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Domino's Pizza 40% off Delivered or Pick up (Excludes Value Range)


New 40% off code released this morning, valid until 13/12/2016 16/12/16.

Reminder if you are ordering a traditional pizza and your store charges $13.95 or higher then it's cheaper to use a $7.95 code below, there is also a $5.95 Hawaiian code.

*Conditions apply. Online Only. Excludes Value Range Pizzas. Discount applies off menu price pizzas

Other codes (all expire 15/1/17):

  • 438249 - Hawaiian Pizzas $5.95
  • 416125 - 4 Topping Mogul Pizzas $7.95
  • 213588 - 2 sides for $6
  • 817358 - Traditional Pizzas/Chef's Best $7.95

For all codes see: OzBargain Pizza Page

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  • Seems that Domino's offer 40% off almost fortnightly, if not weekly lately…

    • +4

      yes i wish they would stop doing this so i can pay full price once!…

      • +6

        You can, just don't enter the code in

    • I wish they would do free delivery codes instead.

  • I haven't used dominos in a long time, what is a mogul pizza?

    • +1

      A pizza.

    • +1

      Pizzas people have designed. I've seen them but never ordered one, some are really expensive which is fine but if I want to spend a lot of money on pizza it won't be coming in a dominos box.

      EG: Mega BBQ Meat Lovers $5 + 18 topping surcharge. I'm sure its great but $23…

  • +1

    bloody website, by dinner time and it's down.

    • Yeah it's not letting me click into my local store for pick up… starving!

      EDIT: Seems to be working now

  • wow my local store still costs $31 for 3 pizzas using this code

  • +1

    New code added until Friday: 421288

    • +1

      Thanks! Confirmed working for lunch today :-) Brings my local price down to $6.57 per pizza.

  • Darn, I wish this deal included some value :(

  • My brother & I just used this code : 993321 , for the same thing & it worked.

  • 817359 didn't work for my store

    You sure it's not 817358?

    • I think you are right, I entered it on Couponese as 817358, must have done a typo on the deal posts. I'll double check and fix it up.


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