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Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker $224.25 + $20 Store Credit with Click & Collect @ The Good Guys


Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker $174 or $199 with $20 store credit @ The Good Guys

This thing is considered kitchenware, not "small kitchen appliance" on the good guys website so you can…

use the 25% off kitchenware code from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/263617

AND… use either one($199) or two($174) free $25 credit codes from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/259867

AND… you can get $20 Store Credit if you click and collect https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/263417

I have this machine, works well. but coupon/deal stacking = WIN.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Anyone have some discounts code , would love to get this for my mum since she has not touched the manual pasta maker in a long time

  • Note this is the old model. Replacement model is HR2358

  • I never knew these pasta makers existed. Wonderful machine. Too bad I don't need one.

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      "Need" is such a flexible concept.. you owe it to yourself.. do we really "need" wine or coffee or love?

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    I have one. You can have fresh pasta in less than 9min 300g or 15min for 600g.
    It cooks faster, 3 minutes, because the pasta is fresh.
    The pasta dough is flour, eggs and water.
    It is easy to clean and for pasta lovers it can help a lot. Currently I am giving away my manual pasta maker.

    • Does it take a lot of bench space?
      It seems huge.

      Can i take your manual one?

      • No. It is compact. If you were in Melbourne. ;-)

        • Thanks man, maybe next time :)

  • These things are awesome! I recently got the newer model but as far as I can tell it functions fairly well the same way (minus the auto weight). Would definitely recommend it.

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    The new model is way better, might buy one with the next 20% ebay code.

    • Why is it way better? Out of interest? Have you tried both?

      • There was some factsheet with a comparison somewhere. I saw it on the shopping channel. Looked like the older model was average in comparison.

      • Have you tried both?

        I don't need to use both in order to know it.

        Check the comparison video!

        • Comparison video didn't answer my question, but the poster below did.

          Think I'll stick with buying this model.

    • +2

      I wouldn't say way better. There are more discs which you can buy separately anyway and it can weigh, so you can choose how much flour vs doing one or two cup measurements with the original. The results will be exactly the same with both so not sure if it's worth the premium. Same motor it seems in each so buy the cheap one and choose to buy any extra discs you want and you'll be ahead and hardly inconvenienced by measuring cups out.

      • The only disc you can't buy (in Australia at least) is the ravioli/dumpling disc insert. So if that is what you want your pasta maker for, buy the newer one.

        I have the older one.

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    I have this model. I love it. You can do a variety of shapes, add liquid other than water, such as soy sauce, fish sauce or squid ink. You can add fine key ground herbs. You can make saffron. I have made pasta with both white and wholemeal flour. I'm going to start experimenting with semolina. Apparently the best is a 50/50 mix. The new model may be a lot better, but I'm happy enough not to consider upgrading.

  • wow nice find

  • accessories are $30 each. can be bought at jbhifi myer goodguys binglee david jones. just need to wait for a promo or ebay20%

    • actually $25.45 @ myer atm + amex spend $50 get $20 cashback at myer cbd which means 2 for $30.90

    • what accessories?

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    Accessories are for the machine to make chinese noodles, Japanese noodles, cookies etc.



  • The new HR2358 model at Bing Lee ebay store cost $348.15 + $9 shipping (15% off coupon: CART15).

  • I love this machine.
    Pretty much only use one disc most of the time.
    Use it once to twice a week.

    • I use the spaghetti, linguini and penne discs. The only other disc I have looked into is the biscuit ones.

  • Those who have them find it finicky to clean the leftover stuck in the hard to get nooks in the machine like where you stick the spindle onto the motor?

    • nope, trick is to let the leftover dry out, then they come off very easily. you can also use the tip of the scraper to get to places your fingers can't.

      • Yep, I made the mistake of using water and that just makes it sticky and resistant to it coming off. My new technique is just dry rubbing it with your fingers and then as you get a small ball of pasta you just use that to rub off the rest.

    • Popping the discs in the freezer helps with cleaning them.

  • Decided to buy the ALDI's pasta maker for under $50.
    Hopefully I don't need to wait too long. :P

  • sweet going to grab one. durum, semolina, free range eggs.

  • Thanks op, bought one today and made some noodles. Awesome machine and so easy to clean!

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