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2016 Suzuki Swift GL Manual - $14,990 Drive Away (+ $500 for Metallic Paint) + $400 Genuine Accessories (Excludes QLD)


5yrs/100,000kms Capped Price Servicing - $199-$289 every 6 months/10,000kms
5yr/140,000km Extended Warranty (when maintaining the CPS)

Cruise control, USB, Bluetooth, 5 Star ANCAP

Best use of the $400 is either:
a) the Metallic Paint charge ($500), if you want a colour other than white
b) Protection Pack - $499 fitted - Headlight protectors, bonnet protector, front weather shields, floor mats, cargo mat

Very strong resale on these, and damn reliable cars. My cousin drives one, my boss's sister drives one, both were because they were recommended by us.

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      • I assume a new shape next year??They have done well with this shape but been around a while now.

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          Yep, new car due anywhere from Feb to April

          This shape has been around since 2012

  • The next generation Suzuki Swift is expected to be released in 2017.

    The current shape is a bit outdated and pretty much in line with the 2005 released model with minor face lifts along the way (similar to the Mistsubishi Lancer)

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      Engines have changed. This model has been around since 2012, before that was different engine. Noticeably different drive too.

      Lancer engine and gearbox are unchanged, they've purely changed bodykit, wheels, stereo etc

      Not same

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    10000km service interval is ridiculous in 2016 considering many cars now have a 15000km service schedule - and some have even more

    • +1

      Who has greater than a 15k interval?

      Average person drives 20-25k per year anyway

      • I think Mack trucks have 75k interval.

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        Some BMWs - 1 & 3 series - 25000kms

        10000km is too low in 2016

        • +2

          do you get these BMW's for this price?

        • @ozdesi: used, yes
          I service my beamer once a year tops

        • +1

          i would never buy a second hand bmw that has only seen an oil change every 25,000kms. They will almost all have sludge issues later in life

        • @ozdesi:

          No, but that's not the point I was making - 10k kms is ridiculous in an era of 15k kms as standard on many cars and is basically a money-spinner for dealers

        • @Matt P:

          Up to you

          If a manufacturer stipulates 25k kms in their service logbook then that's good enough for me - not that I would buy a 2nd hand BMW that didn't have a warranty. That's too much of a risk!

        • @R4:

          Until CPS came in, Suzukis were 12 months/15,000km. But the CPS prices compared to the old prices are actually pretty close, about $100 or so over 5yrs.

        • @Spackbace:

          Fair enough but this shows what I have been thinking - 10k km service intervals are there for monetary rather than technical reasons

        • @R4:

          How'd you come to that conclusion? I just said it works out the same over the given time period.

        • @Spackbace:

          Let me reword that:

          There is no technical or service reason for shorter service intervals

        • @R4:

          Each to their own. Obviously if the manufacturer wants to extend the warranty to 140k, they want to ensure the car has been maintained as best as possible. Wouldn't want to do that on 12 monthly servicing

      • Peugeot! 20K on my year 2007 407! But having driven a Diesel Swift it is the model that should be brought here. No reason not to have one here!

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      15,000km intervals are bs

      If you look at how much gunk builds up when you service your car at those intervals, you will soon realise why most of these motors don't make it past 100,000km unlike the older model cars.

      I service my car every 7500-10,000km

      • It's your money

        If a manufacturer stipulates 15k intervals and offers a 5yr warranty, that's good enough for me

      • There's a 1999 Toyota Echo that's been in our family since 2002. 10,000km/6 month servicing recommended by Toyota. It's has 15,000km/12 month servicing since about 80,000km. It now has over 300,000km on the clock and the motor is solid. It's not the servicing intervals that are the problem with newer cars, it's the way they're built.

    • Yes, tell us what car that now have 15K service scheduled, and how much do they cost to service it? European car?
      Japanese car always 10k service interval.

      • My Mitsubishi Triton is 15k service intervals

        CPS for 4 years

        Some Subaru's are 12.5k

        Mitsubishi Mirage is 15k


        All pretty Japanesy last time I looked

        • Ford Focus is 15k as well.

