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BOSE QC35 Noise Cancelling Headphones $424 (Save $75) + Free Shipping* Australia Wide @ Videopro


Hey Everyone,

It's the weekend of the Home Show here in Brisbane which means we have some extra support from Bose Australia on the QC35 Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones!

This special Deal ends Tuesday the 13th of September!

Product Features

Industry-leading noise cancellation makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better
Wireless connectivity to your devices through Bluetooth ® and NFC pairing
Up to 20 hours of wireless listening per charge, and 40 hours when wired
Premium materials make them lightweight and comfortable for all-day listening
Bose® Connect app helps manage paired devices and gives you a personalised experience

Included Accessories

QC®35 headphones
Airline adapter
Audio cable for wired connection
USB cable
Carrying case


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  • Guessing as there is no Black no one wants Silver?

    • I want silver because I have black hair.

  • +1

    I have a 3 year old Bose AE2W black pair. Would it be worth putting these on gumtree or eBay and then upgrading to the QC35?

    • I sold my QC25 to my college and waiting for this deal.

      • do you mind letting me know how much you sold your qc25 for?

        • $200

        • @kaio: thats very low. thanks.

  • Thanks op - would have bought from you if I couldve got them in before I fly out of Melbourne. Please note, I have successfully got the Bose store in Melbourne Central to Price match this.

    • Bloody marvelous, mind posting a copy of the receipt ?

      • I just emailed them and paid for it via CC on the phone. Flick them an email, I can't see them turning you down tbh. I can post it up tomorrow when I pick it up though.

        • Which store was this? Emailed emporium but no love from them.

        • +1

          Was Emporium. What did they say?

        • @Wally Simmonds: Assistant manager emailed me saying they don't price match receipts. How did you get them to do it?

  • Doncaster is the same won't go under $399

    Highpoint looks the goods

    • I reserved a set at highpoint,

      To pick up tomorrow morning for 365 pm if anyone is heading that we I'll give you the name it's under - call them to double check.

      • Hey buddy,
        I recently made this account, can't pm you.
        Would you be able to pm me the name?
        I'm gonna go highpoint tomorrow as well.

      • +1

        Please post receipt for Highpoint if successful.

  • +1

    Seen better. Nice offer but I'll wait. $400 is the magic number for me….

    Just dropped past the same ADL store. Got them for $399. Last black ones.

    Said plenty of interest and anger that they wouldn't match, but it was a mistake and management are trying trace down where it started. LOL.

    Still 20% off is nice.

  • +2

    365 at jb

    • Was this at Highpoint? Did you just use the receipts from above?

      • +1

        Doncaster I'll post later in movies

        • Thanks!!

        • Please do!

  • Hi Maddie,

    Nice deal, but I'm looking to buy this. Can you replicate this again? (black model)


    • Hello GLO,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Regrettably we are unable to replicate this deal for you.
      We are currently out of stock however if you would like to place an order I can give you another 10% off the sale price.

      If you would like to proceed, email:
      [email protected]

      Thank you!

  • +3

    Tried a few stores in Sydney City and showed one of the Adelaide Myer receipts above

    Myer - $450
    Jb Hi Fi Westfield - $485
    Bose Westfield - $465

    All 3 stores said that they've had multiple people show those receipts today - seems like a lot of Ozbargainers out in force :O

    • +1

      you shouldnt never wasted you time on any jb hifi in the city. i still remember the attitude the guy with a scar on his face in jb hifi westfield showed me a few years ago when i asked if he could do a price match for a nikon 2470. try the ones in chatswood, macquarie centre,or top ryde.

