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Oral-B Pro 5000 $91 in-Store and Online @ Priceline (~ $51 @ DJ's with Pricematch + Cashback)


This deal is available again, but the priceline $10 voucher has ended, and I have to say thanks to the OP as it saved me some $ today..

The Oral-B SmartSeries PRO 5000 electric toothbrush with CrossAction toothbrush head is inspired by professional cleaning tools to deliver a superior clean compared to a regular manual toothbrush. Set at a dynamic 16-degree angle for tooth-by-tooth brushing, CrossAction bristles are able to effortlessly attack, lift and sweep away more dental plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

You can either

  • Priceline
    • Buy it in store for $81 or shipped online for $91


  • Walk into a DJ's and ask them to price match

These are selling for
$129 at shavershop and ticketed at $229 at DJ's.
$91 is cheap, ~$41-$51 is ridiculous

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    Myer price match sucks with its below cost crap, is DJ any good?

    • +3

      I had the easiest price match of my life
      Said it was $129 at shaver shop and $91 at priceline, but priceline didnt have stock but its only $10 more to get it online so thats $101…Their ticket price was $229, and he said no worries, $101 it is then

      Even paid $100 of it with Amex purchased Westfield card, so this is a double bargain for me

    • Yeah wtf is up with the whole below cost line? Like how long has that been going on for?? About a year ago they didn't seem to care but the other day I went in trying to get a price match on Lego and I copped that line at every store I tried..

      • They had 25% off Lego yesterday. 75154 tie striker came to $82~ I asked to price match target @$76.

        "Sorry, that's below cost."

        Can I gave it for cost price then?

        "No sorry we can't give out cost price information"

        Not sure what they thought I would do with that information on one Lego set.

        Absolute idiots.

        • +1

          I hear ya. Tho I tried the same last week with minecraft fortress at 133 to match shopforme. Well I got the 'line' however she said cost was 135 straight up and offered to me for that! Once again, inconsistency, it always comes down to who serves you

        • "Sorry, that's below cost."

          Harvey Norman started that crap, staff at these stores don't know the real cost but they can see a floor cost which is a cost price after certain expenses are added on and doesn't take into account rebates etc.

          It makes the customers feel good thinking they are getting a really good deal when they get shown the "cost" price during negotiations.

        • @Maverick-au:
          Exactly it's absolute rubbish they say it's cost price.
          There are trading terms discounts, rebates and scan deals on majority of these

  • Do you need to print off the priceline voucher?

    • +1

      Not according to their site
      "No printer? No problem! Just show the voucher on your phone and we’ll apply the discount."

    • Seems like voucher is only valid from 9-15 Dec

  • Also, as per previous discussions, submitting the cashback via online or email is possible (for those buying via DJ's/Myers)

    There are like 3 different pages with the cashback details
    Online Form - http://www.mann-noble.com/braun-cash-back/
    Print Out/Mail Form - http://www.mann-noble.com.au/department-store-cash-back-form...
    Email Address - http://www.mann-noble.com/braun-cash-back-1/

    Take your pick :)
    I went with email as its the one linked directly from the front page of http://www.mann-noble.com/

    Email bounced, so now I'll try one of the other ways to submit

  • Promo code "SPENDANDSAVE" is not valid. Looks like it's expired.

    • it is expired on 15th of the month.

      • my bad…
        will update pricing/details then

  • Cheers got one, my old one needed a new battery which costs ~$25 on its own so thanks!

    edit: Which is the receipt number on the david jones receipt? The possible ones I'm seeing are the barcode or the TRANS number.

    • +3

      i used the trans number…

    • It comes with 2 year warranty.

      Mine battery fialed after a year. but I got replaced.

      • Thanks, mine is from 2012 though :( (the previous model without bluetooth). The battery lasts 1 brush though so its not completely failed!

      • Do you get it replace through oral b or? I just got the last one from priceline blacktown.

        • I bought mine from shavershop so I got replacement from there as well.

  • david.jones. rejects to match.the price !!

    • Did they give a reason? Their policy is pretty clear

      • how sad it is, that you have to go to the store, find that page, and point out the clear part that says:

        Our Promise is to offer competitive prices and match those of Australian retail stores and their online sites. Should you find a lower price for the same product elsewhere, we’ll happily match it.

        i would love to hear an excuse on that part, what type of a SORRY SIR, will i be served, false dramas!

  • So does the cashback work given that the offer expires on the 15th.

