Best Phone to Buy for around $400 Camera Is My Number One Requirement

Hey Guys

Need some help deciding what Mobile to buy, I currently have a S4 mini great phone (running cyanogenmod 13) but camera is pretty terrible. Ideally I would like something robust (sony or motorola for the waterproofness / toughness) but happy to just run a decent cover. Please let me know your thoughts and also happy to buy 2nd hand if you can throw me some options that would be great.




  • Used S6(it's fragile)

    OnePlus 3

  • one plus 3 would be over $500 and out of my price range think s6 will be to

  • LG g5

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    Nexus 5X has a great camera and is pretty cheap, might be able to take advantage of the ebay offer at the moment too.

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    Lumia's have the best cameras

  • Huawei p8 or p9.

  • Got an Aus stock Sony M5 from Mobileciti for $334 at the last 15% off Ebay sale. Good camera and waterproof, though I regard it as strictly water resistant. very happy with it for the price. Only criticism is the 2 day battery life claim is happening in a parallel universe somewhere.

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      Some of the Sony's have really good front cameras for taking selfies so assuming this translates in video it should be good as well. My Sony C5 Ultra has front and back 13 mp cameras.

      Does anyone know of phones with a decent front camera?

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    You can get a better camera for $400 easily.

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    Lumia 950

    • Easily. Stupid windows phone.

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    Mi5c has a dual led Sony CMOS sensor, take a look at that. Starting price is $250 USD, so a bit over budget

    • You means Mi5s?

      • No, I meant C. Its not officially released yet, but should be soon. The S's camera isn't very good

        • Mi5s has the same camera sensor IMX378 as in Google Pixel.

          btw I cant find any info regarding the camera in Mi5c, mind share a link?

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    Either a used S6, or a Moto G4 Plus new ($378 at Good Guys). Used S6 if you want Aus stock still sell for around $500-$550 though for 32gb.

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    Moto G4 Plus

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      Second this, Moto G4 Plus.

      • Hows camera on G4 plus?

        • It's not bad, plenty of reviews out there. G4 Plus is the pick of mid-range handsets.

  • [-Or Moto G4, I heard they are in sales $179 USD at Amazon now but primal member only.-]
    Nevermind, it doesn't ship to AU.

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    Cheers for all the help and this is my conclusions after researching and comparing all of your suggestions

    Used S6(it's fragile) I think this is the best option, sucks about no SD but will try and live with it.

    OnePlus 3 - very expensive over $400

    LG g5 - read so much about the boot loop issue

    Moto G4+ - great little phone great price and waterproof but i think the camera is average (best bet if you want to buy new)

    Lumias - Microsoft interface I just cant handle

    Sony - I love them and they're waterproof which is great I just haven't played with one with a decent camera, even the $$$ in stores seem average.

    Nexus 5X - Reviews aren't great, seems battery is terrible

    MI Phones - Seem great just think will be a pain if i damage one will be hard to get fixed (think screen)

    Huawei P9 - This camera blew me away and hopefully if I can find a cheap one 2nd hand will be my choice if not the s6

    Hope this helps anyone else out there looking for phone at around the $400 mark and thanks for all the feedback

    • Maybe you should wait until Mobiciti pops up on a ebay 20% off deal as it could lengthen the list of candidates.

      I am looking at the HTC X9 for $489.

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