  • Got the QC25s for $230 a while back and there isn't much difference. No need to upgrade in my opinion #hatersgonahate

  • I paid $424 a couple of months ago from Videopro and then got the gst back so = $382 they were great
    Well worth it and the $399 or lower seems very contentious Tricking sales people to price match 'as that's the rules'
    Probably get negged but it doesn't have to be the lowest, just bargain FOR WHAT YOU GET not WHAT YOU PAY at the time
    If I'd waited then I would had to listen to kids on 24hr trip to uk = priceless

  • I'm so dirty.. I checked Ozbargain yesterday for any discounts on QC35's, all expired..figured nothing would be on sale again til EOFYS.
    Today- one of the best deals and then all these HUGE discounts on receipts.. and I payed…489.. from JB.. don't judge -__-

    • +2

      Go back to JB and They might give you credit store for the difference

  • +1

    Has anyone bought from Videopro from this deal? Or is this $25 too expensive?

    • Yes, I did. And this morning I got the 'Due to high demand etc etc you'll be waiting on a new shipment etc etc'.

  • Ordered, thank you.

    Not fond of the silver, and this price is good enough for me.

  • Is anyone else having any luck getting for $365? I'm in Melbourne….called up a few Myer and JB and they refused to match…

  • $365 is a fantastic price. Some strong ozbargaining going on in this thread.

  • No luck in Melbourne, Myer (Chadstone and City) and JB refuse to price match ….

    • How low did Myers go $450?

  • has anyone tried to price match at macquarie yet?

    • Pricematch 365 or 424?

      • 365

    • Could you please upload the receipt? I want to use it as evidence that someone bought it at that price.

      • I think you misread it, i am asking if anyone tried to price match yet at macquarie

        • My bad. I read that as you got it as 365 :(

        • @pandamonster88: yeah i wish :(, hoping someone would give me a solid response too haha

        • +1

          @pandamonster88: I managed to get the headphones for 365 at macquarie however you also need to purchase the 3 year extended warranty at $55 which totals to about $420

        • @smako69: Which rep did you speak with? I tried and failed on Friday.

        • @Jfrizzay: Sorry i dont want to disclose private information, just try your luck again

        • @smako69: Thanks for the update

  • Can anyone tell how $365 came into picture? I mean is there any website where it's showing so? One of the stores in Perth said they can't price match receipt but if there is any physical store in Australia showing so, they will. Any luck with some online link?

    • Which one in Perth. Might drop in to Carousel tomorrow.

      • No luck in WA (tried Perth CBD and Carousel) :( They won't consider internet uploaded receipts. If it's advertised at that piece then they will. Hard luck.

        • Oh well. I guess they get wise to it pretty quickly. Cheers.

  • +1

    All Myers said no on the Gold Coast.
    JB HiFi was gonna do it but when I went instore - the receipt on the phone was not good enough - wasted my time!!

  • Heads up. Just got the price match at Myers in Marion store Adelaide. The guy mentioned they've had several people come in today with the receipt and that they are going to not accept it after today (including Adelaide city store).

    • Marion is now out of stock.

  • The 2 young staff at Myer Brisbane, queens street mall, said the receipts uploaded above are fake. They decided to only offer $425, which I aren't buying at $425。

    Some sales like to fool customers.

  • Bought at 399. Didn't want the grey one at jb so a black one at Myer… Ask nicely.

    • hey, which Myer did you end up asking? how did you get it down to 399?! cheers

  • +1

    Did anybody finally got it below $400 in sydney area? If yes can you please post a receipt? Thanks.

    • Bought 1 at 424 from Myers Chatswood. Sales person knew the drill and was not negotiating below it.

  • no luck at Myer Perth CBD - sounds like they've been specifically instructed not to match $365. They happily did $424 though, decent bloke.

    Sorry OP I would've bought from you guys but am heading oseas too soon!

  • Tried at Myer at Indooroopilly and he can only do $450. :(

    • I got mine today at Indooroopilly for $365 using the receipt for a price match. I guess it who you talk too. I'm pretty sure it won't happen much anymore.

  • Guys I think it's luck of the draw really. I can only say, go to the more far flung Myer where the staff are good at customer service. This means more mature staff who treat customers as customers. I think that's why a lot of jb don't price match…. For me, I went to a Myer east of Melbourne.

