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Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse - $49 @ Officeworks


The website lists it for $49, but it's $98 on the shelf. Seems like a good deal, not sure how many are available though.

Just thought I'd give a heads up.

Limited Stock:

Glebe NSW, Dee Why NSW, Newcastle West NSW, Albury NSW, Orange NSW, Russell St Melbourne VIC, Box Hill South VIC, Geelong VIC, Elizabeth SA, Browns Plains QLD, Hervey Bay QLD, East Vic Park WA, Fremantle WA,

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  • +3 votes

    Love this mouse!

  • +4 votes

    I have this mouse, it's pretty great. Would definitely recommend.


    It's pretty good. But whatever you do, don't lose/break the receiver.

    Mine broke after dropping my laptop 3 months in which basically rendered the mouse useless.

    You can get spares in America but support told me that it wasn't available in Australia. You can try eBay but I've been searching for months and can't find anything reasonable.

    I managed to salvage the original without the shell (pcb only) so it's been relegated to desktop duties.


    its not available online


    No stock :(

  • +1 vote

    Amazing mouse, comfortable and reliable. Would buy another one if I didn't have 3 other wireless mice!

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      Can't second that enough. The best wireless mouse ever. Might not be the best performance wise, but a wireless gaming mouse with 1 month battery life? That's the only choice.


    Good luck finding stock.


    Eneloop power?

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    I have this, a g700s, Mx950 and Revolution Mx, this is definitely lowest in the pecking order. Click quality, scroll wheel and tracking don't compare. The battery life is quite good though, it also doesn't support setpoint and the unifiying usb as mentioned. But worth it for $40-$50.


      Wait, tracking is worse than the Revolution MX and M950? That's pretty crappy for a gaming mouse..

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        I cant really complain about tracking. I bought it originally because of its zero tracking capability.

        I am a network engineer and am almost always drawing a visio diagram of some sort so tracking/accuracy is pretty important.

        I am happy to say that it performs this function pretty well. I don't ever feel like I am using wireless.

        Saying that, when i play an FPS (Quakelive usually) the lag is very apparent to me. Going between the G602 to my sons G502 the difference is very obvious. Then again, I have been playing FPS's for longer than most modern gamers have been alive so my feel might not apply to everyone else.

        So I would say, if you are using it for FPS type shooters and you're anything but a beginner, you'll be disappointed.


          Thanks. I just recommended this yesterday to my colleagues, we're designers, so that tracking comment had me worried.

          Though a little unfair to compare it to a G502, perfect sensor and wired. :P


    Great mouse, and an excellent price, but I went through two in a year because the scroll button gave out… switched to a G700s and haven't had the same issue.