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US $10 Credit Towards Next Purchase @ Amazon US (with MasterCard) - Use Mobile Browser

  1. Go to Amazon.com through your phone (use Chrome for best results)
  2. If already signed in, please sign out. Otherwise, use Incognito Mode in Chrome.
  3. Go to sign in screen (do not sign in)
  4. Then, copy and paste this link - https://www.amazon.com/gp/promo/redeem?promotionCode=A1J8XFPD9RCIIL&promotionIssuer=mastercard&promotionBank=&promotionToken=7818FC76D8EC4BD66DE771F54D50EC574B1E8B2C&pageId=mastercard_2016&promotionType=cc&crId=3067180600801&targetURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com
  5. We're sorry page comes up.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Already a customer? Sign In"
  7. Sign in
  8. GET $10 OFF AT AMAZON.COM Come up
  9. Click "Change your 1-click setting"
  10. If you already register master card in your account, then you will get the credit. Otherwise, you should put mastercard info.

Thank you

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  • +1

    Picked up a copy of the Division on Xbox one for $7.50 delivered using this deal. Surely the mastercard deal isone of the all time best Oz bargain deals?!?

    • The Upvotes would tend to agree with you :-)

  • Thank you dear

  • cool bananas. thanks OP.

  • +1

    do you have to pay using MC?

    • -1

      Nah you don't. It is account credit.

      • +3

        Actually you do, I switched to a Visa and the discount was removed. Switched back to a MasterCard and the discount was reapplied.

      • +1

        Confirmed. Must pay with mastercard to use credit.

  • Still working as of this post.

  • Confirmed as working on Lumia 640 w/Windows Mobile 10, Microsoft Edge and InPrivate mode. Thanks OP :)

  • Just wanna make sure I'm not missing out on more .
    It's only once per account? Removing MasterCard and putting another one and repeating the steps doesn't make it 2 x $10 credits ?

  • Time to get that fishing reel.

  • WHat I've noticed, it only works for certain physical items..so you pretty much have to trial & error.

    You can also sign up for AMazon free trial prime account to get free delivery, not sure if its just within USA though.

    So far what I've found it works on:
    1) The Division PS4
    2) DUalshock 4 PS4 Controller - Jet Black

    • Prime is only free delivery to US addresses yeah.

  • Doesn't seem to work on digital items.. trying to buy a PS4 game or PSN credit.

  • anyone else having trouble with step 6?

    edit: nevermind, just use your phone, cheers OP

  • Tried in incognito on phone and laptop, seems to be not working

    • Same here.
      Awesome first post from OP nonetheless!

      • Same same, sadly not different here too!

  • Can someone confirm whether app referral credit can be combined with this? I tried on a $30 item but only the $10 discount showed.

  • Does not work anymore :(

  • +2


    Slick deals comments also confirm the deal is dead :( unforunately if you had signed up but not used the credit, you aren't able to use it now

    • confirmed. i shouldn't have waited to buy something. but then again I couldn't anyway since no funds in my MCs lol

  • Looks like it's dead. Discount no longer applies in cart.

  • +1

    Can confirm discount no longer applies in cart. Took too long to decide!

  • +1

    It was fun while it lasted!

  • Took too long to decide and now it is over.

  • +1

    Well couldn't find anything to buy last night, so easy come, easy go

  • They didn't removed my 10euro credit at Amazon.de with similar MasterCard deal. I haven't used it now. But they removed Amazon.com

  • I followed the steps and said i received credit to my account. I have added items to see if the credit applies after choosing mc payment option but the normal price shows up. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Expired.

  • Thanks OP! glad I pulled the trigger last night

  • Disappointed I didn't get to use the $10 :(

  • +3

    For those that had credit applied but then disappeared, try contacting Amazon. I used their chat, took <5 min and they added credit that shows up as "Courtesy Credit: -$10.00" in the checkout. Also rep said it has an expiry date of 2020.

    • I have the same issue. Where is a link to their chat?

      EDIT: Just Googled it, thanks.

