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XBOX One 500GB Console $269 @ Target Starts Thursday


A clearance on the now old XB1 500GB consoles starting this Thursday and ending this Saturday. Stock will only be in store (no stock online). It will only be on the standalone console (so not 500GB Kinect skus etc).

Good deal for those without 4K TV's or who aren't waiting for the Scorpio to launch. Also for those that may have missed out on Big W's $299 deal during their big toy sale in June.

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Target Australia

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      Wow - 1 post in and the war begins.

      This'll end well.

      Great price though.

      • +2

        Same with Android v Apple, you can never please everyone.

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        A true OzBargainer would have a Target eBay PS4, Big W clearance XBOX One and Gaming PC from eBay 20% off deals!

        • +1

          Haha then I'm a true OzBargainer then, because I have all of those things from the same stores you mentioned (well, PC parts from eBay, anyway).

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      Value is lacking?

      • Free monthly games with gold subscription are pretty darn good
      • EA Access @ $40 a year
      • Backward compatibility with 360 (which means even more free games each month)
      • Xbox Play Anywhere; buy on console, get the Windows 10 version included
      • More AAA console exclusives and less indy fluff

      And now the hardware can be had for $270, how is the value lacking?

      • +3

        Yeah seems value enough to me. I don't find the PS exclusive lineup any better TBH. I'd love to play Uncharted, but at the same time I enjoyed the Tomb Raider reboot (not Rise, which I haven't played yet) more so than I did Uncharted 1 and 2. Otherwise I'd like to play God of War, but MS has Gears, Halo (franchise) and Forza which all interest me more. Halo 5 was a let down in my opinion though.

        Other than God of War or Uncharted, I don't feel like I'm missing a lot. I'd like an indie game or two like The Witness but otherwise I think exclusive wise it's fairly even and depends on what sort of title you are after.

        A number of the noteworthy PS titles also exist in PC too anyhow. I think the PC crossovers an advantage to MS as opposed to a disadvantage given the Play Anywhere scheme gets you a license for both where available, where cross platform PS+PC releases would require two purchases.

      • +2

        And access to my video library via network is great. And can play mkv files. Not all codecs (especially the latest ones are supported) but it's 90% good for me ao far.

      • -2

        The key words from my comments are "Personally I find the Xbox One's value lacking these days", just before anyone jumps down my throat for answering aja12's question.

        Also, just to elaborate, I'm talking about the launch version of the Xbox One that's the deal advertised here, not whatever Scorpio ends up offering in 2017.

        The value is lacking from the perspective of a gamer who already owns a PS4, 3DS, Wii U and capable gaming PC - and yes, I own an Xbox One.

        Why? I bought each of those four platforms for their unique exclusive games (stuff you can only get from Nintendo, all of PlayStation's first-party IPs, and entire genres only capable on PC). Each have a whole lot more to offer than Xbox One, IN ADDITION to pretty much 99% of the multiplatform stuff Xbox One gets as well.

        I was mislead by MS, as a fan from the 360 days, because I thought they would offer up a sufficient number of exclusives and reasons to enjoy the Xbox One beyond what I can already play/do on other platforms. But it's clear to me they have well and truly shifted their goals from Xbox One to Windows 10 this past E3 and have gone full-scale ahead with the latter. Now, I'm perfectly fine with that, as I have a Windows 10 gaming PC and can (and have) played their exclusives on PC now. But I wish they had done this from the beginning so I didn't bother purchasing an Xbox One (I've since sold my Halo 5 Limited Edition Console) because I'd rather have just spent my money on the other platforms I own.

        Your final comment is hilarious and highlights my main disappointment with Microsoft. More 'AAA' console exclusives? You mean the constant rehashes of Halo, Gears and Forza, two remasters of older Halo and Rare games (one of which was a technical mess) and three new IPs which are middling at best and didn't even develop within their own studios? (Crimson Dragon, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive)? And your dig about indies is hilarious, given some of the most popular games among Xbox One fans are indies (Cuphead Inside, Ori and the Blind Forest).

