This was posted 5 years 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 10% off Sitewide (Min Spend $75, Max Discount $300)


10% off when you spend $75 or more

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  • The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) when you spend $75 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period.
  • The total discount is capped at $300 per transaction. Limit 3 transaction per person during the Offer Period.
  • Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
  • This coupon works on "worldwide" items from any location in any currency.
  • Purchases of items listed in the following categories are excluded from this offer: Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730) and Gift Cards (172,009).

Full Terms & Conditions

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  • Upvoted in hope.

  • +1

    Sitewide that's awesome.

  • Hope it doesn't take the place of the 15% off sitewide for Xmas 2015

  • the anticipation is killing me

  • +5

    10% is nothings

    • +6

      I agree with you Jar Jar Binks.

      • +2

        Or Gollum

  • +1

    GOD DAMN IT! Opens wallet

  • -1

    I'm hoping that New Balance is included…really need some new shoes

    • +3

      not sure if youre trolling

      • +3

        He most certainly is - this website isn't known as TrollBargain just for its catchy title.

  • 10%… hmmm. Well site-wide is something at least, means sporting equipment will be included for a change. Might take a punt on a new bat.

  • Has it ever been 20% off site-wide? Normally its only ever been 20% of selected retailers, but none of the retailers I want to buy from have ever been included in the 20% off sales.

    • No, highest it has been was 15% site-wide.

    • Yup it was 20% off a few years ago. Still using the phone I bought from that sale.

    • +1

      It happened last year.

      • +1

        ah yeah that was the UK one which also worked for us. someone should add that to the wiki list :)

        • you can update it yourself :)

  • +4

    Why does this happen after I buy something lol

    • Hold on. There might be better deal coming after 29/11 when this one ends. Looking at past experiences.

  • +2

    At least 10% is achievable without every retailer spiking their prices.

  • Question does the 10% buyer discount cover items for any seller?

    I got a lot of items (thanks to OzBargain) that I need to offload - does my buyer receive a 10% discount? and only if it is between 25/11 and 29/11?

  • +10

    I just asked a EBay rep on the telephone and he confirmed that there is 10% off site wide for purchases that are $75 or more starting Friday 25/11

    • +1

      That is not site wide as claimed. Past deals have been 15% off.

    • For one item or for cart?

  • Only 10% can't be bothered.

  • -1

    10% is good, 20% is better but, once we have anything over 15% off, the prices are jacked up and then discounted back. Also some of the sellers will simply put no stock on some of the items so you cannot buy until the sales over all of sudden they are all in stock again.

    Don't ask why they don't want to sell the item as Ebay covers discount, and as the sellers, they still get the same amount of money. But, once people know they can get $2000 thing for $1600 regardless if it is third party absorbed costs or what, they will only want to pay $1600, which does not work for the merchants.

    Anyway, 10% is 10%, it must have some Ts and Cs, might check the top ceiling of the discount amount and transaction limit.

    • Because ebay usually doesn't cover the discount (say 5% of 20%). When sitewide its probably different.

  • Can I ask. For this 10% offer is it ebay who pays for the discount or is it the seller?

    I think c10auz, caus10, etc etc a few of those worked for aus sellers when I checked last week I think. for these codes was it the seller or ebay who took the brunt?

    • +2

      I might be wrong. But I could imagine it would be very hard for eBay to enforce all sellers the entire side (including those sellers from China, Hong Kong, Korea, US, etc) to pay 10%? Every sellers must agree, unlike "selected retailers".

    • Have sold stuff with similar deals and got full price so eBay must be picking up the discount.

    • I believe if it 10% across the board, then ebay absorbs, but after taking into their fees for seller, ebay COULD still make a profit.

  • Do we just randomly ask the eBay rep for advance deals or something?

    Some of you folks would have some good contacts now.

    • no. we kidnap one and hold ebay to ransom. x percentage off site wide or the ebay rep bungy jumps KGB style.


    • +1

      Nope, eBay reps are normally very very unhelpful.

      Only ever got a positive response twice from an eBay rep

  • Cant wait!!!

  • At least 15% then Ill pull the trigger. 10% is so mainstream these days :(

    • -1

      Depends on what you're buying. Anything over 10% and the seller usually increases their prices.

  • There was a 15% off site wide during Xmas last year I recall

  • Starting to look around for unnecessary things to buy.

  • Sweet deal if this one goes ahead.

    This will be a fully eBay funded one, we have a large eBay store and haven't been contacted about this one. We normally don't bother participating in a lot of the promo's as we don't have enough margin in our products and we don't like hiking the pricing to compensate.

    • Just a general question. How do they do 20% off, does the seller has to bear all 20% or eBay compensates half or ??? much. Are you able to shed some light on it. That would be helpful to understand.

