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Solar Outdoor LED Light USD $3 (~AUD $3.95) / 7 Colour Emoticon LED Nightlight USD $3.55 (~AUD $4.68) Delivered @ Sammydress


Hi all,

Happy Friday!

I'm proud to announce the team at Sammydress have asked that I work with them for the OzBargain community in an official capacity to create awesome deals for you!

As the sun sets on another week and the weekend begins, I thought we could start off with our first UNDER FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAY deals! (My 251st Post too!)

First of all, Sammydress has worked hard to ensure memorable promotions for OzBargain. Our pledge is:

1. To get the items to you (AUS) within 10-25 days of order (+Australia has a priorty mail option of 5-18 days)
2. To guarantee peace of mind ordering/delivery through the PayPal payment gateway:
3. To assure promotional pricing is available for 1 calendar month: ie. 21st October, until 21st November
4. To ensure products are high quality and include satisfactory specification details
5. To have a direct email of [email protected] to directly answer any OzBargain customer queries
6. To ensure the cheapest price available online!

Item 1: Solar Outdoor Garden LED Courtyard Fence Light only $3.95 delivered!

Closest match online is $4.91 here though AliExpress

Gearbest price is $10.28

These are great Solar Lights that use 1xAA to keep them powered, as well as the Solar Cell on top

Item 2: Waterdrop - Emoticon LED Colour Changing Night Light only $4.68 delivered!

Closest match is $15.95 for this on AliExpress

These are great Night Lights to set the mood in your lounge/room and feature 7 Colour changes! They run off 3xAAA batteries

Be sure to pick up some more good deals on their Clearance page (Sorted by Cheapest)

Sammydress uses the S Point promotion system where you can gain points to save even more! so register to save even more!

US$3 and $3.55 with coupon added to cart 5FRIDAY1 (Emoticon) and/or 5FRIDAY2 (Solar Light) to PC and Mobile Site orders (No app support ATM).

Please be sure to remove tracking no. and shipping insurance for lowest price.

As mentioned above, promotional price is guaranteed for one month or while stock lasts!

Happy Friday!

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    Seems like a lot of effort went into this. Well done rawm :)

    • +1

      Agreed! Every time I see an "Associated" post it's almost guaranteed to be just plain blatant advertising and a cheaper price is to be had elsewhere. In this instance OP has gone to great lengths to ensure the deal is legit! +1

  • How do you turn on the night light? I need something that I can sleepily tap on to take a leak at night. Getting sick of the bathroom light waking me up being so bright.

    • +1

      Great idea; the nightlight requires a gentle tap which will activate it. The 2nd gentle tap will activate the 'colour change' mode.

      • 3rd tap turns off?

        • Correct cymon :)

    • Why don't you get a sensor light that plugs into the PowerPoint? I got one from Masters the other day for $4, you can turn the brightness up/down

  • Where do you guys ship from and what would be the delivery time to Melbourne CBD?

    This would be cool for Halloween, which isn't too far away.

  • Trying to place a order for 15 of these. Can't seem to find the place with I can put the coupon to get these at $4.68

    Please help. Thanks

    • Step 1: Register with Sammydress
      Step 2: Go to Night light link
      Step 3: Add 15 to cart
      Step 4: Click on 'Proceed to Payment'
      Step 6: Add code 5FRIDAY1 to 'Promotion Code' Section - Total will reduce to $51.90; here's a screenshot
      Step 7: Give the deal a + vote!

      Enjoy :)

  • Batteries are not included for the emoticon one ay m8?

    • Can confirm you will need to supply your own 3xAAA batteries for this model.

      Sammydress also offer a USB rechargeable model if you prefer the convenience of USB charging.

      • +1

        Can you please get a deal with the USB Rechargeable model @rawm?

        • +1

          I'll try and get back to you on this :)

        • +2

          Also interested. Hate batteries..

        • @AyjeofSpades:
          I'm also interested in rechargeable model ;)

        • +1


          Hey Guys,

          Coupon for the USB Rechargeable model here:


        • Just bought 3 of these.

          How come Tracking isn't available to the Direct Priority Mail Option?

          Tracking is only available for the Flat Rate Shipping option.

        • @Betty216: Thanks Betty! Just bought a few.

  • Sweet, just ordered 12 of the emoticon lights. They make good gifts for the kids :)

    • Enjoy! Hope you like them and be sure to contact if you have any questions :)

  • How come sites like this ships to every single country in the world but China?

  • I'm about to buy the night light, but it is in USD and not AUD?

    • +1

      Ah got it…changed the currency from top left of the page

  • Does the Solar LED light come with batteries?

