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Portable Inflatable Sofa Bed (Blue colour only) US $10.65- $10.99/Piece (~AU $13.58- $14.01/Piece) @DD4.com


Inflatable Sofa deal is back and if you purchase 2 pieces (max qty), price is a tiny bit lower than previous DD4 offer. Note, only blue colour is available. For green colour, it's more expensive USD14.03.

According to DD4 website, Features:

  1. Fast inflatable, without any electric and manual, pedal inflatable auxiliary facilities, magical in a few seconds to complete the inflatable and storage.
  2. The use of leak-proof gas material, can withstand the pressure of 200kg, while sewing technology, so that the whole material as a whole.
  3. Environmental protection, non-azo, lead and other substances harmful to the human body. Wear-resistant, high tear strength, the German import coating, high temperature, not melting, not aging, not more vulnerable to low temperature embrittlement cracking.
  4. Waterproof, antifouling treatment, easy to clean.
  5. Portable, do not have to be deflated after admission, do not take up space.

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  • or $10 in Footscray

    • +2

      Where are they sold in Footscray?

    • +1

      That price would be PERFECT and I wouldn't have to wait forever for DD4 to deliver. Where in Footscray?

    • I too would love to know where to purchase this in Footscray for $10

    • The big 2$ store parallel to hopkins the closest one to kmart & coles.

      Near the fake flowers isle

  • +1

    I love that it has an "antifouling treatment" - perfect in case you leave it in the water for too long and barnacles start growing!

  • +2

    but mine still hasn't arrived from the last ozbargain deal!

    • Me either and the tracking number doesn't work. Still waiting for them to provide an explanation…:-/

      • Same.

        • Similar experience.

      • +1
        • That's odd, they originally gave me https://www.17track.net/ to track it on originally. Your link shows it as being in Sydney at the moment so hopefully it keeps going on to Melbourne! Strangely, I also got a response today that said, "Item value lower then $15.00 USD, they will be deliverd by Netherlands Post and it will take about 29-34 days for the item to reach destination country. Kindly hold on for another week and if item still not deliverd, please get back to us so that we can request for the refund on the following order."

        • @halfnhalf71:
          Hi, generally speaking, all orders from DD4 can be tracked by 17track. But this time, DD4 uses different forwarders. It can't be tracked by 17track. I think the system may not change the email content.
          Someone began to receive their pacakage. I think yours will arrive soon.

          Enjoy your day.


        • @Summer071212: Hi Rep, Christmas is coming and I still haven't received my order yet. The eretaillogistics site keeps showing "no data found" and the 17track site shows:
          Destination Country - Tracking Consuming: 915 ms
          Origin Country - Tracking Consuming: 963 ms
          2016-12-07 14:30 The item is on transport to the country of destination
          2016-12-06 23:27 The item is processed at the PostNL sorting center
          2016-12-06 23:27 The item is at the PostNL sorting center
          2016-11-27 14:52 The item is pre-advised
          2016-11-24 10:17 The Item is at the shippers warehouse

          Please check what's happening with my order?


        • @Shibuya:
          Hi, PM your order number, please.

        • @Summer071212: I just finally received my items, so no need to chase it up. Thanks!

    • My order arrived yesterday. Payment was made last 10 Nov.
      Hope you get yours soon.

    • Got mine this morning. Haven't open it yet though.

    1. Remove all piercings before lounging on this in the nuuuuuude
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    my order from the last deal was cancelled after 3 weeks with no explanation.

    • +2

      Sorry your order is cancelled. Explanation from CS is that your shipping address is not same with your address from your PayPal. In order to lower the risk because PayPal protects buyer more than seller, the seller choose not to ship your order. If you still want them, make the paypal address same with your shipping address on DD4.

      Hope you can understand.

  • Last Order:

    In Transit
    Netherlands(PostNL International Mail)
    Australia(Australia Post)
    Latest Event — 2016-11-29 05:08 The item is ready for shipment
    Destination Country - Tracking Consuming: 951 ms
    Origin Country - Tracking Consuming: 500 ms
    2016-11-29 05:08 The item is ready for shipment
    2016-11-28 04:11 The item is pre-advised
    2016-11-24 10:17 The Item is at the shippers warehouse

  • Hi, does anyone else have any feedback as to wether this is a reputable company? I'd like to order for my mothers Christmas gift. Thank you kindly.

    • +1

      It's not much different from Gearbest, Tinydeal etc.
      I'm afraid it's a bit too late to order xmas presents from China unless you pay for some expensive expedited shipping.

  • +1

    Loving the "related products" on the website:
    Various rucksacks,
    a pair of scissors,
    and a horse head mask.

    Lie back and relax, do some crafting… pretending you're a horse.

  • I got mine from the last deal today….inflated it and I could hearing air leaking..:(
    after about 1 minute of lying on it….my ass is on the floor.
    Have sent seller an email…will see what they say.

  • received mine 2 days ago from last deal, really happy with it, no leaking, easy to inflate, lotsa fun, kids love it, very compact, we'll bring it on our Thailand trip soon and see if it can withstand outdoor use..

  • Received mine from the previous deal today,
    Quite a novelty and worked well

  • Received mine as well and already put it to use. Super comfy.
    Any deals on other colours?

  • Hi,

    So I finally got the email that this has been delivered but it is saying it is at my local post office, the email is from DD4… I have no pick up card or anything. Any advice?


    • Go to that post office, bring ID with your name and address ie. drivers license and ask them to check for any undelivered parcels.

      • +1

        So ended up doing this. After a lot of hassle the parcel was found.

  • there's a pop-up shop at highpoint selling these for $70/each..curious to know, would there be a difference between those and this one sold by DD4?

    • +1

      about $55…..

      • Cool, guess ill be gettingn these ones then

  • well I got three so lets see how long it takes… stupid lost in translation explanation under the page fold…

    Promotional activities, due to product quality workmanship fine, the product weighs 1KG, please ensure that each order does not exceed 1 number, or not to ship, thank you for your purchase! If you buy 2 or more, you can order separately

  • got mine yesterday in perth - ordered 21/12
    seems to be ok.. gave it a quick try, getting the air in is harder than i thought!

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