    • Base staff just don't know how bosses think. As enterprise, it's more important to not letting competitors earn than earn nothing. If I am their big boss I will be very pissed.

  • +1

    Also today there is Myer 20% off audio but specifically excludes Bose qc. This is where Myers who good customer service can do something…

    • Difficult to find smart employees.

  • no luck to price match 365.Got one from Miranda Myer on 399. Paid by gc which got from woolies on 15% discount. Still happy with it

  • -2

    Ahh I love you ozbargain
    2x $365 at Myers (WA).

    • Which store? Receipt?

    • +1

      I tried at two (CBD and Carousel) without any success. Seemed they were well aware of the OzB game and were rather treating it as a scam/employee error. Can u please specify which WA store you had luck with?

      • Don't wanna get anyone in trouble so gonna just say garden City. I used the receipts posted previously.they said as long as above cost price they can. And its above cost price…

        • +1

          Fair call mate. Deal giver shouldn't suffer for handing out a nice deal. Sort of an OzB code ;)

        • Really they did that for you? Every staff in more than 3 other stores said $365 is above cost price…

  • I didn't get 365 but still happy with it. I think it's a fair price for a quality product. Wouldn't have bought it for 499 though. If I ran around trying to get 365 i would prob waste $20 in petrol and parking alone….

  • Also Bose store in emporium Melbourne said they would price match video pro at 424. Not a bad deal as Bose store has 14 day return policy.

    • Yep. Tried to get emporium to match the receipt but they weren't having it.

  • Great deal, are these headphones android specific or made for iphones? thanks

    • Hi ALEXDDD,

      You can use them for both iPhone & Android :)

      Thank You

  • I managed to get a pair at JB HiFi for $420 with 2 years extended warranty. I'm happy enough with it.

    • +1

      Please post receipt! Thanks

    • +1

      Thx. Confirmed that any JB will happily do the above price given an extra warranty is purchased as well.

      • Yeah, they need to sell you the extra warranty, as it is buffer against the "loss" as they put it. I reckon its a good enough deal with the warranty. If there was ever a choice between the $365 without and $420 with the warranty, obviously take the $365. I don't think anybody's willing to sell it for that for the moment though.

      • I just got denied by two different JB's, claiming that $420 with the 2 years extended warranty was well below their cost price. May I ask which store accepted it for you?

    • Also confirmed, 420 with two years of replacement warranty is incredible value. Go JB.

      • I just got rejected by two stores. May I ask, which store accepted the offer for you?

  • +2

    Got the $365 but had to take the $55 extra Myer 2 Yr warranty at Chatswood in Sydney on Friday arvo. Happy with the deal as I think $2.3 extra per month for 24 months is worth the $365 Myer gift card replacement value 😊.

    Headphones are awesome 😊.

    • +1

      Did they have much left? Can you scan your receipt?

      • +1

        Heaps, I showed the $420 receipt from the SA Myer posted earlier. No issue. Sorry don't have my receipt on me to scan and upload. Just use the $420 receipt uploaded prior.

    • Will be great if you can post your receipt.

    • Checked Myer Chatswood - manager refused to match Adelaide receipt - the best they can do is to match VideoPro $ $420 with no warranty.

      • Sux guess it's subjective depending on who you ask.

      • Can't contract out of consumer law surely?

        • That's capitalism for you. Right of giving you a discount is reserved to how much of a d$ckhead I want to be….Servo Petrol Prices anyone…

  • Went to Loganholme today and the lady rejected to give any discount more than $0 and insisted to offer at $499.00 with a free long face. I asked for her supervisor and the soft voice gentleman bullshxtted me once again and not willing to reduce a single dollar.

  • +2

    Hmmm… I still didn't get where $365 price came from….

  • Oh no, did the sale end already? I was hoping it didn't end til midnight… Any chance for an extension?

    • I asked their chat line and they said it ended COB today…..5pm Brisbane time

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