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Instant Win 1 of 174450x BCF Gift Cards ($5, $10, $20), or $5,000 Major Prize - Play Fishing Game



Closing Date 13/11/2016 11:59pm
Multi-draw Yes


Description BCF Gift Card
No. of Prizes 174451
Total Prize Pool $1,000,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Need to be Club BCF member (if not it will take 48hrs after registering before you can play)

Instant Win Prizes:

BCF Voucher Quantity Total Value
$5 150,000 $750,000
$10 24,400 $244,000
$20 50 $1,000
Total Value 174,450 $995,000

Can win a max of $30 worth of gift cards on the instant win. Top the ladder by the end of the comp and you win a $5k BCF card

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  • +2

    Fairly easy to win and you can earn a max of $30 for the entire promotion! Great comp thanks SB :)

  • +1

    Yep just won $30 worth :) awesome

    • I wonder if there are any special tricks to the game….I just got to $30 but felt it was pretty random if you won or not on the fish.

      Really surprised there aren't more winners….it is an easy $30 guys!

  • +1

    Ok can someone show me how to get this game working? I signed up for BCF when I go to register it keeps telling me to wait 48 hours before playing.

    • Same here, I'll just park it and try again tmr.

    • also having same issue, signed up yesterday

    • Yep same here, will try again.

    • Yep sorry that's in the Terms, need to allow the 48hrs if you're not already a BCF member

  • I won a $5 voucher to go on my BCF card

  • Just won another $10 voucher this morning too.

    • You can win a max of $30 :)

      • Thanks. It'll be handy for a Christmas gift this year.

  • Curious, can you only win only once day or couple of times a day. Where is the $5000,- mentioned ?

    • You can win a couple of times per day, but max wins over the comp period is $30 worth. I won all mine within about 30mins of playing I reckon.

      I added the $5k info to the post. Top the leaderboard and you win a $5k gift card

      • Thanks for info - I quite like these kinds of competitions. So far I've only been given the option to release the fish, can't seem to figure out how to gain "points".

        • I only had that option too, but then again I caught about 80-90 fish, and the leaders have caught over 3k! Considering it's only been running for a day, you'd have to play it like a fulltime job in order to get top

        • @Spackbace: wow, yeah I just saw the leaderboard too 3000 fish that is crazy.

        • +1

          @Spackbace: Only the top two lures seem to work for me, one of the bottom ones has been locked for 24hrs and the other one for some reason doesn't work as it doesn't show anything when I fish. Weird. Either way - fun way to get $30,- credit.

        • @b-hunterr:

          To choose any of them except the first, you need to answer a fishing question correctly in order to be able to use it. Answer wrong, and it's blocked out for 24hrs, where you'll get the chance to answer another question

        • @Spackbace:
          or they are running a script

        • @mobo: yeah it's weird, the "hard body" lure doesn't seem to be properly working - it isn't blocked. The top two lures do work.

        • @b-hunterr:

          Lol I got the hard body one working last night :)

  • +2

    yesterday won 2x$5 and 2x$10 :)
    that's it end game, happy reached my $30 (not worth the time/effort going for $5000)

    • +1

      Just received email "We have loaded your instant win voucher amount to your BCF account to use in-store or online. Voucher amount will expire 25.11.2016"
      Looked at my credit amount on BCF =$30

  • +1

    That's the most fun comp for ages. Feeling like fish for dinner now

  • $5 winner here. Will give it another go tonight

  • Easy to get to $30, played about 15 minutes last night and another 15 minutes this morning.
    I wonder if you can use more than one voucher per transaction.

    • It is a store credit not a voucher so you most likely couldn't use with a friends $30 as they are linked to separate accounts. You could give it a go in store, they might be kind and let you do it but my guess is it won't work.

      • I'm thinking naccas was wondering about using different vouchers (because you win $5, $10 etc) together on 1 order, which hopefully you should be able to do. As you say, it should be $30 store credit against your online account :)

  • +1

    won my $30 bucks, pretty chuffed. says it'll be credit on the account by midday monday, so i'll rock up to BCF tuesday and get a few bags of beef jerky and maybe some batteries :D

    • Dont forget to mark yourself as a winner :)

  • how can you tell how much you've already won

    • +1

      I don't think there's a way, you either have to keep track, or keep playing till you cant win any more

    • +1

      I decided to count the vouchers i received until i reached $30, can't win anymore after receiving $30.

