Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Special Edition Cases and Screen Protectors?

So following on from the recent deals of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Special Edition and with people asking about cases and screen protectors, I thought I would create a thread to discuss if anyone knows on where to buy them.

Wondering would anyone happen to know of reputable sellers that sell 'kate' and not 'kenzo' case versions of the RN3SE?. As the 'kate' version of the phone is longer at 152.5mm vs 150mm.

Sites I've browsed such as eBay don't really specify the special edition cases, and I've went into my local shopping centre and visited the mobile repair/phone case places and they don't have any at all.


  • Try AliExpress.

  • +1

    I have purchased 2 cases (a soft case and a hard case) as well as a screen protector from Ali Express… Will update once I receive them… ☺

    • Great to hear, thanks

      • Got all my orders…

        The screen protector is a little short but I don't mind…

        Both the cases weren't a perfect fit too… Had to snip off a little here and there to make them fit… 😃

  • My KATE fits in my KENZO case.

    I am however selling the phone.

    • Can you post a link to show what case you bought?

  • unfortunately not, it was an ebay case, and the seller is no longer; I looked earlier.
    It wasn't cheap though……

  • All my Kenzo cases are too tight on my Kate device. Port cutouts aren't quite right. Still haven't found any accessories for this phone yet.

  • :0 guys! Cases here! upvote to let people know!!


    Just find 特製版 in the item description and that should be for special editions.
    EDIT: do NOT buy the ones with 不適用, means not applicable (to special editions)

    Thanks to LeUsMi from the MIUI forums!

  • As soft case this one is a tight fit but aligns well with all upper and lower holes (I already got one and checked).


    I am yet to find a reasonably priced glass screen protector.

  • I had a official one from Xiaomi store in China and it's too tight then I noticed Kate is 2mm longer. arrrrrrrrr..

  • Forgot to post, but this case fits well with all ports accessible. The screen protector is a bit smaller, but it covers the majority of the capacitive buttons.

    • How tight was the fit with this one? Did you have to make any adjustments? Most people are saying any case that isn't specific for the kate is quite a tight fit.

      • Not tight actually, very flexible given it's made of silicon material.

        This case also just came recently. It is tight fit as have to fit it left to right, but it does fit after stretching- will probably loosen up in the coming days as it's a harder type of TPU material. Also note that the buttons are harder to press in too.

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