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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 32GB Black ~AU $342.22 (US $256.57) Shipped + More @ Amazon


Great price drop on the 8 inch model. Not the cheapest ever but pretty close!

UPDATE: Gold no longer available. But price of Black model has dropped further. Updated in title.

Also available in Gold ~ AU $346.95 Shipped

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good Android tablet in 2016 i guess.

  • I saw this pricing in an article ~10 days ago, had not seen this pricing anywhere.

    We should also see local discounted pricing ahead of the S3 tab's which may come in ~4 months.

  • Good but still a tough buy with the nvidia shield tab being still considerably cheaper.

    No real news yet on the S3.

    At least nothing revolutionary.

    They need to give these tablets way more ram and CPU and GPU power and also work on having some half decent elevated stands for bed use or on the go use.

    I think 8gb ram would be a nice sweet spot trust me it will allow you to do almost anything for now bar heavy graphics designing and modelling and animating.

    Still coming a long way to reach desktop status imo but this field is still new so there is that.

    • How much is the Shield?

      • About 290.52 AUD (standard shipping included already in this total price)

        for barebones just the tablet
        no micro SD card
        no screen protector
        no charger
        no micro USB cable
        no case
        no controller

        just the tablet alone

        Extra 37ish USD for 2 year tablet protection (warranty)

        I personally use mine with a big w $5-10 USB wall charger and anker roughly $25-30 aud 3m power line+ nylon braided micro USB to USB cable

        So far so good works great

        I just dropped it once and have now I think a minor scratch on the tempered screen protector i got with it

        Original Nvidia Shield Tablet (not K1)

        Around 6 months usage so far very happy just wish it sometimes it had more ram as I sometimes really stress test it

        Play music while playing Vainglory and War Robots

        Occasionally YouTube

        Other video websites cough

        I have the controller but imo I prefer the touch screen 95% of the time

        Original comes with stylus which is awesome

        If I had better upload speeds I would stream to twitch and youtube gaming etc

        Full HD screen 1080p

        Can't do 2k or 4k though afabut then hho
        2k YouTubexing in a browser forcing desktop mode is nice but a little bit laggy 4k is slowmo mode aka can't keep up

        Camera is ok but not the best at all imo

        I run this thing like a farm animal I have a feeling it might die on me in a few years which is way more if it does than i expected by then hopefully we will have a 4k or maybe even 8k screen haha lol and content!

        I am actually trying to buy a second one from reddit from another user secretly haha lol for back up and maybe testing multi boxing lol in some android games haha lol

        Hope this helps

        • Are these used? Why are they not including the stuff that it normally comes with?

        • @lostn: Nvidia cut down the price of the tablet while also removing the extra accessories as they assumed most people would have these already

          It kind of worked for us since they I think used to ship American chargers with international plugs anyway

          Afaik they are new or maybe possibly refurbished I am not 100% sure you may have to do more research for that one sorry

          Ninja edit: you can though buy bundles which have extra accessories for extra price though of course

          Eg extra 20usd for 64gb micro SD card

          There used to be a cover or case bundle but I am not sure what happened to it

          Most accessories are in the 30-40usd range with some 3rd party ones going for as low as 10usd

  • Thanks OP! Was waiting for this price to come around again

    • +2

      Great, glad I could be of help!

  • Looking to buy 3 for a non for profit group but cant seem to get it for $347.

    My order keeps converting to $360.

    Any clues how to get the price down to what the Op posed?

    Thanks in advance,

    • +1

      It looks like "import fees" are added if you try to buy 3. I think that's because it pushes the total over AU $1000. That addition fee doesn't apply if you buy upto 2. So I guess you could try to put 2 separate orders in to get around this issue.

  • Finally starting to get a bit lower but still needs a little bit more to get it tooptimum price side.

    Pixel C is really the only better option at like more than double the price

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