        Won't even bother to elaborate on the other things Xbox have abandoned since launch (Halo: Master Chief Collection updates, Kinect, Xbox Fitness).

        What's left which is actually unique to Xbox One is 13 middling titles (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Xbox_One-only_games ). Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, some remasters of older games (Halo: TMCC and Rare Replay), and abandoned Kinect games (yeah, anyone remember Kinect? XB1 owners seem to forget it). This will be, objectively, the console with the least amount of unique gaming experiences in the history of video gaming, so yes, I find its value crap less than 3 years from its launch. But again, I understand why some other people are perfectly satisfied with the Xbox One at the moment - they may not care about exclusives, or just like Xbox Live more than PSN or Steam. Perfectly understandable.

        I can stream my media on the other consoles or PC, I can play multiplatform games with better graphical capability elsewhere, AND enjoy the unique exclusives not found anywhere else on the other three/four platforms I own. Xbox One only offers Halo 5 to me, personally.

        Now, for the average consumer who doesn't really care about exclusives and just wants to play annual stuff (COD, AC, Battlefield, whatever), it's a great deal. You bring up good points about backwards compatibility. Personally, I haven't used it much given the games I care about from last generation have already been remastered or I opt for the PC version for better graphics/higher frame-rate and all that boring stuff. Definitely a great feature for existing Xbox 360 owners or kids, though - but then again, you can still play these old games on your existing 360.

        I disagree with the gold subscription being 'pretty good', and I've been paying for one on-and-off since the original Xbox days before free games were given. I have similar views to PS Plus+. I'd rather just have free online multiplayer access, and more frequent sales to actually digitally own the game than rent it.

        EA Access is a great deal though for those who like EA's offerings. Me, though - I want to own the game rather than rent, as said above.

        • +35

          Lol, not reading all that.

        • Sorry, what is your neg for?

        • @ilikeradiohead:

          Just another radiohead fan :p

        • +3

          tl;dr He owns all the consoles and doesn't think Xbone is the best, but he also paid much more than $270 for each individual console.

        • That list of 13 "xbox one only" games is very misleading and a bit pedantic. There are a lot more games that were on xbox one and not on PS4 but aren't listed. e.g.
          Forza Horizon 2 - not in the list, probably because it was also released for xbox 360
          Forza 6 - not in the list, maybe because it eventually was released for PC (although a modified version)
          Forza Horizon 3 - not in the list, maybe because it will also be released for PC

          Interesting that Gran Turismo Sport is mentioned as "ps4 only" even though it doesn't even have a release date yet ("sometime in 2017")

          Those 3 games above are the main reason I am considering an xbox one instead of a PS4.

        • -1

          mouse wheel down mouse wheel down mouse wheel down…. :P

      • -2

        PS4 has more console AAA exclusives

        • +7

          AAA is an opinion.

        • +9

          Actually, the Wii U does.

        • @Putnum: Not really, AAA means it has high development costs and that is heavily promoted. So it's then expected to be a high quality game.

        • @justmiike: AAA to me means it IS a high quality gamer. You can throw all the money in the world at a game and still end up with black ops 3. Not AAA.

        • @Putnum: You're right, if that's the meaning for you, but in the video game industry it's as above. That doesn't mean a triple A game can't flop, it can, it is just expected to do well.

      • +1

        You forgot about that it's the only system that can connect to 5Ghz WiFi.

        • -5

          You forgot about that it's the only system that can connect to 5Ghz WiFi.

          WiFi Kills - Barrie Trower on UK Column 19th Sept 2013 - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3qCR6xbaq4
          Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trower - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z99_SzoXZdY
          MICROWAVE WEAPONRY'S USE ON PEOPLE EXPLAINED BY DR BARRIE TROWER - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMMEQNnSZIo

        • @cheepwun:

          Yes, I'm aware of this, but it's not like anyone can really do anything about it. So how does this aid in the discussion?

