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AmEx Offer: Spend $300 Get $150 Statement Credit @ Hilton Hotels & Resorts Australia


Another day, another AmEx offer. Waiting on forumninja for the manual link. Enjoy :)

Thank you forumninja for the manual link :)

Offer valid for spend at Australian Hilton Hotels & Resorts and DoubleTree by Hilton locations only. Save the offer to your card, book directly with Hilton Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts in Australia only, and spend $300 or more, in one or more transactions by 31/1/2017 to receive one $150 credit. Payment & hotel stay must be made at participating hotels & resorts prior to campaign end date in order to be eligible for the offer.

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  • How does one get around not pre paying and paying at checkout?

  • This isn't showing up in my Amex offers list when I log in. Will have to use the manual link.

  • +1

    Wonder if you can spend it on points topup?

    • I am also wondering about that as they are offering 100% bonus point promotion

      • won't be a bad idea to get point for Maldives Resort.

      • Should be possible I reckon

    • Probably not, points purchase is operated and charged by a third party vender in US.

      • Yeah you're right it goes through Points.com

  • anyone know hilton do any exotic premium massages or special treat packages that not necessary need hotel booking? count toward amex of course

    • +2

      Exotic. It's only available in Australia…. you might have to head to Thailand to get Mr Hung massaged

    • Maybe in Paris.

  • Just had a look on their T and C it mentioned “Qualifying Purchases include accommodation, food and beverages and other incidentals during your stay which are paid at the hotel front desk at the time of check-out.” So do that mean if I were to Dine in Restaurants in Hilton i.e “CAFFE CINO” and the bill is $350 without staying the night at Hilton. Would I be eligible for the cash back of $150???

    • With the living well gym - it shows up as 'hilton sydney', while the transaction was in a 'pending' state. Once it's full posted, the merchant changed to 'living well sydney'. I got the statement credits a few days later, but the email alerts didn't work like other amex deals.

      I can't comment on the restuarants, as they might just be renting space.

      The sydney hilton website sells vouchers for some restaurants, which should be eligible for the credits, but you might have to purchase in the hotel, instead of online.

  • I found this surprising but if you book now, a room on Christmas Day is only $32X. After discount you end up paying $170 or so. I found this to be quite a bargain

    • who stays in the hotel on Christmas Day? Everyone wants to stay at home with family and friends

      • sometimes said family wants to go to the boxing day sales so I think it'd be fun. Some people stay home, some people go on a holiday for christmas. I wasn't planning to stay there by myself

    • +1

      I'll let you stay at my place for $169.99

  • +1

    Offer valid for spend at Australian Hilton Hotels & Resorts and DoubleTree by Hilton locations only.

    The wording is not quite clear, can anyone confirm if DoubleTree resorts has the same Australia only restriction?

  • +1

    Will it work for bank issued cards?

    • -2

      dude, seriously?

      • -2

        What seriously?

        • +1

          Looks like it works. I just registered! Thanks OP!

        • @takutox: Why is it that people have to be rude when someone asks a question. Yes I tried googling it and possibly partly due to me being in the US at the moment nothing useful came up. I then tried the T&C's and there was nothing particularly helpful there either. So I posted on here assuming others may have the same question

          Does it make you feel like a bigger man or something?

        • +1

          Ditto! It takes less energy to type "yes" or "no" than irrelevant replies. People shouldn't assume its common knowledge.
          Thanks for asking the question anyway as I was thinking the same.

        • @knick007:

          why bother googling it or even looking at the T&Cs? The registration page is up on the OP - all u have to do is punch in your amex card details on the reg page, then u have your answer (if it works or not)

          I assume that's what abc xyz was trying to get at…

    • Yes as long as you register your card

  • if i already have a Hilton stay booked and paid but i spend $300 while im there does that count?

    • yup - just bill the $300 to your room and pay on checkout. It'll work.

  • Hmm, wonder if this can be used in conjunction with their 100% bonus offer if you buy points.
    Just about to book a hotel , at 140,000 points for two nights, with this offer it'd be just $550 for a super deluxe king suites.

    • No, already discussed the points purchase is processed by points.com

  • +1

    Tried to do my bit to help fellow ozbargainers…

    Just called AMEX to ask if dining at a restaurant in a Hilton qualifies.
    They just regurgitated what was on the T&C's, which says it's for stays, but advisor wasn't 100% sure if it strictly excluded payments not linked to stays.
    I asked if the payment came from a 'Hilton' source, would AMEX just credit it but she couldn't comment.

    So still kind of stuck in the dark.

  • +1

    For those who have status with another hotel loyalty program, it may be worth applying for status match via this link
    They matched my platinum Leclub with diamond status which is great for free upgrades and executive lounge access.

    • Yeah I did the same for gold status awhile back.

  • +5

    Here's the link to get double reward points or triple if you book via the app by the 31st dec.
    There is also 5% off for hilton honours reward members and its free to join.

