Dreaded LG G4 boot loop, my turn.

Hi all,

Yup, its like the Flu, had to happen sometime.

I was wondering, for those that had it happen, how did you get it fixed?

I bought mine from Quality Deals last year during one of the eBay 15% promos, its still within 12 months.

It seems LG have recognised that it is a problem and are willing to fix it.

Would they fix it in Australia due to the broadness of the issue? Or still expect one to send it back to the seller as it is a Grey Import?

Help appreciated.



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    Lg Australia wont touch it if its a grey import.

    • Thanks…I was expecting this I suppose.

      Now to emotionally prepare myself to have to chase QD up and down for months for action.

  • Damn….
    when was it made?

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    I had the exact same issue in August. Purchased from kogan around September last year. Sent enquiry to them, they requested the phone to be sent back. Confirmed they can't fix it but the model that I have is no longer in stock - LG G4 red leather - so they offered LG G5.
    Maybe try contacting the seller if it's still within 1 year of purchase?

    • I had the same ussue however was only offered an samsung A8. I Would of excepted and did ask for a g5 but they wouldnt do it. That was late aug

      • Interesting… I didn’t even ask,they offerred it straight away. Maybe because of stock availability? I reported the issue mid august.

  • You could try to contact LG australia first. Some manufacturers honour the warranty globally. I am not sure of LG. However the terms of warranty of the country or origin could be different to that of Australia.

    • As above first comment. They wont

      • Maybe you are right. But it does not hurt to give them a phone call.

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          I called LG Australia for my G4 when it began bootlooping; they wouldn't fix it under warranty. If I sent it to them I was quoted upwards of $300 for the remedy.

        • I too called them. First question was did i buy from australia or o/s. Mentioned kogan and said sorry have to go through Kogan

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    This is why you pay the premium for an iPhone that's not a grey import.

    • The warranty on iPhone / Apple products is global. So apple will still fix the iphone even if its bought in a different country. I have had this for my iphone.
      The terms of warranty would be from the country of purchase. So iPhone that is a grey import it might not be covered under the same 2 yr warranty and ACL.

      • Actually officially iphones don't come with global warranty. Sometimes they'd still fix it for you but it's simply out of good will. Other products such as macs and non-cellular ipads are covered globally for 1 year.

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    Welcome to the club and please accept my condolences.

  • Not going to judge but i am.

    Everyone raves on about how good and cheap the LG mobiles are going for….

    But this^^

    Sorry to hear it happen, you might as well try your luck but get yourself a rn3 it might cost you that much and a bit more to repair your LG.

  • Mine had the Flu too. I bought it from QD_AU ebay and contacted them through ebay. They gave me an address to ship to in Sydney which I did about a week ago. Now to wait for the fix…

    • I contacted them via eBay messaging too.

      First they had mid-Autumn holidays until 19th Sept, then extended their holidays to 21st Sept.

      Waiting for another notification that they are taking a one year sabatical, whilst taking orders.

      • really? damn! They are definitely slow in responding. Just keep in constant contact.

      • Careful, I was told they had to receive it back to them, before the 12 month date, to have any sort of warranty.
        Took a long time for them to respond to me and equally long time to be received in their office. (Aus post by tracking said package was refused and sent back) eventually it hit to their office and now heard nothing else back either.
        QD-AU may have been offloaofng cheap LG G4s, but I won't be buying throufb thrm ever again, based on the lack of communication and the refused postage fiasco and also the fact that I was told it had to be in their hands, before 12 months date……(2 weeks of attempted contact, plus post drama and I was very clear to not having warranty

  • Your not alone, bought ~20th Oct 2015 from qd_au also

    Was using it at the time, froze for about 10 seconds then turned off, it's now stuck rarely turns on when it does it does 1 or 2 loops then turns off.

    Have sent email to ad_au

    Shame, was a great phone for the money

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    My LG G4, also boot looped, also from QD-AU.
    Still waiting for response or reply or follow up.
    Don't accept the G5. It also has BootLoop issues.
    I loved my LG G4 and can't find a phone with this features for the price……

    Incidentally, I almost bought through Kogan, before QD-AU had a slightly better deal. Kogan have been offering refunds or replacement. QD-AU only sending back for repairs. Having had to buy a replacement phone, since it's expected to be around 2 or 3 months to receive back, when it does, I'll have a $450 phone not being used.
    LG failed by not accepting the bootloop as a factory fault, considering the high level of failures and then offering something better……
    I'll not be considering LG for any future phone purchase again.

  • My LG G4 also boot looped. It was purchased from qd_au on 30/09/2015.

    I've tried calling up LG directly. They were not helpful and unsympathetic, despite the fact that this a known issue.