    • Myer/DJ cashback is on purchases until the 26/12

      • I think its 24th actually, probably to save them from boxing day sales :)

        • They don't have the smart series model only the Triumph model. Checked on DJs website and couldn't find the exact model.

          Anyone found the same model on DJs or Myer website?

        • @nightelves: Here you go:


          can't find it on the DJs website though

        • @frogduck:

          Is that the same one Myer is picky with the wording of products especially with price matching.

        • @nightelves: Myer had the same one when I was there, but the closest they could "match" was $180 so I went to DJs.

  • Price match rejected by DJ. The one in David Jones have dual rechargeable handles whilst the Priceline one only contain 1 handle..I called up 2 DJ's and confirmed this

    • my DJ's had both - the one with 2 handles was called "value pack" (was the same case at Myer)

      • are they the same product? I have a feeling it's better to go in store rather than call up for price matches. I feel like they are reluctant to give them over the phone.

        • Different products, the one with the extra handle was another like $100 more (I remember Myer's sticker price was $400)

  • +1

    Chermside DJ are refusing to do a price match - Priceline is apparently a "warehouse outlet"

    • +1

      Could always price match shavershop.. After cashback it would be $79..

      • Wait is the cashback also applicable for shaver shop?

        • No, only at DJ's and Myer… So get djs to price match shavershops $129 price, if you have no luck with Priceline pricing..

      • Honestly, can't be bothered - when they are so reluctant, I foresee another excuse

    • Lol I got to DJ chermside too, the lady said she had a customer enquiring about the same product earlier, she said she called Sydney and they refused to match. I assume I just went after you :)

    • You were unlucky with whoever served you at Chermside. I've just been to Chermside DJ and the sales person price matched with no issues. Should go back and try again.

  • Myer refused - lower than cost

  • +1

    Got a good male worker at DJs and didn't have a problem matching it at 91. Just showed the price line page and that was enough.. The Rrp on the box was 259. Thanks for the deal op, what a ripper. It always comes down to who serves you with these kinds of deals I notice….

    • How did you get it price matched because when I checked on DJs website they didn't have that model at all.

    • mind sharing the receipt? thanks

    • What store did you go to?

  • Myer Sydney refused - lower than cost
    DJ city out of stock, chatswood will price match shaver shop.

    • Hi, for DJ chatswood, did you go there in person? I went but didn't see the section for electric toothbrush.

      • nah I didn't but I spoke to Nadia who was very helpful and said will price match shaver shop price of $129, It should be around small appliances like toasters, microwaves etc
        The branding of these things are weird. on the box it says pro 5000 on the shaver shop website it says IQ Triumph 5000.

        • Much appreciate, I will give a try tomorrow.
          In DJ sydney store, the price tag of 50 dollars cash back is IQ Triumph 5000 and they don't have stock except dual handle one.

        • Triumph 5000 is the older model while the pro 5000 is the later version

        • @BrunoL:
          I've able to get a price match for a dual handle :D

        • @darshu: receipt? that's a steal!

        • @wtfnodeal: I am at work ATM. I will do it when I go home.

  • Is this model superior or inferior to the Triumph? Product info on the oral-b site is pretty confusing

    • +1

      Triumph (assuming Triumph 7000) is better. The brushing technology is the same for the two brushes, but the 7000 comes with a nicer carry case and one extra brushing mode.

      Not really worth the difference in my opinion.

      • +1

        and no cashback promotion on the 7000… only 5000,3000,700 and 500 models from Myer/DJ's…

        makes the 5000 by far the best bang for $ if you can get the deal..

      • +1

        The 7000 has more specs than the 5000. But the Pro version is a later model than the Triumph.

  • Which priceline stores have in stock?

  • +4

    DJ City. The sale guy actually approached me and had no problem price matched Priceline for me without the delivery cost. He even knew their price is $91 and only had a quick glance on my phone just to confirm. Must have already matched it for someone else before.

    For a moment I thought he would do it for the dual handlers one (which is the only model on the rack) but then realised that's not the same. However he managed to find one from the store for me.

    It's a quick and easy transaction so kudos to the guy. Wish every sale guys was like him.

    The only thing I regretted is not purchasing a DJ gift card when the Amex deal was still on (couldn't think of anything to buy at the time), but I guess I couldn't complain too much.

    • Is this the Melbourne store? Where's Kerfuffle when you need him. He knows inventory stock for DJs

      • +1

        Yes, it's the DJ Melbourne store. Not sure about Kerfuffle though.

        • So did you get the Oral B 5000 Triumph or the Oral B Smart Series? I might ring up and see if I can reserve one.