        • +2


          That dude's highest qualification is a Certificate IV in Pseudoscience

        • @cheepwun: you think microwave weaponry is the same as consumer grade WiFi? Hahaha, do you know how weak and restricted the transmission power of consumer grade WiFi is? I guess not…

        • @dazweeja:
          Really? Care to back that comment up?

        • @cheepwun:

          I don't have to back anything up. He has no qualifications apart from a claim that he worked in microwave weaponry in the 60s which has never been verified. He's an obvious crank.

        • @dazweeja:
          It's never been verified becauase you haven't bothered to verify it. Your mind is made up (and closed). Lots with qualifications share the same thoughts, they just happen to not be popular…and they just happen to not be ''paid-for scientists'. Just like when smoking came out and it was assured to be safe - by doctors in the pocket of those who stand to make the most from poisoning the masses. Too much money to be made. A nice secure job and nice 'studies' paid for by paymasters putting food on your table makes people shut up quickly. And people like you … all you care about is how someone comes across to you, especially if they have an opinion on something which 'all of us are using….apparently safely…"


        • @cheepwun:

          Please provide proof of any qualifications this man may have in this area and explain why I should believe him above the numerous longitudinal studies by actual scientists showing no adverse effects.

          I'm open to actual scientific studies in reputable peer-reviewed journals. It's not open-minded to believe nutjobs without qualifications or actual recognised research, it's gullibility.

          I'll also leave you with this:

          "In fact, due to their lower frequency, at similar RF exposure levels, the body absorbs up to five times more of the signal from FM radio and television than from base stations. This is because the frequencies used in FM radio (around 100 MHz) and in TV broadcasting (around 300 to 400 MHz) are lower than those employed in mobile telephony (900 MHz and 1800 MHz) and because a person's height makes the body an efficient receiving antenna. Further, radio and television broadcast stations have been in operation for the past 50 or more years without any adverse health consequence being established.

          Scientific evidence on the distribution of cancer in the population can be obtained through carefully planned and executed epidemiological studies. Over the past 15 years, studies examining a potential relationship between RF transmitters and cancer have been published. These studies have not provided evidence that RF exposure from the transmitters increases the risk of cancer. Likewise, long-term animal studies have not established an increased risk of cancer from exposure to RF fields, even at levels that are much higher than produced by base stations and wireless networks.

          From all evidence accumulated so far, no adverse short- or long-term health effects have been shown to occur from the RF signals produced by base stations. Since wireless networks produce generally lower RF signals than base stations, no adverse health effects are expected from exposure to them.

          Source: http://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/facts/fs304/en/

      • +5

        Free games on a subscription are not free games.

        • No, you're right, but the monthly games that they offer are generally really good, and not just crappy indy games (not saying all indy games are bad - Inside is one of my favourite games this year).

          Some of the "free" games in the last have included;

          Sunset Overdrive
          Rayman Legends
          Assassins Creed IV
          Tomb Raider definitive edition
          Killer Instinct season one
          The Wolf Among Us
          The Crew
          WWE 2K16

          And then theres the backward compatible 360 games on top, which have recently included;

          Mirrors Edge
          Forza Horizon
          Beynd Good & Evil HD
          Rainbow Six Vegas 2
          Grid 2
          Saints Row 4
          Dead Space
          Deus Ex: Human Revolution
          Gears 2 and 3

        • @aja12: Indeed, It's still a goodish deal. The only point I'm making is that their not free.

      • +1

        Its not free if youre paying $120 a year subscription

        • +2

          Who pays $120 a year?

  • +3

    Good luck finding any stock.

  • +3

    I absoloutly agree there is a serious lack of exclusives on this console. However games with gold & backwards compatibility offers up to 4 'free' games per month which is good value. I don't play the system that often but when I turn it on I have a pretty staggering catalogue of games for something I haven't spent a lot of money on. I'd say if you're on the fence or a casual video game player that hasn't purchased a current gen console this is a good opportunity to invest.