    • does booking through the app mean you have to prepay? Hence, not being eligible for this Amex credit?

  • Would this work if you prepay for a room now for a stay after January?
    (I think people said this worked with the similar Accor offer)

    • I have made prepaid reservation last week with Hilton Barcelona but have noticed it hasn't been charged to my card yet. So even though it is prepaid, they may not actually charge your card till your stay. Can anyone else confirm this?

      • Barcelona is outside of Australia (not in the deal)

  • I used advanced purchase for 20% off, they'll charge your card immediately and does become non-refundable though

    • Did you get the $150 statement credit?

      • Not yet, weird how they say usually 5 days but up to 90 days after promo, that's a huge difference

      • +2

        Took a week to pop up on my account, got the $150 back 5 business days later

        • Hi, just would like to reconfirm- has Hilton tool a week to charge your cc?

        • +1

          @koga: yeah about one week to show on your account, another week for $150 back

    • Let us know if you do get the $150 credit. I too want to book the advanced purchase price for 20% off. Not sure how they would know if you payed at checkout or beforehand.

    • what hilton was it at?

      • +1

        Hilton south wharf Melbourne

  • So from what I have read the cardholder has to be present at checkout to pay for the nights? I have family going to Darwin for 3 nights and was going to pay for their 3 nights seperately (each night is over $300) but the T&C talks about presenting the card at checkout for payment. Is this correct?

  • So payment must be made in the hotel? If I am booking it for someone, can I pay it before hand? Since he does not have amex card and I will not be in the hotel.

  • I have used the card Hilton. Darwin … they did charge 1.5 percent credit card surcharge

    I have recieved the email after 5 min that I should receive credit in5 days

    • Hey, what does it say on your transactions? Hilton Darwin or in general Hilton? thanks for help!!

      • +2

        It was Bank issue amex card :- HILTON DARWIN

        It took 5 working days to come through

  • +1

    FYI I accidentally (well more stupidly) went and got a night at an Australian l Hilton for over $300 in Jan 2017. The stupid thing was that I did a pay in advance option which was not refundable. As I didn't get my usual immediate email from Amex I re-read the terms and saw that advance payments did not count.

    To cut a long story short (too late!) I got my Amex email two days later and I soon hope to get that $150 credit.

    If this actually works then, like the gift card, this is something that Amex cannot differentiate. That being the case, you could possibly pre pay hotel stays beyond the set end date and enjoy the credit. This will be particularly useful for the other hotel Amex deals I have also signed up for like Oaks.

    I'll update this post if/when I get the credit.

    • +1

      Worked for me, just got my $150 and I'm not staying for another few weeks

      • How did you book the room - via phone, website or app? The reason I ask is that in the T&C "Gift Card purchases and pre-paid online bookings are excluded". This would mean that I could pre-pay my booking not online but over the phone would be fine…

    • +2

      Can confirm that I received the $150 credit 5 business days later. I.e. Bought pre paid room on Sunday 23 Oct. Got email Tuesday 25 Oct. Then got credit Tuesday 1 Nov.

      • Hey, what does it say on your transactions? Does it come as general charge against hilton or is it specific to the hotel you booked?


        • Original wording on online statement was:
          "Admiral Holding Sydney"

          After five days:
          "Hilton Sydney" plus some reference numbers.

  • Just booked the $399 Romance Package in Sydney for an upcoming Saturday night over the phone.
    Effectively becomes $249 for the room, Champagne and chocolates, use of the gym, 1pm checkout and buffet breakfast for 2.

    • I think the romance package is $499

  • any update on if the gift voucher will work?

  • +1

    If you do not receive an email from Hilton after doing your advanced purchase (with the current flash sale e.g.) for a few days - call the Hilton hotel you have booked at and speak directly to their in-house reservation team (not their offshore US/Phillipine call centre).

    I paid for the current flash sale at Hilton South Wharf Melbourne for April next year on Monday night - but was getting concerned as I could not see any emails back from Hilton or any pending transactions from Amex. So from advise from a friend - I called the Hilton Melbourne South Wharf direct. They checked my reservations and they said they had not processed it as they were getting 100's of reservations come in because of the flash sale. Each hotel apparently has to manually process your payment - so they said it took them more time than usual. Also one of the ladies at the hotel I spoke to said that the hotel may not charge you until 2 weeks before you stay there or even when you check-in to the hotel. So if you are trying to get the $150 Amex cashback, doing an Advanced purchase like me and staying at an Australian Hilton hotel after 31/1/2017 - make sure you call the hotel direct to get them to manually charge your credit card to ensure you get your $150 back. Hope this helps someone in this thread!

  • $200 bill at Glass and topped it up with $100 tip.

    • Googleyahoo69, did you receive $150 credit? Did you just pay directly with your AMEX after your meal?

