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Civilization 6 - Mac and PC Game - $59.99 USD (~ $79 AUD) for Deluxe Edition at Greenman Gaming


$59.99 USD (VIP5 code no longer works so no further discount) is the cheapest price in the world for the Deluxe Edition from a legit seller as far as I can tell.

RRP is $79.99 USD and that is the price at Amazon.com

If you really want to get your Civ on, you can get the physical 25th Anniversary edition from EB Games for $119.95

Deluxe includes all 4 future expansion packs.

Keys are available now and you can pre-load in advance of the release of the game on 21 October.

Don't forget cash rewards for a further 1.6% cash back!

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Green Man Gaming

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    Its time for some CIV

    • +1

      Goodbye real world, see you in five years (for a while, until CIV VII comes out)

  • $55.83AUD at allkeyshop

    • Thats for the standard edition. This is the deluxe.

    • Allkeyshop doesn't sell anything. They just link to other vendors.

      Who is it that has Deluxe for $55.83 AUD - ie. which vendor?

      Beware too with Allkeyshop that often when you click on a link, the price is higher than what they say - plus also the price shown doesn't include payment fees which can be pretty steep.

      The cheapest Standard Edition on allkeyshop is showing as gamesdeal at 38.69 Euro - but then when you click thru they want 44.49 USD + 4% payment fees - thats roughly AUD $60.50 for the standard edition.

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    Deluxe includes 4 DLC packs (likely to be new Civs and maps, etc), not the actual expansions. I don't think a Civ game has ever had more than 3 expansions, but they usually have a bunch of small DLC packs for sale.

    Still a pretty good deal OP. Do GMG guarantee their keys will work?

    • Wingamestore has it for the same price with code '20offciv6' if you want another alternative.


      The key is not region locked. GMG should be fine regardless.

      • Are you sure that 20offciv6 works at wingamestore??

        I just tried it and it said "That entered code does not exist (the code may have been removed or claimed). Be sure you entered it correctly."

    • I have had a couple of keys invalidated months after registering them from GMG and they did NOTHING to help. wouldn't use them again no matter how cheap. Square Enix advised me (when i showed them i had purchased the code) that GMG was known to them and they have had a lot of issues with keys sold on the this site… they said same of CDKEYS too.

      • Did steam notify you that it was invalidated or did you just notice it was gone?

        • The game would not load and it kept saying i did not have a valid code

        • @jimbobaus:

          I've been shopping at GMG for 4 years and have bought over 100 codes. Never had a single issue.

        • @GreatWhiteHunter:

          Couple of friends have had issues, hence why i wont use them again.
          not just saying about GMG, have had no luck overall with online code sites in general.

          GMG only sold me 2 dud codes.

        • @jimbobaus:

          Thats a worry that they don't tell you. If you have hundreds of unplayed games theres no way to tell theyve taken the game from you and when.

  • +1

    Is this where we come to whinge about how it's nowhere near as good as Civ3/Civ4-pre-expansion?

    • probably not till the 21st. But in all seriousness from what I have seen so far it looks decent.

    • Can't be as bad as Civ5, surely.

    • Beyond earth still sucks.

  • +1

    Physical 25th Anniversary edition from EB Games for me. I've been playing civ for 25 years and I need a physical reminder of all the time I've lost to that game.

  • the code VIP5 no longer works it seems

    • Odd, Price in cart is showing US$59.99, though its listed on page as US$63.99

      • +1

        It looks like they have dropped the price to $59.99 USD and dumped the VIP5 code. It's actually about $0.80 cheaper now…

  • Just bought from GreenManGaming using PayPal on 22 October 2016
    Exchange rate 1 Australian Dollar = 0.73 US Dollar
    The game was $63.99 USD and my PayPal account was debited $87.36 AUD
    Much cheaper than Steam

    • Were you able to play it ok without a VPN? It wasn't region locked was it?

  • Has anybody tried the game from GMG? Did it work?

    • Of course it worked. Why wouldn't it.

      Have racked up 40 hours so far

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