      • +5

        It is either fully funded by the seller or split 50/50. The big one in June was split 50/50, but the last couple we fully funded. When it's a fully funded 20% off discount, there is no attractions for us to participate.

        However with the big businesses (Kogan, target, big lee ect. ect.), I'd be damn sure they have there own separate deals.

        • Thanks for the info..Much appreciated. Are you aware of any big one coming up in next 4-6 weeks.

        • +1


          We only get notified of target ones specific to the products we sell. But there are heaps that they put feelers out but either cancel them or they just don't happen.

        • @Calmago: Thanks 👍

  • +1

    How do these x% of everything ebay offers work with an auction? Does an auction need to finish within the offer period? For example, if I win an auction before the start of the offer, but wait to make payment within the offer period, will the discount still be applied?

    • As long as you make the payment during the offer period it would apply

  • +2

    This code WORKS right now for 10% off the price for most things when you buy from an Aussie Seller

    Min spend $30 Max $300

    CODE: CAUS10

  • +1

    10% off non inflated pc parts prices from any seller will be better than the current 20% off inflated pricing from a select few sellers.

  • how to talk to a eBay rep ?

    • +15

      I usually find English is the most commonly used language.

      Try that and report back.

      • just call them?

        • Yes, or email.

          Use the "Help and Contact" link on eBay.

      • +1

        Hindi can also be used.

  • +1

    Apologies if it's dumb/common knowledge, but do these % off everything sales usually apply to items listed in other currencies, or only in AUD?

    • +1

      Doing a bit of research into similar previous deals, it seems it will apply to purchases in other currencies, so I'll hold off on buying until tomorrow!

    • +2

      From my experience, item location and currency doesn't matter, as long as it is available on eBay Australia, and the buyer has an Australian eBay account and payment is made via an Australian Paypal account.

  • -1

    It's not starting until tomorrow to give the sellers enough time to jack up the prices.

  • Australia only or their global site?

  • +1

    Does anyone knows if I buy the item today and pay it tomorrow, will it works? Technically it just a code that you enter when paying with Paypal so I don't see a reason why it doesn't.
    For anyone wondering, why not buy it tomorrow, the reason is the item is an auction that ends today.
    BTW: I'm sure the deal is real as I heard it advertising on radio today.
    Edit: Call up ebay and they said it would works :)

  • I can add multiple/different items in the cart and it will apply 10% to all items right?

  • Here's hoping for a discounted iPhone SE.

    • +1

      You might get a lot of "out of stock" listings pulled from the big guys.

  • Most of the time eBay prices aren't the lowest with 10% off so … hard to get excited about 10% off.

  • Will Kogan jack up prices by 10%?

    • Highly likely

    • Typical dick

  • +1

    Hairdresser thinks it is possible.

  • Ok, I've just confirmed this post, it's real.

  • Is the code "CAUS10"?

  • 75$ for single item, or multiple adding to 75$ in single checkout also work?

    • Each transaction = total amount in checkout.

      So it can be multiple items with a total amount due of $75.

  • +2

    Unbelievably I heard an advertisement for this sale 2 hours ago on Pandora Radio, anyone else get the same? Some 10 hours before it's due to start but the ad said "on now" so must have released that ad too early.

    10% off everything at eBay. At the end they said: "Offer ends this monday, max discount $300, $75 min spend, max 3 transactions per person"

    All the same details as mentioned in the OP, except the end date was 28/11 not 29/11 so have changed that.

    • Is the code out yet? And the deal definitely happening? Thanks

  • +2

    The phone i was looking to buy went up by $21 overnight at TGG. Great when that happens…

    • +1

      If this is site wide, then in most cases you'll find it cheaper from a different seller.

  • +1

    The price of the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB with Tax Invoice is now way above the price that Apple are selling it for. I think the retailers are getting ready…

    • I know dude. You might as well just buy it from apple now. I was hoping for 20% off at least but its not worth it now. Buying from apple store seems more trustworthy and you can pick it up same day

  • Is this active yet?
    Anyone knows if this discount only applied to 1 checkout or can be multiple checkouts?

    I want to purchase some items from overseas seller, and some from local. They can't be combined into single checkout.

    • They can't?

      • Sorry… I remembered wrong…
        It doesn't allow you to mix different currency in one checkout. Not based on seller's location.

        I tried to do that to apply my $100 voucher from previous deal..
        It process each currency separately, so I have to find seller that sell similar thing in AUD :(

    • No one can answer that question for another 30 mins. XD

    • Overseas purchases in foreign currency work "as is" with this coupon, no issues.

  • 4 mins

  • +1

    3 mins left until the moment of truth. XD

  • 2 mins left now…

  • Missing code

    • Missing code because the deal is not online yet.

      1 min left :D

  • +1

    Generally by now Ebay should have updated their landing page with deal details.

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