      • Can't seem to find their chat service.. Could you please link it? I did try to google too :/

    • Some people on Slickdeals are saying that if you do that a black mark will be added onto your account. If an account gets enough black marks it will be banned permanently…

      • Why? Was it illegitimate? I had the promotion popping on my mobile this morning anyway.

        • +1

          It's a legitimate deal. It's probably just to stop people from constantly taking advantage of amazon/loopholes…

    • i chatted with them, no dice on the courtesy credit. guess it depends on who you chat to. might try different member later

      • Online with them now, but it doesn't look good. That's what you get for breaking the number 1 bargain rule - never postpone a bargain!

        • Yeah, they linked me to this promotion. Seems to be something completely different.
          Then submitted some claim to the marketing and promotion team. We'll see what comes of it.

        • +2

          never postpone a bargain

          Yes someone even said "you have until 14 Jan 2017 to decide" (how to use the credits) - nothing like this is ever certain!

        • +1

          @NigelTufnel: I didn't even get that far. Free money is not easy to acquire.

      • The no doubt check your account to see how much you order from them.

    • Just tried and they didn't do that.

      The response I received:

      "We're currently working to identify the credits to provide with a replacement code."

  • So anyone have successfully claimed their $10 credit back?

  • Bah, couldn't decide what to spend the credit on and now it's disappeared…

  • Where do you see $10 discount saved in the account anyways?

    • It should tell you it was used before you submitted your order

      • What I meant was that i have not purchased anything yet but cannot see $10off in check out although it said ends 14 jan 2017..

  • Contacted them on chat and this is what they said:

    Balaji: I can understand the concern.
    Our special team has been working on this issue they will get back to you with the new code.
    You need not to worry about this.

    So hopefully we get an email soon with a new code.

    • I was literally told to go f myself. Maybe I'll try again.

      • +2

        You should report that…

        • +4

          He meant "find himself". Spiritually.

      • Same here. Is that a particular approach that we should be taking in order to persuade them to credit us back?

      • +2

        I was literally told to go f myself.

        pretty much same here lol

        Initial Question: Hi, I applied for the Mastercard promo. I was able to apply to an order last night but I did not go through with the order as I was still thinking about what to purchase. I have tried it again now and it's no longer being applied?

        09:14 AM PST Vinoth(Amazon): Hello, my name is Vinoth. I'm here to help you today.
        09:16 AM PST CVonC: Hi Vinoth, thanks.
        09:16 AM PST Vinoth: Hi CVonC
        09:17 AM PST Vinoth: I'm sorry to know that promo not applying.
        Please allow me a moment while I check this for you.
        09:19 AM PST Vinoth: We're investigating incidents where customers validly received a promotional code and were unable to redeem the code. We're working to identify those customers to provide them with a replacement code.
        09:19 AM PST CVonC: Sure
        09:21 AM PST Vinoth: Some of our promotions have a very limited time frame. We're unable to apply special discounts to items ordered before or after the dates of any promotional offer.

        I apologize again for any inconvenience. I hope you will be able to take advantage of our future promotions.

        09:22 AM PST CVonC: Yeah the code said it was expiring some time in January so I thought I had plenty of time to be able to use it.
        09:22 AM PST Vinoth:
        I apologize again for any inconvenience.
        09:25 AM PST Vinoth: Are we still connected ?
        09:25 AM PST CVonC: yeah.. so I just wait for a correspondence from you guys?
        09:27 AM PST Vinoth: I'm sorry, I checked with my Supervisor, since promotion expired we don't have an option to honor.
        I hope you will be able to take advantage of our future promotions.