  • @Spackbace, wondering why do they not have a diesel variant. Back in India we get the 1.3 DDiS engine (Fiat Sourced and retuned), which I used for 5+ yrs. Was a beauty to drive, loved it.

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      Diesel engines are too expensive to maintain, too hard with cars driving short trips

      • Diesel cars (especially German diesel cars) are awesome

        Great economy, low rev torque, nice cruising - nearly 1000kms on a 55l tank if driven carefully, yet capable of way over 200kph if I put my foot down - all from a 2.0l

        Diesel is now my first choice (forget all that socialist mumbo jumbo about emissions)

        • +2

          Services are more expensive

          Fuel is more expensive

          Many run timing belts

          Diesel particle filters mean if you're only doing short runs, you'll quickly throw up CELs

          New Vitara Turbo gets about 6.5L/100 out of a turbo petrol engine. Cheapest capped service is $175.
          So much cheaper to maintain a petrol engine, and it's quieter.

          Willing to bet you'd only be prepared to own that euro diesel over new car warranty period ;)

        • @Spackbace:

          Servicing is possibly more expensive - I've never checked

          In WA, diesel is often cheaper - it was a few weeks ago and is not subject to the pathetic petrol price cycle that Australia is saddled with (in WA anyway, not sure about other states)

          Never had a timing belt go

          In 6 years I've had one CEL - due to a faulty sensor. If you do get a PF CEL, you can easily perform a regen on the PF

          All engines - petrol and diesel - are getting more efficient. I'm sure the latest diesels are getting even better economy than I'm getting. In fact, most technology is getting more energy efficient. Capped price servicing has generally driven maintenance costs down for owners. For small engines, diesel is basically on more efficient than petrol. At 2l and over the equation changes

          Imagine 4x4s and utes only available in petrol……

          My car is 3 years out of warranty and still going strong ;)

          This anti-diesel sentiment is basically an Australian thing. In many other parts of the world, diesel is widely accepted and in some countries is the norm. In automotive terms, we are several years behind most of the 1st world

          Hope this helps

        • @R4: I'm not sure the relevance of a comparison to 4x4's or Utility vehicles? We are talking about a vehicle that is available as a 1.5l petrol or 1.3L Diesel in other countries.

        • @Tiggrrrrr:

          As was I

          Referring to 4x4s was just a comment

    • +3

      Maybe because at current prices it's 99.9c for ULP vs 123.9c for diesel.
      So at a $1500-$2500 premium for a diesel engine, you are looking at what, 10 years to break even?

      • Good point

      • something like that, Racq magazine had a comparison maybe 5 years back, a Hyundai i30 petrol and diesel, Honda civic petrol and hybrid and another petrol diesel.
        the hybrid and diesels ended up being OK if you kept the cars for longer than around 6 years and did a fair number of KMs.
        They were saying for most people petrol is a cheaper option (cos of what you said, cost in buying, service, fuel)

        big $WDI see the benefit but cars no.

      • In WA, diesel is often cheaper than ULP

        Not sure about other states

        • Where though? I've never seen diesel for under $1 in suburbia

        • @Spackbace:

          It hasn't been under $1 for a few years but recently was less than ULP - as has been the case for years. It's cyclical

          I only buy diesel and I check Fuelwatch constantly

        • @R4: The prices quoted above were current as of yesterday for Diesel vs ULP

          Similarly for today, it is 123.9c for diesel, 104.3c for ULP, in my area (North of Perth)

          I can't recall the last time I saw diesel cheaper than ULP.

        • @Tiggrrrrr:

          It's often cheaper than ULP but not at the moment - it was recently

          I'm sure Fuelwatch has some way of showing historical prices if you are interested

        • @R4: i usually fill up in perth every monday for ulp as it is cheaper. Which days are cheap for diesel?

        • @fritzsticker:

          Diesel does not follow the same price cycle as ULP

          As diesel is mainly used as a commercial fuel its price to consumers is based on industrial demand (in Australia and Asia) and how much extra the fuel companies can get away with charging

        • @R4: ah right.. I see.. Thanks for the info..

