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Logitech MK710 Keyboard and Mouse Combo $69 (Save $16) @ Bing Lee on eBay


Just saw this deal and bought a couple.

Pickup from Bing Lee stores as well.

Next cheapest on Staticice is $85 from Fluidtek

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    Price/savings in title?

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  • Same price in store.

    Fluidtek!!! Good luck with them. Haven't been in business for years. Closed shop one day but never bothered to remove there web site. So next cheapest would be MSY at $103

    MK710 was first released way back in February 2010

    • Yep, I live around the corner from their store in carlingford and it's been shut for ages.

      No surprise given the wonderful customer service or lack thereof.

  • Holy crap! Great price, I've been using this set for years. Price is worth it for the mouse alone.

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    The mouse itself is actually called M705 mararhon. Quite a good quality mouse however the design has been around for at least 5 or 6 years.

  • Staff in store reckon this is last day at this price. Buy today to be sure if you want one.

  • Logitech say RRP is AU$169!


    Staticice says prices from $85 to $169. Officeworks has it for $119, so anyone who pays more than that is poor at shopping.

  • Any one in Sydney interested in buying one? We can use ebay $85 for $100 on Groupon to get more saving $$$.

  • Have purchased two of these in the past (one as a replacement). The M705 mouse certainly is is very comfortable to use and will last months on two AA Eneloops. However, both mice became pretty much useless once the dreaded "double click" problems started surfacing - just after warranty expiry (of course).

  • Great mouse. Lousy keyboard.

    Just my experience.

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