        09:28 AM PST CVonC: you said you're investigating incidents where customers validly received a code and were unable to redeem it? so are you saying i'm not on one of those customers?
        09:31 AM PST Ayub Usman(Amazon): Hello. I am Ayub.
        09:32 AM PST Ayub Usman: I understand our concern and see that master card has ended this promotion. This is the latest confirmation about the master card promotion of $10.
        09:33 AM PST Ayub Usman: I understand your* concern and see that master card has ended this promotion. This is the latest confirmation about the master card promotion of $10.
        09:33 AM PST CVonC: yeah..
        09:36 AM PST Ayub Usman: I have checked and see that this promotion was a limited time promotion of Master Card. As I see that this promotion has been expired, you are unable to get it at the time of placing an order.
        09:38 AM PST Ayub Usman: I hope we are still connected?
        09:39 AM PST CVonC: the terms and conditions said it was expiring in january. master card seemed to end it prematurely just over night. so are you saying pretty much it's bad luck to me that they did that?
        09:43 AM PST Ayub Usman: I have checked and see that January 14 is the last date to redeem the promotion. However the last date to get the $10 promotion on valid Master card has been expired on November 23.
        I would appreciate your understanding in this case.
        09:43 AM PST CVonC: yeah.. i was able to get the promotion…
        09:44 AM PST CVonC: it was working on an order last night.. showed up as -$10 in the checkout
        but i held off on the purchase as i was still thinking about other products to use it on
        tried it again today on the same product i did last night and it no longer showed the -$10 in the check out
        09:48 AM PST Ayub Usman: I understand your concern and see that the promotion was given to your account from Master card with the expiry date of Wednesday, November 23, 2016 . As I see that the order is not completed, it has expired.

        09:51 AM PST CVonC: if i got the $10 promo by nov 23, but the jan 14 date is the last date to redeem it.. then why has it expired for me?
        09:52 AM PST CVonC: basically what you're telling me is that nov 23 is the only date that matters here
        so what's the point of the january 14 date in the first place if that is in fact the case?
        09:56 AM PST Ayub Usman: Let me help you with the policy.
        I have checked and see that you did not place any order using using your Master card on or before Wednesday, November 23, 2016. This is the reason why you did not receive $10 promotion.
        January 14 is the expiry date of the $10 promotion which is given by Master card. As I see that the order is not placed before November 23, 2016, the promotion of $10 is not issued.
        09:57 AM PST Ayub Usman: If you would have placed an order before November 23, 2016, you would have got $10 promotion from Master card which can be used till January 14.
        09:58 AM PST CVonC: that makes no sense since the $10 promotion automatically applies to the current order. so there would be no need for a january 14 expiry when it already applies to the order by nov 23…
        10:00 AM PST Ayub Usman: I understand your concern and would like to let you know that sometimes promotions are directly applied to the order, instead given the account. In that case, the promotion can be used till January 14, 2017.
        10:01 AM PST Ayub Usman: I would love to help you with the policy that if the promotion is given to the account, it can be used till January 14, 2017. Otherwise they are directly applied to the order placed before November 23, 2016.
        10:02 AM PST CVonC: lol
        10:03 AM PST Ayub Usman: I'm sorry for the inconvenience you've experienced in this case.
        10:04 AM PST CVonC: so basically there's nothing that can be done about this lost $10 right?
        10:06 AM PST Ayub Usman: As this promotion is over, I am sorry that my system will not allow me help you in this concern.

        My apologies again for this situation.
        10:07 AM PST CVonC: k
        10:08 AM PST Ayub Usman: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

        • +1

          Laughable. The school of customer service (a la Apple) that says you must say "I understand your concern" to resolve any customer problem.

  • 'To compensate for the inconvenience, I've issued a $20.00 promotional certificate to your Amazon.com account, which will automatically apply the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by Amazon.com. The promotional certificate doesn't apply to items offered by other sellers on the Amazon.com website and won't cover the purchase of gift cards, sales tax, gift wrap, or additional shipping costs.'
    Worth following it up with live chat…

    • +2

      Lucky you! I got my "$10 promotional certificate" like the others.

      • +3

        Lucky you! I got nothing like many more others

  • Thanks ordered. Spoke to amazon they are looking into it said will take a few days to sort out. Strange why they cancelled the promo gifts.

  • +1

    Strangely, I managed to pay using a Visa card as opposed to a Mastercard card.

    The latter was declined (typed in a wrong digit) and decided to try a Visa card before inserting the correct number. It turns out Amazon accepted it and change the order's status from 'pending payment' to 'awaiting pickup'.