        • +1

          @nightelves: Smart Series, one rechargeable handler, exactly as the one sold at Priceline. Original price is $259.

        • @GreenRomeo:

          Awesome! Thanks! Hope they still have some left.

  • Amazing deal for the 5000. Good luck price matching guys :)

  • spend to $100 with free shipping, plus cashrewards 6%, my work rewards is 7.5%

  • Garden City (QLD) and Carindale out of stock.

  • DJ Doncaster, Chaddy and Highpoint all out of stock (despite what the DJ stock system shows). Myer Chaddy pulls the same "below cost" crap as the others seem to

  • Like OP said, 51 dollars is absolutely ridiculous. If you haven't tried an electrical toothbrush before, now's the time.

    Bought this one on the last priceline sale with 91 dollars shipped. And I thought it was a bargain.

    I am using the PC1000 black edition for a little more than 6 months now. Absolutely loved it. Brushing 2 times a day with 2 minutes each, using the same toothpaste without 'silicon whitening' thingy, my teeth are at least 1 shade whiter in just 1 week.

  • +8

    I also got the same poor excuse from Myer. I wanted one as a gift for this week so I found a way to pay less than $91 but, sadly, more than $51.

    With no DJ's near me I went to Chemist warehouse (ymmv with CW pricematch) so they price matched $91 and took off 10% of the difference (CW $140, PL $91) bringing it to $86.10 then I used the $10 CW voucher that was recently posted bringing it to $76.10. So $25 more than the best price but still a reasonable deal.

    In true OZB spirit I waited till it was busy and asked the pharmacist to pricematch. Lots of people behind me so more pressure to do it and get me out of the way. No issue with applying the voucher for same reason. Ho ho ho!

    • still a very good deal

    • Thank you.. got it from chemist warehouse. He said cost price for them is 120 and it is at clearance at 140. But gave me for 77. Thanks again

  • +1

    Price match at DJ Marion, didn't even blink. Last one too. The sales guy said he didn't have stock but he had another look out back after I showed him it was showing as available online in store. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Sold out at Melbourne DJs. Apparently someone purchased in bulk. Would have thought price match would be limited to one unit for these sorts of things (though I guess that's a pretty easy restriction to get around).

  • +1

    Damn you ozbargain! I didn't even need an electric toothbrush! $91 at DJ in Perth, easy as. They already had one on hold for someone else… still a couple let though.
    Retail price $259, end price $41, magic.

    • Nah they refused to price match stating online price from Priceline not in store.

      • But I think that is the in store price? My DJ's called a nearby Priceline and asked them.

        • It depends on who serves you then. I don't think most of the staff can be bothered to call around to ask if it is in store price too as they are just employees don't care if you walk away as 1 less trouble for them anyway.

  • "Our Promise is to offer competitive prices and match those of Australian retail stores and their online sites"

    • Seems like their staff gets to set and alter the price match policy.

  • Anyone tried DJs Glen Waverley?

    • I went. Staff couldn't find any stock.

  • +1

    FYI David Jones West Lakes Adelaide price matched priceline's $91 online price for me today

  • Just bought the last two from Doncaster.
    There was a few on hold.. So if they don't pick up I'd assume they'll sell them at COB. 10pm

  • Got one from DJ Marion SA. Some SA Pricelines still have shelf stockso got pricematch without shipping. $91. Happy days!!!!

    Myer Marion totally wasted 20 minutes of my time only to say they can't sell below cost price and woukdnt even match the original price of $130…. some crap price match policy they have

  • Just to clarify, is DJs is stocking the PRO 5000 (which is not listed on their website)? As the IQ5000 from their site is different to the one listed at Priceline

  • Couldn't find any at DJ Southlands (VIC) and Myer pulled the below cost card

  • Still at least 2 at DJs Canberra Centre - no problems with price matching at $91

  • +1

    Myer (Adelaide CBD) did the 'below cost price' for me too - to be honest, I don't think I've ever gotten any price match approved at Myer EVER!

    David Jones, on the other hand did it without any hassles. Picked one up at West Lakes (SA) as there were no stock in the CBD.

  • Can I price match at david jones and pay online? I have amex spend $40 get $20 welcome offer but it is for online order only.

  • I did go to Adelaide Myer store,, their Price is 229 for the Pro 5000 and the sales person informed me that he cannot match the price,, few shops a way there is Priceline show and saw the Trump 5000 for 91.00 . I am not sure whats the deference btw pro and trump, both looks the same. Is the cash back offer is only for DJ and Myer ??

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