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iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi Space Grey $299 + $9.90 Delivery @ Big W [In-Store]


Probably clearance so may not be much stock.
Down from $478

No stock at Officeworks or The Good Guys so no good price matching opportunities.

iPad Air, weighing just 469 grams, features powerful technology like the A7 chip and stunning Retina display in a thin 7.5-millimetre design.

Don't forget discounted Wish Gift Cards to save another 5%.

Out of stock online. Limited stock in stores, see comments below.

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      who needs GBs when the main purpose is to browse websites & youtube

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    No stock already. Well,that as a waste of 2 mins.

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      LOl, like just 5 units available online? Fail.

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        It's almost like it was an old model, that they only had a few left of, which needed to be cleared out…oh wait, that's exactly what it is.



  • Apologies for the inconvenience but we are temporarily out of stock.

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    Out of stock online, saved $299

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      Try in-store.

      • It says online only.

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          Where does it say only ?

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    Thanks OP. managed to order one- hope I get it. No email confirmations.

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      I hope you get it!

      • Order cancelled

  • sween64.. you dead to me ;)

  • Only 16 gb but my son uses his with garage band and his midi keyboard …… It's All about apps.

  • Any in store?

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    And when did this model cone out?

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      Nov 2013

  • Anyone try in store?

  • So disappointed I missed out

  • Well try film one to use the iPad as an expensive chopping board. Lol. 299 great price sad no stock.

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    Just picked one up for $299 in store. The Waverley Gardens and Boxhill stores in Melbourne have a few in stock and are selling them for $299.

    • Can you please post a pic of the receipt?

    • Just called box hill store, they said that its "$478 with plenty of stock" and that it's an "old" model that's $299, then I said I'm not looking for ipad air 2 if that's what hes confusing it with and asserted that he check again, put on hold for about 10mins, told me there's no stock left for the one shown on website…

      Not sure if I wana drive all the way down there for it, might give waverly gardens a call.

      Which store did you buy your one from if you don't mind me asking?

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    Does anyone have a screenshot with the price? Wanna try my luck to price match one thanks

  • I rang as soon as this was posted and box hill told me there were none in stock. Grrr

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    Checked the following stores in VIC in person/over the phone and none in stock;

    QV (Melb CBD)
    South Yarra
    Altona Meadows
    Box Hill

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    Waverley gardens had lots of stock earlier , for those lucky enough to get in store. Few left are are on hold for people so don't bother heading in if you haven't already booked on phone before.,

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    I just bought one in Waverly Gardens

  • got the last one tonight from big w underwood qld. they had one out the back and had no idea about the deal. perfect for byod. thank you!!

    • Mate, I was going to make a trip there just after work to see if they had one… You're so lucky I didn't! :P

      Glad you got it ;) enjoy.

  • it actually says 3 in stock but they only found one. perhaps ask them to check again. it's my local and i really didnt expect them to have any. marked at $478 but when she scanned it was $299.

  • Deleted

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    There is one in stock Woden Big W Canberra. I just bought two :-)

  • FYI no stock at any Gold Coast or Northern NSW stores

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    Bought two today at amardale WA store. Was told only space grey left and should have 1 or 2 left after I got mine. Best call to hold before you go.
    Anyone got a different color at this price?

    • called everywhere SOR, quite difficult to get a hold of someone to check. might have to just end up driving there and hope for the best.
      Most stores say they only have the ipad mini

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    Anyone able to provide a photo of receipt? Went to a few other stores today and none of them knew (or pretended not to know) what I was talking about and the website no longer shows 299. With them shuffling between saying they have stock, then no stock and asking me to show proof that other stores are selling at 299, and insisting its ipad mini and not willing to check or scan, quite frustrating.

  • Grr! My online order just got cancelled! I had one in my hand last night too but decided it was silly to buy as I'd got one online. :(

  • Is this nearer than ipad 4

    • Newer? Yes.

      • How much newer any point of an upgrade from ipad 4 to this?
        Thats if any available.

        • Next model up.

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    my online order got cancelled too, and they didnt refund shipping charges, so had to call them

    just bought one from calamvale store, they still have a few space greys in stock

    officeworks refused to pricematch cos its a clearamce item (they were in stock at browns plains officeworks)

    • Thanks mate thanks op. Got one from calamvale store. Lady is so laid back. Seems like there's quite a few that bigw is a bit of a ghost town. So glad because my wife has been wanting one to use at work for education of kids, so wanted a basic one. Also going overseas today so trs here we come.

  • How did you guys find stock in store? Whats the item code etc

    • called them to physically check, called up 7 stores before finding stock at the Calamvale store

      • Is this a good deal for old stock what are others selling for if they still sell it

  • Got mine from Waverly Garden, it was the lucky last. No more stock left at Waverly Gardens :)

  • Anyone managed to get a gold or silver color for $299?

  • Thank to @ecanem we picked 1 up from Calamvale. Dude said there was 15 left.

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    I've called the following stores in NSW of which were no avail:

    • Bankstown
    • Chullora
    • Campsie
    • Top Ryde
    • Macquarie
    • Auburn
    • Neeta City
    • Warringah
  • Thanks to ecanem, I got 2 this afternoon from Calamvale :)

  • Order cancelled and only refunded my PayPal and not the wish card portion. So here starts the battle to get my money back.

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    Thanks Op
    Got 4 in total :)
    1 for my Dad, 1 for my Mum, 1 for my son, 1 for my sons mate! :)
    At $299 they were amazing value

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