OzBargain 2016 Christmas Donations - $28,000 to Charities of Your Choice

Update 21 Dec 2016: Thanks for all who have voted! The top 7 charities chosen by the OzBargain community are:

  • beyondblue
  • Cancer Council
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Alzheimer's Australia
  • R U OK?
  • Kids With Cancer

They will each receive $4,000 donations from OzBargain (Delvu Media Pty Ltd) which I will get it organised this week.

Update 20 Dec 2016: We have reached 1,000 unique commenters. Thus for this Christmas OzBargain will donate $28,000 to the top 7 voted charities. Adding more comments won't increase the donation amount, however please continue to vote.

It's Christmas time and a good time to be reminded to be generous (yes, being frugal and being generous does not need to be mutually exclusive). For this year OzBargain will be donating $18,000 to 5 charities of your choices. Moreover, for every unique commenter in this thread, we will be donating an extra $10.

  • We'll take suggestions from commenters using this poll feature. There are some rules regarding to suggestions:

    • The poll will be pre-filled with top 10 charities from last year's poll. The list will be alphabetically sorted at first and result hidden until the poll finishes.
    • It would be great if you can provide a link to the charity in the comment.
    • It must be Australian or benefiting Australians (we are OzBargain after all).
    • It must be a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Therefore "Wikipedia Foundation" from last year's poll does not qualify.
    • All suggestions will be moderated before adding to the poll.

  • Donation amount will be $18,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters. So if 400 OzBargainers commented in this thread we will donate $22,000 to charities. Update: this will be capped at 1,000 commenters.

  • Top 5 voted charities will receive donations, and the donation will be evenly distributed. For example if $22,000 is the final donation amount, each charity will receive $4,400 in donation.

Poll, suggestion & commenting starts today (15 Dec 2016), and will close at 12PM on Thursday 22 December. I will take the comment count at that point in time to calculate the final amount to be given to the charities, and will try to do so before Christmas (25 Dec).

Check this page for charity donations from OzBargain in the past.

TL;DR Vote for a charity in the list or suggest another charity to vote for. Also $10 extra per comment.

Update 16 Dec 9:30AM: Suggestion feature has been removed as there are almost 50 charities in the poll already. Please just pick the charity of your choice from the list.

Poll Options expired


  • +2

    I love my OLED

  • Great work!

  • :)

  • Merry Christmas OzBargain

  • Fantastic initiative. My vote goes to Catherine Hamlin's Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia…..thousands of women have been been given their lives back and accepted back into their communities….go Catherine!

  • Great job guys !

  • Thanks for your generosity OZBARGAIN. You guys rock.

  • Thanks ozbargain team and community. Merry Christmas!

  • Glad to see this come about again this year :)

  • Well done. Good initiative.

  • I can't decide which charity, I'll leave it to you guys.

  • add another $10

  • Top efforts for organising this!

  • +$10

  • Thank you, what a lovely way to give back .

  • SCAR…cause animals deserve a chance too 😀

  • Thanks OzBargain. Great site, great ethics.

  • Merry xmas

  • nice

  • Leprosy victims. Over 1M worldwide, and there's a cure.

  • Great initiative Scott & the Ozbargain Team!! My vote goes to Beyond blue!!

  • Well done!

  • :)

  • Voted. ☺☺

  • great great great. merry xmas!#!#!#!#!#

  • Adding 10 :)

  • Great Work!!

  • Great work OzBargain.

    To all a merry Christmas.

  • +10? was it 1000 comments or 1000 commenters?

    • 1000 unique commenters.

  • Great work!

  • Amazing ~ Upvoting in spirit - great job OzB!

  • Good stuff

  • Thanks ozbargain team and community. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  • Good job OzBargain.

  • Great job guys!

  • Great work guys.
    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Look forward to Ozbargain 2017!

  • Love your work! Merry xmas :-)

  • Adding my $10 worth.
    And a thank you to the OzBargain team.

  • Hope we make 1000! Merry Xmas everyone.

  • Merry Xmas , Adding my $10. Great work Scotty and extended OzB team :D. Voted

  • Great job guys! Happy Christmas!

