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Steam Half Price Deals: Divinity: Original Sin $20 USD, Dead Space 2 $5 USD, Jotun $7.50 USD, Fruit of Grisaia $20 USD


Partial List of games

Jotun: Valhalla Edition $7.49 USD (~$10 AUD)
Divinity Orignal Sin: Enhanced Edition $19.99 USD (~$27 AUD)
Dead Space 2 $5 USD (~$7 AUD)
Evoland $7.99 USD (~$11 AUD)
The Fruit of Grisaia / Grisaia no Kajitsu $19.99 USD (~$27 AUD) [All-ages edition]

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  • Any feedback on Divinity Original Sin? The reviews are extraordinary - can't believe that I missed this game. I've watched a trailer, is the game more like Diablo or like Baldur's Gate? ie is it action or turn-based?


    • turn-based. And the strategies behind each turn are really good, like casting rain, then electricuting the puddles enemies are standing in.

      • Better not get any of that rain on yourself…

    • Its really fun, good as a multiplayer game too. Be prepared to put a lot of hours in.

    • the combat and party building i found fascinating but the quest system is painful to navigate because no markers, u have to find everything manually by reading the quest logs. (or google them one by one)

      also sometimes the frequent encounters are a drag

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