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XINLIN X165 4 CH Mini 2.4g Quadcopter with Gyro Hover 360 Degree Rollover $9.99 (~ AU $13.46) @ GearBest


I was looking at buying one of these for a present and after finding that GearBest stocked it I attempted to negotiate a deal with the Rep to get it even cheaper (Almost ½ price).

1-XINLIN X165 4 CH Mini 2.4G Quadcopter with Gyro Hover 360 Degree Rollover
coupon: GBRC11
PS:limited to first 100 stocks

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2016.

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  • it says it can hover, does that mean altitude hold?

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      Not likely you probably wont find a cheap mini quad in this price range with altitude hold. Saying it can hover just means that it fly's in the air.

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        hahaha thanks, but isnt that a bit misleading? ;P

        • I wouldn't put it past them that they've badly/mistranslated the original chinese product description

        • I won't say that it's misleading. It didn't say self-hoovering did it? It will definitely hoover IF the person controlling it has the skills to hoover it! ;)

  • Thanks OP. Secret Santa present sorted, (Hopefully it arrives before christmas)

    • +6

      Maybe for Christmas 2017

  • Awesome, been wanting a little quadcopter for a while!

    • Eh, it's a bit ordinary. I'd grab a Floureon H101 next time they're on special - much better quad.

      • Yep realised i should have probably got that after buying this but its not in stock anywhere so feel a bit better about my impulse purchase now!

  • Nice i can fly it around the office now

    EDIT: Oh god haha 15-35 days delivery. A long wait.

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    that review on the website is classic :P

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      Which review - there's 84 of 'em.

      Edit - sorry, I see you meant the review video.

    • That dude it hilarious. Still bought it!

  • Code no longer working? I am getting the following error "Code for single unit price only; VIP Price, Special Offer or Group Deal all exempt"

    • You can only purchase one at a time in the cart

      • I got that message; check your total. It still applied!

      • Code no longer works for me while only trying to purchase one.
        Just get a message saying: "This coupon has reached its usage number limit".
        Appears that the limit of 100 has been reached.

  • +11

    But will this carry a bunnings snag?

    • I was wondering the same.

      • ** Hotdogs not included

  • Bought one thanks Op!

  • All gone, while I was adding other items to buy :(
    This coupon has reached its usage number limit

  • all gone :(

  • thanks OP, I bought one, too good at this price! Now im waiting for the 11.11 sales to provide some discounts to the bigger units.

  • Next Best Option?

    • Asked the Rep to extend the offer or find another drone, wait!

      • My attempt at extending the coupon code when it first ran out…

        Me: Hi, are you able to reactivate the coupon code GBRC11 for the XINLIN X165 4 CH Mini 2.4g Quadcopter?
        Me: I want to buy it for $9.99 USD but the coupon says it has been used too many times
        sebella: Sorry, we couldn't reactivate the coupon code GBRC11, thank you for your kind understanding.
        Me: Are you able to negotiate on price?
        sebella: Sorry, we have no right to negotiate on price, it depends on the suppliers.
        Me: No it doesn't, you were selling it for $9.99 USD only 30 minutes ago!

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          The Rep on here says:

          Let me try to apply more!

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    Is this drone okay to fly and pick up Bunnings Sausage Sizzle?