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60% off Everything Including Sale @ Reebok (Free Shipping over $100)


Just been notified of this via one of our affiliate networks. Reebok's best sale ever. 60% off everything on site. Apply coupon CHAMPION at checkout. Enjoy :)

We've increased cashback via Cashrewards to 8% (up from 5.5%) to Dec 31

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Reebok Australia

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        • @thomaslzr:

          Sorry guys, limited connectivity where I work away.

          Just a heads up to whoever is asking, I'd say I just got in. As within one of the above that replied to me in PM, it seems like you need to be within a couple of days of purchase (as I happened to be) to qualify.

        • @db87:

          Hi Everyone,

          I was informed by Reebok Customer Care that they are only refunding the 20% difference for people who made purchases on Sunday or Monday under the 40% promotion. :(
          Unfortunately i missed out as i ordered last Wednesday.. even though it was only due to delivery on Tuesday!
          Maybe you can all give it a try however no guarantees! I even threw in the ACCC card however no luck :(

        • +1


          I even threw in the ACCC card however no luck :(

          Why? What did they do that goes against ACL?

        • @db87:
          Thanks! However, judging from the comment below, Sunday and Monday ones can be eligible for a refund, and I ordered my things last Monday, so probably it won't be easy for me to claim that difference. Yet what really annoys me is that I've only just received the parcel by this Monday so I'm really unhappy to see the price goes down even before I've got my stuff!

        • @thomaslzr:

          Ahh as with myself, I simply sent off an email just to see their response. They were helpful and they obliged. If they didn't, I was content in knowing that I'd still got a good deal regardless… Otherwise I wouldn't have bought anything in the first place, true?!

          Ya win, ya lose some.

        • @Sunshineeeee: Could I get a copy of this? I ordered mine on the Monday but they denied my request for the difference

  • +1

    I got heaps of stuff. why so many haters I'm a wraist 32 n medium sized person. Still managed to get great gym shoes, Thermo skins, shorts, hoodie and bag for under $200 delivered

    • Agreed, see my post just above. Could have easily bought more too, but I already have a decent arsenal of 'active wear,' so held back (not a true ozbargainer I know!).

    • Likewise, found a few things worth ordering at those prices, but restricted myself to a pair of shoes.

  • Thanks OP!, picked up some cheap UFC merch.

  • Can someone PM me the email for price difference? I spent $180 last 40% off sale, and to be honest I was going to return a t-shirt in XL. I find even their L is a touch too big on me!

    I don't mind returning everything, only worn one of the t-shirts which I'll keep and return the rest and re-order. It makes no difference, but 20% is big!

    Either way I'll have to return that t-shirt I spose.

  • +1

    Thanks! I just bought me 2x pair of shorts and with the discount it still gave me the free shipping cost $44.2, yeehaa!!

    Merry Xmas to me!

  • sigh here come the "sorry" emails.
    Still got some good stuff though!

    Sadly due to a stock shortage at our warehouse we are unable to fulfil part of your order.

    We do deeply apologise for this inconvenience and not getting this information to you sooner.

    Would you like to exchange for another item of equal or less value or have a refund processed?

    If exchange, please reply in written text with the below details.

  • Anyone know the refund policy on returns?

    Adidas is within 30 days. Anyone know the time frame in-regards to Rebook? I'd consider returning the goods I still haven't opened and buying again to save $30-40.


  • Just received an email from Reebok saying they cannot fulfil my order due to no stock :(
    So disappointed there goes my nephew present

  • any chance they are restocking by the new year so that we can take advantage of this great deal?

    • +1

      doubt it as the company selling reebok in Australia lost the contract from 1st Jan 2017

  • +1

    Ordered 12/12, received today. Bloody hell cant argue with that for $48

  • $300 worth of shoes for $75 with free ship and waiting at the post office already, Merry Xmas to me and thanks OP

    • When did you make the order?

      I ordered mine on Thursday night and hoping I get it by Thursday before I head to China :)

      Unfortunately my order is still "Processing"

      • I ordered on 13th Dec, the site said they could not guarantee xmas delivery, but they made it in time anyway.

  • It says on the Reebok website "SIGN UP FOR 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER"

  • What are the chances of anything being restocked? I missed out early when the sale started and have been checking back but nothing is being restocked despite the sale still being active…

    • +1

      0% as they are selling it all off as the current company loses the Reebok contract on 1st Jan 2017

  • So I bought 8 items, 7 apparels and 1 shoes, 2 days ago I received 3 apparels on 1 parcel. Since I picked it up on the AusPost outlet and the lady only handed me 1 parcel… I'll try to call reebok tomorrow since my order is still processing (ordered on the 13th)…

    Just wondering if they shipped items on separate packaging… this is weird…

    • Their site does mention that their apparel and shoes sometimes come from different DC's - so it's not out of the realm of possibility that they'll come in multiple parcels :)

  • Has anyone not had their order shipped? I've been waiting since the 21st and nothing. Can't get through by calling their number either…

  • Even postage was 60% off for those who didn't hit $100, so $4 postage!

    • i just bought one pair of shoes at $40 and post was free

      • The website is down for me. Can you still access it?

        • Its down as the new reebok distributors have taken over.

        • @lowndes8:

          As is the phone line…so how do we chase up our orders?

  • PayPal dispute

    • Have you received your order yet?

      • I got an email from them today finally. My shoes have been shipped

  • Has everyone received their orders yet?
    I have not received my order.
    I've emailed Reebok on numerous occasions requesting a refund but they are no longer responding to my correspondence.
    I searched the distributor 'True Alliance' on Google and Google Reviews returned that it was permanently closed.

  • yep got my shoes

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