just got my first digital catalogue yesterday!

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