    I've now contacted qd_au, but unfortunately it is past 12 months if you count the order date (by a few days!!). I'm hoping they still honour it though, as they did not send it out until 05/10/2015.

    • They told me they have to recieve it in hand, before the 12 month date.
      QD-AU won't be getting any repeat business.

      Don't expect any prompt reply from them either.

  • Same problem just happened to me. Bought from QD_AU too. The annoying thing is that I've just passed the warranty period by a few days and didn't get a chance to backup the messages stored on the phone. Won't be buying anymore LG products if they don't fix it.

  • Got hit by bootloop as well. Wouldn't buy again from qd_au. They're completely ignoring any warranty requests.

    • Sorry to hear. There's not going to be a fast or favourable end to the situation unfortunately.

    • Sorry to hear. There's not going to be any favourable end to the situation, unfortunately.

  • Recieved back my LG G4. It's not the same phone I sent away. Different serial number different IMEU number. It's obviously second hand refurb, the back case is worn and the silver on side of the phone is scratched and scuffed. Mine was in a tough case with screen protector since day one. Phone battery was on zero percent. Plugged it in to charge and the phone started itself after a few minutes.
    Disappointing to get back a refurb in poor condition. Considering the length of time since the fault.

    • Sorry to hear your resolution was less than ideal.

      Was this also through QD_AU?

      I guess you weren't even advised of the resolution before the fact?

      • Yes, through QD-AU

        No, a refurb replacement wasn't mentioned.
        Surprisingly, the original box which I still had, and sent the phone back in, came back to me, as well the packing I wrapped the phone up in, before putting back inside the box. (With my own handwriting on)
        I photographed the serial numbers on the box and phone, the IMEI number and also the condition of my bootlooped phone when sending it back. I didn't receive back the same phone, repaired.

        He original was always kept in a tough, fully enclosed phone case with screen protector on. The returned phone has definitely been used and abused.
        If I was just being sent a refurb in replacement after sending back the faulty G4, 2 months is a ridiculous length of time.

  • So the LG G4 bootloop has just happened to me too. I also bought from QD-AU, and am past the 12 month period (it's 15 months now).

    Really annoyed with LG for making a phone with a known hardware fault, and then being petty about the warranty (LG really should have a global warranty, like Samsung and Apple, and they should have instituted a recall or free repairs after they acknowledged the issue). Phone hardware should just work, at least for 2 years. I highly doubt I'll buy a phone from LG ever again after this experience. It's also made me wary of buying phones from overseas suppliers. But almost all of the fallout is on LG, in my view.

    But to the matter at hand: Can any value be recovered from the dead phone? Obviously it's not economical to repair with LG for $300, since the phone is now only worth ~$270 in working condition.

    Mazuma mobile will buy a faulty LG G4 for $20. Ebay seems to be $40 - $60 for a bootlooped phone, presumably for parts. Any better options than that, or alternatives? E.g. higher than say $50 for parts, or <= $150 for repairs?

    • Same problem here. I thought i was in the clear, bought from Kogan back in Sept 15.

      I'm also wondering whats the best plan of action from here?

    • I'm in the same boat here. Same seller. Worked for 14 months and now this. Was getting extremely hot for the past couple of weeks and boot looped on me this morning. QD-AU ang LG no more for me.

      • I still don't know what the best approach is. I will check with my credit card to see if it's covered by the card's extended warranty, but it seems to be quite common to only cover items bought from Australian stores, so that may be a dead end.

        As a backup, I've also ordered this from ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/252762259308 for a few dollars, in case I have to attempt the hair dryer method, like so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frrCUkwzKzE … but that often seems to only be a very temporary fix, extending the lifespan (by days or weeks or months) but not fixing it permanently. The fact it even works at all though shows how clearly this is a hardware fault. And I took great care of my phone (always in a case and with a screen protector), and it died just sitting in the phone mount in the car, so the care taken + the nature of the fault makes me suspect that sooner or later all of these phones will fail in a similar way.

        • Quick update: I contacted QD_au and they replaced it with a refurbished working LG G4, even though I was 3 months over the 12 month warranty. Just had to pay return postage to a location in Sydney. So I didn't need to attempt any of the repair stuff. Kudos to qd_au, and I'd definitely suggest contacting qd_au ASAP if you've bought from them and experience a bootloop.

  • so basically no one in australia mobile repair shop can fix it?

    • I have not heard of any mobile repair shops fixing it, although I could be wrong. It's basically the CPU desoldering under heat stress, so it'd be a very tricky repair. Not impossible, though. If you find someone that can fix it, please let us know.

  • u can go check on Aliexpress for a motherboard and attempt to fix it yourself.

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