  • +1

    I got this in chat:

    In connection with MasterCard 1-Click promotion, we ran a limited-quantity offer of $10 off eligible purchase (physical goods) sold and shipped on Amazon.com. If you were eligible for the promotion you’ll receive a replacement code in the next 1-2 business days.

    I wonder what the initial eligibility was?

  • Is there a minimum purchase or I can purchase less than $10?

  • Did that $10 credit have a very short expiry date?

    Was this promo advertised or some kind of exploit of their system?

  • +6

    I can confirm I now have US$10 "Courtesy Credit" in my account.
    I did not do anything - I have not spoken to anyone at Amazon. So just sit tight.

    • Hey cool, ditto :) and I didn't do anything either

    • where do you see that?

      • Go through buying something from Amazon (as a seller), it should show up in the cart

        • +1

          thanks… :) I see it too. Nobody knows what the expiry is on it though? Best to spend first, ask questions later?

        • @bluedufflecoat:

          Best to spend first, ask questions later?

          Probably lol

  • +1

    Awesome i got a courtesy credit without doing any follow up too.

  • +3

    Amazon has emailed me now too:
    In connection with the MasterCard 1-Click promotion, we ran a limited-supply offer of $10 off of a qualifying purchase. You were unable redeem the offer prior to it expiring due to high popularity and the limited supply of offers available. Because you are a valued cardmember, I've added a $10 Amazon.com promotional certificate to your account.

    • got that email too. Seems like amazon is honouring this deal :)

  • Just got the e-mail as well!

  • +12

    Got this email:


    In connection with the MasterCard 1-Click promotion, we ran a limited-supply offer of $10 off of a qualifying purchase. You were unable redeem the offer prior to it expiring due to high popularity and the limited supply of offers available. Because you are a valued cardmember, I've added a $10 Amazon.com promotional certificate to your account.

    Your available balance appears in the payment section when you place a qualifying order for new items shipped and sold by Amazon.com. Eligible funds will be automatically applied to your qualifying order(s). This promotional balance doesn't appear in Your Account (you'll only see gift card balances there). To view the Terms and Conditions for using your promotional funds, go to our Help pages:


    We look forward to seeing you again soon!

    • Is there an expiry date for this?

      • Sorry I'm not sure about that

    • Got this too. Wonder if I can use with my Citi Visa rather than a MC now?

  • Good on Amazon, I got the credit

  • Email here too! Good guy Amazon!

  • Oh wow, i didn't expect them to re credit all 3 of my accounts with the $10, because it seemed like an exploit to me.

    • Amazon have deep pockets.. DEEP DEPP Pockets

      • +1

        Johnny Depp?

  • Yep also got extra credit. Might take the bait on the Steam controller now :)

  • Same! Across all accounts. Good on Amazon for honouring this!

  • +3

    Amazon has better customer service than 99% of Australian retailers and yet people have doubts about buying from there.

    • The only uncertainly is on warranty, e.g. the hard drives purchased from Amazon. If something goes wrong, the warranty returns/process could be more complicated.

      This Toshiba drive deal is an example.
      OZBer uncovers the warranty terms here which only talks about USA and some Latin American countries. So what is the warranty conditions, if the drive is purchased and used here? A bit unclear.

  • I just got the credit email as well never complained. just wish it came through before purchasing the 750gb ssd last night :)

    Reading the slickdeals post there was an internal amazon email saying anyone that clicked before this date would get credit anyone after was a fraud click direct to the link not via popup add and would not be credited. Goo news

  • Nothing here yet. There's hoping… But maybe I just am not a good enough customer for them…

    • I rarely pay for anything on Amazon, but received credit email at noon. Placing order, us$10 from this deal was deducted from price😯

  • Still waiting on my credit (hopefully soon by the previous comments)

    • +1

      Just pretend to buy something and see if a credit is applied.

      • Yeah have checked a couple of times during the day, no credit for the impatient it would seem :(

    • It does not get listed on your account, so to check, do as what bluedufflecoat says.

  • Got the mastercard expired email too. Luckily they're amazon so $10 promo credit to be used with any card is even better. Amazon is just keeping us happy for their invasion next year to decimate eBay and the physical retail market ;)

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