  • Well done, yet again! Cheers!

  • Thank you!

  • Good on you guys! Merry christmas and happy new year :)

  • Awesome job Ozbargain!

  • Awesome job guys. Lets hope those less fortunate than us can benefit from such a great idea this Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas! and thank you ozbargain!

  • Merry Christmas OzB!

  • :)

  • Great work OB!

  • Well done ozbargain

  • Good work! Voted!

  • Hooray.. I'm helping people.

  • Nice job

  • Excellent initiative. Where does this money come from though? I didn't realise ozbargain made such an income.

    • They have at least 5 paid staff I think… So it would be pretty substantial.

    • See here for an explanation. Members aren't exposed to anything that derives income (unless they manually turn ads on in their settings).

  • awesome!!

  • 🦄

  • $$$$

  • +1

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • For charity & noble causes, I'm in!

  • +1

  • Thanks OZB!

  • +10

  • Hey.

  • +1

    Happy Christmas OzBargain and well done for making an effort at what matters most at Christmas- Giving :)

    I would ask that you please add to the list, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Australia.
    Multiple sclerosis strikes young people in the prime of their lives, and there is no cure - yet!
    MS is the most common disease of the central nervous system in young adults.
    Every working day 4 people are diagnosed with MS in Oz.
    The average age of diagnosis of MS is just 30 years old.
    Symptoms can include tiredness, blurred vision, loss of balance and muscle coordination, slurred speech, difficulty walking, short-term memory loss, tingling and numbness or in severe cases tremors and paralysis.


  • Proud to be an OzBargainer,, thanks and great work OzBargain team!

  • Awesome work. MERRY Christmas

  • +10

    Alright. Looks like we have already reached 1,000 unique commenters, and OzBargain will end up donating $28,000 to top 7 voted charities this coming week. No more +10 but feel free to keep on commenting :)

  • Great work guys,Keep it Up !!!

  • There are some awesome charities listed and some very special and relevant to me but I discovered this one and i just cannot go past it .

    Please add it to the list and find more out about the great work this bloke is doing; http://www.cleanascasper.com/

    Helping to restore dignity, one shower at a time.

    Clean as Casper was founded in 2015 by
    Steve and Adele Winterton after Steve started volunteering with Orange Sky Laundry, a mobile laundry for the homeless.

    Whilst washing clothes, Steve identified the essential need for a place that the homeless could shower and change into their freshly laundered clothes.

  • Good work!

  • Sweet!

  • Good to see this happening

  • Well done ! :)

  • On ya scotty

  • +1

    You just earn't yourselves some white-listing for your adverts ;-)

    good work!

  • Guide Dogs is my charity of choice, nice work OzBargain

  • love ya work :)

  • This is great! :)

  • Guide Dogs Australia all the way. They do amazing things with the animals and give a new lease of life to people with sight difficulties

  • good luck to the charities.

  • Thanks Scotty, ozbargain team and the community. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Great Initiative ,

  • Thanks Ozbargain did the Sacred Heart mission make it into the list? I would add that very deserving nomination if they aren't there. They provide 100s of meals each day to the needy and homeless.

    Merry Christmas

  • I would add in the Sacred Heart Mission.

  • +1

    Once I saw kids and cancer words together I couldn't consider any other charities. Thank you Ozbargain

  • McDuck face

  • +1

    Good job! But why aren't there any environmental/conservation charities?

    World Wildlife Fund Australia, the Wilderness Society, the Conservation Society NSW, even Greenpeace Australia…

    No-one here is concerned about climate change? Water availability? Food security?

  • Good on you Scotty and team!

  • You guys are fantastic!

  • +1

    I would urge OzBargain to donate to charities with low overheads and those that do not use chuggers in shopping centres with their aggressive and extremely annoying sales tactics.

    'Can I ask you a quick question?' No, sod off. Your carefully crafted psychological tactics will not work on me.

  • Thanks Ozbargain

  • Moar!

  • Great work guys, keep up the Christmas sprites.

  • +1

    Well done. Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

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