    • Can confirm you will need to supply your own 1xAA battery for this model.

      • +1

        Since when are solar powered garden lights not supplied with the basic rechargeable battery required to run them?

        Pretty simple devices - solar cell charges rechargeable battery, & runs light for a while at night. But without rechargeable battery - useless.

        Ordered before your comment - already shipped😠
        Had come back to your deal to order more.

        Aldi sold similar ones at 2 for $10 2 weeks ago - with 2 rechargeable AA battery fitted in each (likely brighter lights or illuminate longer). Work great, but no more stock close by but likely to be on sale again.

        Compared with Aldi (local supplies, 1 year warranty, easy returns), certainly does not make this a good price when requires buying the normally supplied rechargeable battery as well.

        • +1

          Hi Infidel,

          I have spoken with the product manager of Sammydress who has given me the following doc here: that tells you how the light works, where it's best located and most importantly - A rechargeable battery IS included!

          Battery Specification:1.2V600mAh Ni-MH battery.The lifetime of LED lamp is over 100,000hours.You should never need change it.

          I apologise for incorrectly identifying it as 1XAA.

          Hope this info helps - remember the deal is still active until 21.11.16 or when stock runs out!


        • +1

          Thanks for that rawm.

          Was unlikely that a rechargeable battery was not included. So was surprised by your comment. (Aldi has 2 x 300mA AA batteries - equivalent to the 1 x 600mA AA in these. 600mA is more common type.) By the stage rechargeable battery fails, its easier & cheaper to buy new light.

          Unfortunately I can't access file on that site on phone - but expect it is included with light.

          All good now. Will order more after mine arrives.

        • +1
        • @rawm:
          That's better😯
          Expected battery life 1 year.

  • Urgh those lights are so damn cute! All your lights! Must.. resist…

    • For this price, if you can resist you're a true professional! :)

  • +1

    Poring lights!

  • Just some feedback for your website.. your chat support, namely Edward, is a freaking idiot. He joins the chat, says some random junk and then closes the chat without freaking helping.

    • Hi, we are so sorry for that. If you have any question, feel free to contact us through eamil: [email protected]. We will try our best to help you. Thank you.

  • Doesn't work any more. Tried on 7 Colour Emoticon LED Nightlight. When entering 5FRIDAY2 the price just doesn't change (AU$9.18). When entering 5FRIDAY1 getting the message 'Over AU$9.22, AU$5.27 discount' though the price stays the same (AU$9.18).

    • Hi olgagodo,

      If you login, add the LED Nightlight to cart, then at the checkout stage add 5FRIDAY1 code, the price will adjust to the promo price of AUD$4.61 (see here for proof)

      Please remove negative vote - thanks!

      • +1

        It works now. Ordered. Negative vote is revoked.

  • +1

    just received mine..

  • +1

    I Just got mine today as well. So far from opening the product- appears cute, lovely and user friendly :) awesome small pressies for x-mas. Took around 2-3 weeks to deliver - from Germany ? lol

    • Thanks for the feedback! :) enjoy!

  • +1

    Fast delivery & liked getting photo of my package at time of shipping.

  • Solar Outdoor LED Light arrived yesterday. I fully charged battery & mounted on gutter…
    I won't be ordering more😢

    Looks identical to Aldi "gutter lights" at 2 for $10 recently (or others offered online), but performance is so much less. The different type of LEDs put out much less light (on ground, light mounted at about 3m) - about 1m diameter & dim, compared to Aldi 3m+ diameter & quite bright.

    Hope Aldi sells their gutter lights again - worth paying the little more than this deal. Neighbours saw mine & rushed out for their own.

  • I have not get my ordered yet. I ordered it on 24/10/16, destination to Perth. Additionally, I try to track it with the tracking number provided in the email (AU14772888271622), however it shown as invalid tracking number. Please look up to this matter, thank you.

    • Hi Zeroman,

      Sorry to hear that.

      Could you please pm me your order number for checking? Thanks


      • Hi Bet,

        I PM you the details and hope to be sort out asap. As the items was ordered 3 weeks ago and can't be tracked (even though I paid extra for tracking order)

    • I ordered soon after deal posted - 3 days before your order & received in Brisbane on 8/11. Orders from China can take longer than that & possibly take longer delivered outside Sydney & Melbourne.

  • Hi,

    I ordered 3x (7 Colour Emoticon LED Nightlight) in two separate orders..
    One out of the three does not work.. seems to be the on/off switch being faulty.
    Sent a message via the button when logged in to lodge a warranty claim

    • Hi pdtang,

      Could you plz pm me your order number for checking?


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