    • Would like to know too if you received the credit?

    • Yeah did you get the credit by spending directly at Glass? Thanks!

      • Forgotten to reply. Yes, the credit did happen.

        • thanks!

  • Has anyone got the $150 cash back on a international Hilton hotel? Alternatively, anyone had success by buying gift cards?

    • I am also interested to know this.

      • It looks like gift vouchers are only for the hotel in which it is purchased, I can't see any "international" vouchers that you could buy in Australia (to get the $150 credit) and then use for an international booking.
        Anyone found a way to get the $150 credit for an international booking?

  • Just tried to register another card to this (after using the offer a few times over the past month, great deal esp when combined with their sale), and it looks to have reached its max number of cards :( Was great while it lasted

  • Confirmed working with buying voucher from hiltonsydney website to spend in glass. Cheers

    • Cheers. Is the voucher valid for accommodation too?

    • Hi do u need to use all 300 in one go?

      • I called them up couple days ago. You can specify the amount for the voucher but yes you need to use all in 1 time.

        The room voucher starts at $399 and includes breakfast

    • Thanks for confirming! So you just purchased a Hilton gift voucher through the site and received the credit? http://www.hiltonsydney.com.au/purchase-gift-voucher

      • Did you manage to buy the gift voucher?

  • Hi guys is this still valid? can I book on hilton.com then call up?

    • Yeah it should still be valid if you already enrolled

  • There are only one Hilton hotel per state, except Queensland which has additional hotels in Gold Coast and Cairns, and Tas which has zero, 8 in total, according to their worldwide website.

    I decide to dig into the "Hilton Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts" hoping to find more options¹. It turns out that there is only one single addition to those: Double Tree in Alice Spring. They can save a lot of time by saying, instead of "Hilton Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts in Australia", "Hilton Hotels in Australia or DoubleTree in Alice Spring".

    1 http://www.hiltonworldwide.com/development/our-properties.ht...

    • I found that there is a DoubleTree in Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns too, but those are not listed on their world-wide website¹.

  • +1

    can anyone confirm if they purchased a room voucher or glass brasserie voucher online at hiltonsydney.com.au and got the credit?

    I want to book a night for early march and on Hilton website it costs $466 but it looks like if I buy a night gift voucher it is only $399 and this includes breakfast too.

    any help would be appreciated!


    • Would like to know this too!

      • i purchased a gift night for 399 last friday and it has been charged today so fingers crossed! i will let you know in a few days AMEX emails me spend confirmation

        • Did you get the confirmation/credit?

  • So the voucher is only for Australia Hilton hotels not for Asia Pacific countries? It would good if we can use the voucher on Conrad or Hilton in Bali…

  • Does anyone know how many vouchers you can redeem each time at glass brasserie? Thanks.

  • Hey guys. Does anyone have a snap shot of the original Amex Hilton deal where it states that the deal is to spend $300 in one or more transactions by 31 Jan 2017? That is what I went off as it was part of the original post details yet when I read the enrollment email it said one transaction.

    Offer valid for spend at Australian Hilton Hotels & Resorts and DoubleTree by Hilton locations only. Save the offer to your card, book directly with Hilton Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts in Australia only, and spend $300 or more, in one or more transactions by 31/1/2017 to receive one $150 credit. Payment & hotel stay must be made at participating hotels & resorts prior to campaign end date in order to be eligible for the offer.

    I want to know as I stayed at Hilton a few nights ago for $445.23 a night on one of the nights and so split that payment across two registered Amex cards and plan to go back to Hilton tonight and spend the remaining $155 on the Glass Brasserie during the weekend.

    • If you log into Amexconnect & click on "My Offers", then click on the Hilton offer it says "one or more transactions".

      • Thanks. Found it. Also when you click on the email link from Amex saying you have successfully enrolled you can see the one or more transactions wording. Have screen shorted it.

  • Is anyone still waiting for their refunds?

    I spent $300 on 3 separate amex cards, all in mid/late January 2017.
    Didn't get a statement credit confirmation email for any of the 3.
    Used 1 bank issued amex and 2 amex-issued amex cards.

    It's been 2 weeks since i stayed at Sydney Hilton.

    I did email amex, and they replied with generic "If your purchase is eligible you will receive your credit within 90 days".

    I find it odd why its not automatic? All my other amex offers have triggered a confirmation email within seconds/minutes. I must have completed over 100 amex offers over the past few years.

    • Similar situation. One Amex with single transaction of $304.50 done 23 Jan with no email or credit and another Amex with two transactions totaling about $320 on 28 Jan in same situation.

      I was also double charged $304.50 and $171 by Hilton and still waiting for them to fix it up.

      • Yes, I am in the same boat. Waiting for 3 credits to come through. Whoops. Dupe post. My bad.

    • Yes, I am in the same boat. Waiting for 3 credits to come through.

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