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[PC] [Origin] Battlefield 1 Standard Edition (40% OFF/SGD $41.94 =~AUD $39.81) via Singapore Origin. VPN Required


Requires a VPN to purchase from store other than Australia. Otherwise, it is $59.99 from the Australian Origin store.

It may be cheaper via Korea, however I have not tested it as my current VPN doesn't offer Korea.

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    $3 AUD cheaper in the korean store ($36 AUD)

    • Is it in English?

      • yes

        • Unforunately I'm not exactly familiar with VPN so I had to buy from singapore store because the only means I know to connect to a vpn via chrome is tunnelbear. Would you please be so kind as to tell me what method do you use to connect to korean vpn? For future references

        • @blue2609:

          Did you purchase the game today using tunnelbear? You didn't get an error?

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          Hi there,

          Yes I literally just purchased it like 30 mins ago. What's funny is the fact that I didn't see this post, I checked into India origin store, Mexico origin store and singapore origin store myself.

          India has battlefield 1 (standard edition) for about $AU 46
          Mexico origin store has it for about $AU 48
          Singapore origin store has it for about $AU 39


          Anyway, I used tunnelbear as I said, I chose "Singapore" as the VPN and then I went to origin.com

          It's also worth noting that I had to enable tunnelbear in chrome "incognito mode" because as far as I know incognito mode doesn't record your cookies/cache/history and therefore you don't have to clean your cache/cookies everytime you want to change to another country via tunnelbear.

          I went to origin.com, it redirected me straight to the singaporean origin store. I signed in with my account and I searched "battlefield 1" on the search bar. I chose the "standard edition" and clicked on "buy now" if I remember correctly. I chose paypal as my payment method and when the store redirected me to the paypal website (for the final checkout) I turned off tunnelbear (I had to do this otherwise it won't work) and proceed with the checkout WITHOUT VPN. And that's it, it worked!

        • @blue2609:

          When you used the VPN what error did you get? Did it stop working after "reviewing order"?

        • @DesMan94:

          Nope, it worked just fine, like i said, used tunnelbear and I remember when I clicked on "buy now" a menu came up to ask me what method of payment would I like to choose. I chose PayPal, and then it redirected me to paypal checkout. I turned off tunnelbear, paid for the game and that's it. I do remember I clicked on "reviewing order" button at some point but I can't remember when exactly. The VPN worked just fine, didn't have trouble with it.

    • Any tips? I get an error paying using credit card. I've tried with and without VPN on when I hit the orange button after entering my CC details.

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        save your credit card to your account first and set it as primary payment method, then it should autofill ur details and ask to confirm ur CVV and should work. I didn't have to disable the VPN at all

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          Thanks that worked.

    • $36.58 according to my pending 28 degrees transaction. Thanks!

    • thank you!

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    If I were to buy from Korean or Singapore stores, would the game be in English or do I have to do that whole language pack patch thing?

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      Someone correct me if i am wrong but you only need to do that for the Russian Version.
      All other copies are ROTW (Rest of the World) so they are all the same.

      • correct I bought titanfall from Korean store and it's in English

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      I bought Mirror's Edge Catalyst from Singapore and it was in English.

    • English.

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      dont tell me you didnt know singapore use english as their native language?

      • Singlish

  • $56.90 SGD for premium pass.

    • is that 56 ontop or gives you the base game?

      • On top of!!! It's so damn expensive.

  • I get an error when attempting to pay with 28 degrees either through the card itself or paypal. Anyone else have this issue and a workaround?

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      Cancel the VPN once at paypal final checkout screen. Continue with Paypal checkout without the VPN on and it should work fine.

      • Can you use PayPal for the Korean purchase?

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          no, just CC

  • Free 6 month trial VPN with Korean exit node.

    • I had to connect via OpenVPN.

  • Good deal! Was about to purchase locally for $60. Thanks.

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    I've tried two separate VPN's and am having no luck buying battlefield despite buying titanfall 2 from Singapore earlier today. Can anyone lend a hand?

    • Clear your browser data and do a disk clean-up. Its does annoying cache. Also try to enable your VPN while the website is open and turn it off during check out.

      • By "the website" I take it you mean Origin? Cheers for the help mate.

    • I don't know if it actually helped but I changed my country in the about me section of my EA account to Singapore. It wasn't working before that but afterwards it went through.

  • Guys if you know a cheap way to get all ME 2/3 DLCs please tell me. I'm not paying EA $100 AUD for a full priced DLCs for a half decade old games. Thanks

  • Would someone be able to post up the steps to do this? I have tried TunnelBear (Singapore) a few times and keep getting errors when submitting my card details. Did anyone have the same issue?

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      save your credit card details as your primary method of payment and it should work. worked for me for Korea

      link is here https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/paymentandshipping/index

      • Thanks for the reply. Managed to get through but now getting an "error processing" at the very end after going through paypal :(

        • did you try without paypal and just credit card? paypal wasnt working for me either

        • @hoftos:

          With card, I can't submit my details and get to the "review order" phase. Paypal works but then after reviewing order it errors.

        • I get the same thing. As I finish paying with paypal, it closes the paypal window and returns to origin only to say "Woops. we've had trouble processing your request please try again later"

          Has my paypal account been billed but I've received nothing???

        • @computerman:

          I ended up using Opera and it worked. Maybe try that?

    • No problem using the VPN built into the Opera browser and paying by paypal (using MacOS)

  • And we're downloading. 41GB download, expands to a 47GB install. Coming down at 10MB/s, just over an hour. I guess it's lunch time.

  • What if I don't buy any DLC?
    Am I going to get rekt on multiplay?

  • Whats the deal with playing with friends now that there is no Battlelog.

    • All integrated in game. From servers to party, it's all done within the game itself with no need for a browser alternative.

  • Hell yes.. all my mates are going on about it but couldn't bring myself to spending $50-$60 on this, came to $40.06 (but all depends on what the exchange rate does in the next few days). Cheers Unseatingcargo1!

    • Haha, exact same boat as you bud. Was waiting for a sale whilst my mates were hammering me to buy it.

  • Confirmed $39.88 on my 28 degrees card. Great deal!

  • Have you tried "South" Korea?

  • Just got it for $41 from Singapore store. It was a lot of just repetitive trial and error but I can't complain at that price. Thanks.