  • Still don't know how you are supposed to catch this 'prize' fish..

  • +1

    Won 2 x $5 so far, will keep trying for the whole $30, thanks spackbace!

  • I still can't play the game yet. I registered on Tuesday night, guess I might be able to play tomorrow

  • +1

    Thanks OP, have scored $30 worth for my membership account.

  • +2

    The game finally let me played. Won $30 in 5min :)
    Thanks OP! :D

  • +1

    $5 X 2 and $10 X 2.
    Thank you

  • +1

    Won my $30 share! thanks OP

  • I've caught a couple of instant wins. Is there a way to tell my total $ won from the website?

    • There isn't afaik
      Keep playing until you don't win for 10-15mins I guess

  • how long does it take for this to get credited into my account?

    • According to the T&Cs:
      "5.4.2. the amount won on the card will be credited to the verified winner’s Club BCF membership account on the following dates: Any BCF voucher won between 25 October 2016 and 30 October 2016 will be loaded to their accounts on or about 31 October 2016 with the voucher to expire on or before 25 November 2016; Any BCF voucher won between 31 October 2016 and 6 November 2016 will be loaded to their accounts on or about 7 November 2016 with the voucher to expire on or before 25 November 2016; Any BCF voucher won between 7 November 2016 and 13 November 2016 will be loaded to their accounts on or about 14 November 2016 with the voucher to expire on or before 25 November 2016;"

      So once it is in your account use it quickly cause all vouchers expire "on or before 25 November 2016"

  • Thanks, I have won $5 and $10 so far :) Also learning a bit about fish from the questions you have to answer to activate a lure.

  • Thanks OP! Easy and fun comp.

  • +1

    Yay vouchers are in, just as they said they would :)

    And it's just counted as account credit, so can still use alongside any vouchers that you might find

  • +1

    yay got my $30 I wasn't sure I'd get the full amount since i wasn't tracking carefully.

  • +1

    Cool I just scored $30 took me 10 minutes. Thanks Spackbace

  • +1

    Got my credit, thanks yet again SB.

  • If you got the credit today, you can stack it with this:
    (just in case anyone's missed it)

  • How

    • this gives you credit the other one is a coupon

  • I won a $5 voucher!

  • +1

    Thanks! Just caught 2 x $10 and 2 x $5 in the space of about 10 mins. Nice easy win! :)

  • Easy as pie to win this bad boy.

  • Won $5 bucks!

    • Keep going! Easily get to $30!

      • +1

        Wow it took me another 20 minutes and I've now achieved the $30. Thanks spackbace!

  • +1

    Sweet $30, too easy!

  • Took 30 min and got 2 x$5, how u guys get it so fast??

  • geez, some were quick !

    i took about two rounds of 30 mins on separate days before i got my $30 (5, 10, 10, 5)

  • Won $30. Any ideas on what to spend it on?

  • +1

    Just won $30 in 2 hours… Was it worth it? probably not but can finally say i'm a winner!

  • $20 and about 35minutes. 😀

  • +1

    Easy to play, even on a slow device. $30 in 20mins.

  • I think they must be harder to get as time goes on…..first $25 took me no time at all but that last $5 took about an hour!

  • I got a few $5 wins

  • +1

    did it the hard way, 6x $5 prizes.
    now, what to buy….

  • +2

    For those with young kids:
    Just got this(Intex Sun Shade Pool), price-matched with Toys R Us. Didn't pay a cent! lol :)

  • Won $5 so far, but busy as this time of arvo.

    • +1

      Have now got my bag limit :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got my credit. Hope that the BCF card arrives soon so that I can use it

  • +2

    BCF are listed as a store in the click frenzy tomorrow so hopefully a few good deals for those who haven't used their vouchers yet.

  • The person who won obviously cheated.. haha…

  • +1

    I went into BCF last Thursday when they had their Members night, everything was 20% off, so i picked up a fishing shirt for my son, got 20% off then my $30 discount, Ended up getting it from $59.95 down to just $18.00. Bargain. Great for a Christmas pressie for him!

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