    • +3

      Yeah it's tempting me as I'm a PC gamer and haven't bothered with a console for ages. Might be good for casual gaming/non smart tv add-on

    • +3

      Coming from someone who owns both consoles I Honestly don't understand where this serious lack of exclusives idea comes from for Xbox. Sony just has one of their most hyped exclusives crash and burn in No Man's Sky. I have invested in far more Xbox exclusives than PlayStation at this point. Titanfall, Halo, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 2, Quantum break and the soon to be released Gears of War 4 and Recore. Where as on PlayStation I got Uncharted day one but outside of that nothing else has grabbed me. BloodBorn isn't my thing, The Order was OK, No Man's Sky was a bust and GT has been delayed again. Don't get me wrong its different strokes for different folks but I just don't get this idea that Xbox is lacking more so than PlayStation.

      • How did you find Quantum Break? Recommend it?

        I'm almost done with rise of the tomb raider (excellent) and will be ready for something new. I've got sunset overdrive and a few titles on hand but had my eye on QB too.

      • Coming from someone who owns both consoles I Honestly don't understand where this serious lack of exclusives idea comes from for Xbox.

        It comes from this (click the 'excls.' column, to sort and see yellow category): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_exclusives_(eighth_generation)#Xbox_One



        • They should of said decent exclusives ;)

  • How usable are these without an internet connection? My brother doesn't have one at home but would probably jump at one of these.

    • +1

      You need to connect to the internet to get started and update the console. There is no way of bypassing this.

      After that though, there's no need. (Happy to be corrected)

      • +2

        Playing games without day one updates is just asking for trouble…

        • True. Bit of a shame that those with poor internet connection won't be able to enjoy these consoles without connecting.

          I remember when Metroid M (a Nintendo Wii game, which the console had terrible online services) had a game-breaking bug in which a certain door won't open, preventing progress and remedy this, Nintendo had to physically replace faulty discs with fixed ones. These days, this can all be done with a downloaded patch over the internet and of course won't be a costly fix.

        • @silverrat23: I believe you can download the software update to a USB stick and use that to apply it. Can download it at work or the library.

    • You miss out on a lot of features like being able to use netflix, youtube, plus the games with gold (and multiplayer gaming in general). Often games are shipped with bugs too, so you'll often need to update the game before you can play (if it's is internet connected of course). Overall I'd say there are significant issues without internet connectivity, but you could still use it for casual gaming.

    • +2

      With 0 day patches I wouldn't recommend it with no internet connection just for the updates. They are absolutely enormous.

    • +1

      Zero day patches was one of the issues I could see. Setting it up and system updates via wifi tethering will be fine but zero day patches are often huge. He won't care about the bugs and glitches nor multiplayer online but would want to be able to at least play the games without the updates.

    • -1

      you can't use it without internet.

      • You can't set it up without Interet. But you can certainly use it after that.

        • +2

          Well if you can't set it up there is no "after that"

  • is this in a catalogue?

    • +1

      Stock clearance, so no.

  • I's not in the catalogue, not on the link, how do we even know if this is a real deal ?

    OP, you have an internal source ?

    • +4


      He's an employee leaking it. Have to take his word for it.

  • +3

    oh geez, we need to mark console talk as off limits like religion and politics. this is amazing value. remember the Wii U? it's still $429.

    • I think you'll find most people bought them when they were ~$178.

      • Innit that is point?

  • if I don't already own one, would the $399 jb hifi xbone s 500gb with a free game and movie be better value, as would come with a BT compatible controller, and a 4k BD player built in for the extra $130? assuming the gaming experience is the same on both?

    • +3

      It's only better value if you need a 4K player.

      • +2

        Plus if u hate that HUGH power brick adaptor, xb1 s will have it built-in instead

  • Another brilliant post, thanks OP!

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