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Scoopon - $15 off $75 Purchase, $25 off $125, $35 off $175


Scoopon have a few coupon codes available

Get $15 off $75 purchase with GIFT15
Get $25 off $125 purchase with GIFT25
Get $35 off $175 purchase WITH GIFT35

Ends midnight tonight

*Coupon codes valid until 11.59pm AEDT 21.12. 2016. $75, $125 & $175 minimum spend values must be spent in a single transaction. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or voucher. Not redeemable for cash. Discount will be applied proportionally across each item purchased. Coupon codes redeemable once per account. Not valid for Scoopon Shopping purchases.

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  • Oh this is crap, i was about to buy the littlesnail voucher. Then i found out all the booking time is gone. Don't waste your money on littlesnail!

    • I've been to Little Snail about 4 times. the first time great, second time quite good, third time average, 4th time about 1.5 years ago, it was quite disappointing. Seems like they've gone down hill since I first ate there 5 years ago. Is it any better now?

      • I'm surprised you found them great the first time :). I don't know, I've been there once back a few years ago, I think fairly shortly after they moved to DH location. I found it okey-ish, no more, especially considering the attached price tag.

  • Nice $35 of wet and wild when u buy two tickets.

    • Where is that on the site?

  • Hi guys, anyone has been with Scoopon and care to share their experience? I've been w/Groupon for a while now, mostly buy eat out/activities deals (to be on a safe side), and have been quite happy with how it's set up there: immediate voucher issue upon payment, confirmation email arrives promptly, no issues so far with voucher redemptions via phone. Don't know how it works on Scoopon.
    20% off seems like a good value, just need to find a few good eat out deals :)

    • +4

      I've tried a few and it has been fine. However Livingsocial have a guarantee, if you try and book after a certain date and there's nothing left you can get a refund. With Scoopon if there's no availability at any time, so sad too bad. When I see a deal on both sites I prefer to buy it from LS.

      • "so sad too bad" ?!. I would have thought that's pretty much illegal practice, if the redemption failure is due to unavailability. There is a wiggle room for a merchant if the customer simply let the voucher expire without a bona fide effort to redeem it.
        FWIW, I did place my first ever goods order w/Groupon a few weeks ago, 10 tees for total of ~$35 (there were 5 and 10 tshirts deals). The dumb merchant, or maybe some unscrupulous employee, sent me a package, you guessed it, with 5 tees. I wasn't impressed at all. My disillusionment increased quite a bit upon initial response from a Groupon chap during my online chat, at the end of which I politely but firmly expressed my opinion about the proposed resolution. The good thing though Groupon does email you the transcript of your chats, and that is a very encouraging feature, since you have a record. They also requested a standard one week (or similar) period for further consideration. They did get back more or less within that timeframe, and the long story short, I am quite happy with the final resolution that Groupon put through without my further involvement. But I'm rather doubtful I would like to test my luck again. So will just wait for easternculture to activate his promised discount deal on Groupon (unless it was his Xmas spoof on OzB) to top up on a great Thai place near UTS.

  • can we buy a woolies giftcard with this code?

  • giftvocuher excluded

  • If you need to top up to the minimum spend you can add multiple of these $1 donations

    Probably good for your soul or some shit idk

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    $79-15= $64 or $4.50 per bottle delivered
    (disclaimer - I know nothing about wine).

  • +1

    The 16 bottle Australian Craft Cider Pack is an ok deal.
    3 cases of 16 bottles $162 + $9 name labels delivered + $4 starlight donation = $175 -$30 discount = $140
    $140 + $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 = $160.97 (separate shipping sucks)
    $160.97 / 48 bottles = $3.35 per bottle delivered.