  • Good deal. I think there is enough fat to reduce the all inclusive drive away price to $14,000.

    • +2


      If you take away the gst then likely

      • +5

        then it becomes free

        gstfree - gst = free

    • And what do you base this on?

  • Bro-in-law bought the first gen version of this car and was great..

  • Still in love with my nippy ZC31S!

  • Gday Spackbace,

    To confirm, if we're after the sport model you recommend waiting til the release of the 2017 model?


    • Yeah I think so, but it's still a lil while away

  • +16

    What advantages does this motor car have over, say, a train, which I could also afford?

    • +5

      try buying a train for 15k

    • +1


    • +10

      I've sold Swifts to Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook and by God it put them on the map

      • +6

        Is there a chance the Swift could bend?

        Not on your life, my Hindu friend.

    • +1

      I will answer seeing I have both. The car is much easier to park at Coles and last time I drove the train down the street the cost of road repairs was crazy.

    • Oh wow! It's Count Homer! What an honor!

  • hi spackbace,

    how much to upgrade to automatic?

    • $1000

  • +1

    Would definitely buy one if I was a chick!

    • You'd be surprised. In black or grey, a guy driving a Swift would barely raise an eyebrow

      • +3

        I'm an orange vitara turbo s kinda guy

  • +3

    I bought the auto gl a few years back. Good car. I rarely see any other men driving them but I don't care. What sold me was I'm tall and this car feels roomy. I love the cabin. The other small hatches felt small. I also like the look of the car and I'm not sure why most guys prefer the look of the fiesta. I couldn't get past the grill on that thing. it's like when homer used a pick axe to put speed holes in his car.

    I really wanted the swift sport but there wasn't any deals on it. If there was a good enough deal I'd sell my swift and get a swift sport.

    • Zose are speet holse zey make ze car go faster

  • +1

    Swifts are great small cars, my parents put a tonne of kays on one they bought for next to nothing and sold for most of it back. They drive a Jazz now but mostly because it was a good deal at the time. Dad didn't like the Jazz at first as the swift feels far more connected to the road, but the seats won him over.

  • +1

    We picked up a 2016 Swift, Auto, Metalic paint,car mats, full tank with onroads for $15,000 in Jan this year. Granted we purchased 2.
    Have been great little cars.

  • Have a 2012 GA Auto, been a great car so far. Wish it had Bluetooth and cruise control. Know if you can retrofit them @spaceback?

    • There was a genuine Bluetooth, but about $500 fitted for the one that puts the button on the windscreen.

      Cruise is too hard and too expensive last I checked lol

      • Thanks mate, I'm still wondering whether or not I should tackle the DRL/Fog kit installation myself my local dealer wants almost $300 for the labour.

  • Wow servicing is expensive.

  • +8

    In case anyone in Victoria is planning on a personalised plate for their new Swift I'm advising that TAYTAY has been taken. Dang!!

      • +1

        Yes, a poor person joke. He means he can't afford it. That means when you don't have enough money for something, a foreign concept indeed, eh old boy!

        • You won't catch many doctors driving a base model manual Suzuki Swift.

  • How does the Swift compare to the Baleno in terms of price/performance?

    Obviously the Baleno is a step above in terms of luxury and features, but given the extra $2-3k, would you say the fact it's Indian made and has the same engine and gearbox as the Swift give the Baleno favour or detracts from it?

    • $2k price difference.

      Too early to say if the Indian V Japanese build has any effect

      Engine and gearbox are strong, have never heard of issues in the Swift drive train

      • Does the Australian Baleno have a CVT transmission or normal one?

        • +1


          4 speed for GL
          6 speed for GLX

  • But then it's swift..

  • +1

    Hope suzuki would release a 7 seater suv soon. Would buy one in the furute

  • Neh. New swift is out soon.

  • Don't understand this Australian rort of servicing a tiny little japanese car for $199-$289 every 6 months.
    In the US you can keep your new car warranty by getting a 6 monthly oil change at places like midas or kmart for less than $50.

  • I'll stick with my 2016 X5, but thanks.

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