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[Refurbished] Asus UX303UA-C4037T Intel i5 6200U/8G Ram/256G SSD/13.3" Touch Screen $819 Shipped @ Centralfield Technology


Asus Refurbished

  1. Tax invoice provided

  2. Australia stock and Australian Seller

  3. Quick Dispatch, shipped form Melbourne.

  4. Full 1 Year warranty (Asus Provide pickup and return).

  5. Refurbished by Asus Australia.

  6. Near new, may have slight blemishes, in full working order.

The Laptops have been fully refurbished by Asus to the highest possible standards. They are NOT refurbished by a third party. They have been resealed with the manufacturers sticker.
The laptops are in full working order and carry a full 1 Year Asus warranty.
As they are refurbished stock, there may be very minor surface marks on them and we have inspected several units and they look like new. These refurbished Notebook are re-packaged into brand new packaging (with a serial number and factory seal) , but the contents inside are in the highest possible condition.

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    My concern about refurbished laptops is the condition of the battery.

    Is the battery replaced when refurbishing?


      This. Was thinking about buying one of these ASUS Zenbook refurbs but didn't know what the battery was like, so I went for a new one instead.


      not sure is been replaced, but Asus provide 6 months warranty form the date of purchase.

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        The OP says 12 month warranty? Is the warranty on the battery only 6 months?

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    gee please copy paste specs on the deal when posting - not so hard i think….


    Ooo, looks like nice specs for a hackintosh.


    Only thing you need to swap out is the wifi card and then everything will work under OSX :O


      Honestly.. if you want OSX, just get a Macbook. Not sure why you'd want to put up with a flakey hacked together job just to do so. You might have to pay more for it, but at least you know its stable and compatible. The amount of weird random errors when I did this before (during the Snow Leopard days) just wasnt worth it - not even for the 5 second self gratification of this "achievement"..


        Not saying you're wrong (probably right as far as hassle goes) but when you say "you might have to pay more" that translates to a +$950 (when comparing with a kind of equivalent specced refurbished macbook Pro) or in other words - two hackintoshes for the price of one macbook. And if your were going to dual boot windows anyway that value proposition is even worse.

        My 2c


          Well, difference is probably close to a 13" Macbook air,
          which can be had for around $1200 during the sales for a brand new device, making it @$400 difference or so. Considering the effort to put it on (5 hours?) Plus the support work behind it, along with uncertainty of it actually running the apps you need, then you have to wonder if it is worth it or not.

          I am no Mac fan in any way and actually own the top end, pimped up UX303LN too (12gb RAM, 1Tb ssd). But just thinking it is a waste of the machine this way and have it run unstable for its life.


          @bchliu: Hmm interesting comparison with the Air, haven't looked at it from that angle. Would also be interesting to know if it's any easier to build (hack?) a hackintosh in 2016 then it ever was.


          @AncientWisdom: Well, sadly, Apple will be pulling out the Macbook Air very soon with the current gen to be the last of them. The replacement for the MBA 11" is basically their Macbook 12 and the replacement for the MBA 13" is the Macbook Pro 13" without the stupid touch bar. Basically these options jack it up by another $400 for an entry level now of $1600 or so.
          Hackintoshes may be more "viable" with time as they make their product range more expensive - but for now at least, grab the last of the MBA's at the reasonable prices before they totally kill them off the market. I might be bias when I say this - why would you really need MacOS when you can get exactly the same software in Windows + more?


        I've had a hackintosh in the past and as long as you disable the OS from performing upgrades then it stays stable no worries. I'm not sure where you get 5hrs from, maybe if you were stuffing around with new hardware and trying to get it to work for the first time? Once there's a guide for your hardware like this it's a lot easier. All you do is extract your DSDT and SSDTs then patch them using the program he mentions and tick off the patches he said to tick. Then you just download a couple files he linked and extract them to your USB and you are ready to go.


          5 hours is about right according to your guide given:

          "For this guide you will need:

          At least 1x USB stick (preferably two)
          Another OS X machine (if you don't have another, loan a friend's Mac or use a VM or something)
          Reading skills
          A few hours to spare"

          So.. opening up the UX303 and putting in a compatible WIFI Card, ripping the image off an existing Apple Mac onto USB stick, Making all the modifications to it, installing a hacked EFI (Clover) to be bootable for OSX, Compiling the KEXTs, obtaining an SMBIOS from a compatible machine.. etc.
          Then installing it - fingers crossed without a pinwheel or the grey screen of death? And figuring out where it went wrong. Once in the OS, you will have to configure it all up to make it work, disable updates and continue to configure it to work with the hardware.

          Then.. within 6 months time, you'd realise that your OS is 6 months behind on vulnerability patches, updates etc. and then having to either redo the entire process again, or leave it alone until the next Mountain update comes out.

          Oh yeah.. Did I forget to mention that the only legal way to have OSX is.. if you own an Apple Computer? An Apple sticker does not help BTW.. Extracting OSX from one machine to be put onto another non-Apple goes against the T&C's. No different from putting on a cracked Windows on your machine I suppose.

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          @bchliu: You make a strong argument lol


          @AncientWisdom: Its what happens when you've been there and done that in the past.. and try to call out BS when people tell you otherwise. LOL.


    Hey store rep, most of the refurb listings do not include full specifications. It is way too much work to look up what you are buying.

    So I will go elsewhere

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    This is a lot of money and not have the specs of the machine laid out for us, we are professionals and require details.


      The specs are in the title and they are also listed on the linked website

      Key Features
      13.3" LED Back-lit Ultra Slim Full HD (1920x1080) Touchscreen
      Intel Core i5-6200U dual core processor (3MB Cache, 2.3GHz - 2.8GHz)
      8GB RAM
      256GB SSD
      Intel HD graphics 520
      1 x HDMI
      3 x USB 3.0
      1 x mini Display Port
      1 x Headphone-out & Audio-in Combo Jack
      Multimedia Card Reader
      ac Wi-Fi
      Bluetooth 4.0
      HD Webcam
      50WHrs 3-cell Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack
      Windows 10 (64bit)

      Interesting that OP didn't think to mention the FHD screen in the title though.


    Thanks for the tax invoice specifications.